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Forest of Supplication

Sakuna: Of Rice and Ruin Walkthrough and Guide by Aryafortis & Paul (vhayste)
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Forest of Supplication

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The Forest of Supplication in Sakuna: Of Rice and Ruin will be one of the first dungeons in the game that you’ll encounter which will be difficult to finish in one run. Due to your limitations with Sakuna’s hunger as well as how much daylight is left, you’ll find out about a new mechanic in the game that will let you exit a dungeon partway through in order to return later.

This dungeon has different parts, and you’ll experience different kinds of enemies along the way. You’ll also discover about the other types of objectives that you’ll be able to come back to at a later time. So let’s check what the Forest of Supplication has in store. On this page we shall see the objectives that you'll need to clear, as well as Tips on how to finish them.

Unlock Requirements: Exploration Level 21

Dungeon Stats

Location Enemy Strength
Part 1 Day 7+ / Night 21+
Part 2 Day 9 / Night 21+
Part 3 Day 9/ Night 22+
Part 4 Day9+ / Night 22+
Depths Day 11 / Night 14+

Exploration Objectives

Exploration Objective (s) Star Rating
Defeat White Gale 1/1 1 Star
Defeat White Gale (Night) 1/1 2 Stars
Defeat Demon Boar (Night) 10/10 2 Stars
Defeat the forest’s master 1/1 5 Stars

Forest of Supplication -Part 1-

Since one of your first objectives is to clear a mini boss called the White Gale, you’re not required to get everything on your path. If your aim is to get to the next area as soon as possible, you can keep on going to the right. There are resources that you’ll be able to find ahead through bushes, as well as a box that contains a Scroll: Parrying.

Defeat enemies along the way for resources

Keep continuing and you’ll pass by more bushes as well as some demon sparrows, then you’ll reach some platforms that have more bushes as well as a mining spot. You can jump down after and then fight the Demon Boar and Sparrows if you wish. You’ll then continue to the right side and find another mining spot.

You’ll simply continue going to the right side and clear out enemies along the way. You’ll be able to gather more resources through the bushes as well as stacks of wood that you can destroy. You’ll reach an area towards the end with Demon Rabbits and Boars. Once you have defeated all of these, you can continue to the next part of the dungeon by crossing to the next stage.

Forest of Supplication -Part 2-

Once you have reached the second part of the dungeon, you’ll meet your first mini boss which is the White Gale. This enemy can shoot feathers in order to damage you, as well as fly to your location and stomp you to the ground. You’ll notice that there will be some demon rabbits as well nearby, so you can use Frontal Smash in order to knock them towards the White Gale.

Defeat the White Gale for your objective

There are two objectives that can be cleared in this part. Defeating the White Gale in the day, as well as in the Night. You can do the Night objective later on in the game once Sakuna grows stronger since it’s an activity that you can do in the post-game. Using your Raiment to swing across and evade attacks will be beneficial in this mini boss. Once you have defeated the White Gale, you can go to the next area on the right side.

Forest of Supplication -Part 3-

Once you reach the third area, you’ll find a gate. Sakuna and Tama will discuss about its powers, and you’ll now be able to use this gate to exit this dungeon. You can then continue by going back to this gate from the world map if needed. It would be best for you to exit and go Home first because Sakuna will probably be hungry now by this time, and it can reach night fall soon.

Use the gate to go back home and have dinner

If you continue to the next area, chances are that night will reach and it will increase the damage and defenses of the monsters. This feature will be recurring in later dungeons where you’ll have to visit multiple times, so you can go Home and check on your rice as well as eat some dinner and continue the next day. You can then proceed to the next area once Sakuna’s hunger is filled and once she has enough day time.

Once you return to the gate, you can then continue to the right. The area up ahead will be longer than your usual and you’ll have to clear out the enemies that will appear along the way. There will be boars and pigs with shields that can have super armor during attacks so watch out for those. Thankfully this area is quite linear so you’ll just need to follow the path to the right side. You’ll reach an area where two waves of monsters will appear at the end, and this will include a huge deer. Clearing the waves will enable you to go to the next area to the right.

Continue clearing monsters

Forest of Supplication -Part 4-

The terrain will change a bit in this location since you’ll find a lot of sharp rocks in different areas like the ones in Den of Fangs. Defeat the enemies along the way and keep heading to the right, you’ll eventually reach an area where you’ll have to clear some waves of enemies. You’ll notice that there are rocks on both sides, so you can knock them over so they can hit those for more damage.

Make use of terrain hazards

Once the waves have been defeated, you’ll continue to the right until you see some multiple rock platforms. Before continuing to the bottom, you can jump up the platforms and get resources from the ones above. You can then go on top of the rock on the left side in order to get a box with an Enchantment of True Strength: Strength Boost.

Use the Kitsune Mask to help check for items

As you continue, you’ll be able to clear more enemies along the way as well as gather some resources. Towards the end to the right side there will be enemies in between sharp rocks as well as a mushroom in the middle. Use the terrain to your advantage by flinging your enemies towards them in order to deal more damage. There will be different waves here, so you’ll have to take them out.

Mushrooms can hit hard

Once you have finished, you can exit to the right side and enter the Depths of the forest. There will be a gate there that you can use in order to go Home and rest so you can have dinner. Once you are finished with your farm work and have enough energy, you can come back.

Forest of Supplication -Depths-

After coming back to the Depths, you’ll now be able to face one of the big bosses in the game. The Camellia Toad is gigantic and it has a bush growing on its back. You can deal damage to it with your attacks and skills while evading using your Raiment as usual.

Watch out for Slime

One key attack of the Camellia Toad is that it’s able to spit out slime balls. This can hinder your movement, and it can also catch into flames. There are demon rabbits nearby that throw bombs so this can ignite the slime, you must keep your distance.

You can now use Oil and ignite it for a source of light at Night

Once you have defeated the Camellia Toad, you’ll notice that it will have a drop of oil. This new feature lets you go in the dark and have a source of light. Any harvested oil types from dungeons can be converted to regular oil as well from now on. Completing the Forest of Supplication will then unlock the Valley Passage as your next destination.

That concludes our dedicated guide for completing the Forest of Supplication in Sakuna: Of Rice and Ruin. Please check out our other helpful pages for the game.

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