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Fort of Undying Shadows

Sakuna: Of Rice and Ruin Walkthrough and Guide by Aryafortis & Paul (vhayste)
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Fort of Undying Shadows

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Continuing the series of dungeons with the Specter Bosses, we now go to the Fort of undying Shadows in Sakuna: Of Rice and Ruin. In order to reach here, you’ll have to watch a cutscene that occurs after dinner. So, make sure to complete the Cascade of Eternal Darkness before you head Home.

Here, we’ll continue with the hunt for the Elder Elm. You’ll want to progress the restoration of your Home and this item is needed. Let’s see what is in store at this Fort for Sakuna. On this page we shall see the objectives that you'll need to clear, as well as Tips on how to finish them.

Unlock Requirements: Complete Cascade of Eternal Darkness and then have dinner

Dungeon Stats

Location Enemy Strength
Part 1 Day 31+ / Night 40+
Part 2 Day 31+ / Night 40+
Depths Day 33 / Night 37

Exploration Objectives

Exploration Objective (s) Star Rating
Get Elder Elm 1/1 1 Star
Quell the specter’s source 1/1 5 Stars

Fort of Undying Shadows -Part 1-

Upon starting the area, you’ll find a lot of Specters ahead of you on top of poisonous water. You can defeat them if you want or go straight ahead to the right side and pass by the lookout tower. There will be another group of specters there. You need to pass through the gate to the right.

There’s a pit that will lead you down below, you can harvest some resources from the bush before jumping in. There will be a couple of barrels there as well as a box that contains 2 pcs. of Medicinal Sake. There will also be more barrels on the left side just across.

Boxes can be found on the upcoming levels below

If you jump to the level below, you’ll find a box on the left side that contains a Demonic Braid, while to the very right side is a mining spot. Once you have the items, you can continue and jump to the level below.

Be careful since there’s a demon rabbit controlling a cannon on the left. Kill it first since it can be quite a nuisance, you can then defeat the remaining demons around. Once you go to the left side, you’ll find a wall of noxious gas. Heading to the very left side of this area will lead you to a platform above that has a box containing 2 pcs. of Medicinal Base. In order to continue, you’ll have to jump to the area below.

Be careful with the gas since it will hurt you

Before jumping down, make sure your HP is full. You will have to quickly make your way to the right side and avoid the Specters. The poison damage can kill you, so aim to the right side until you get to an exit on the upper right area.

Get out of the gas as soon as possible

Once you reach the area above, rest for a bit to fully recover your HP. There’s going to be waves of monsters that will appear in between spikes that you’ll have to take care of. Exit to the upper right and use your Raiment to reach the upper level. You should find a box on the left side that will contain the Elder Elm, and this will complete your objective.

Get the Elder Elm

You can exit to the platform above and make your way to the surface. Towards the end, you’ll find waves of Specters once again. You must defeat all of them before you can move on to the next area. You can exit to the right side once they have been defeated.

Fort of Undying Shadows -Part 2-

Once you reach the Fort, you’ll gain access to a gate that will lead you outside. Go Home and rest up in order for you to have a full meal. You will then be traversing through the castle by heading to the right side. There, you’ll find some demon rabbits that you can clear, as well as instructions on how to go to the level down below. Before going down, you can enter to a hidden room on the right side. There’s a box there that contains Vitality Flakes.

Head down to the level below by follow the instructions on your screen. You’ll reach an empty room so you’ll have to navigate your way. If you go to the right side, you’ll find a box and it will contain 3 pcs. of Powder of transformation. Once you have obtained this, head to the left side.

Get the items then continue to the next area

You’ll end up in a room with another wave of enemies, this time you’ll find spikes on the ground on both sides. Defeat all demons here first, and you can proceed by going to the level down below. You’ll find an empty room, and there’s two directions you can go to. The area on the right will lead to a room filled with noxious gas as well as Specters. For now, it’s best to avoid this since you’ll die quickly. Continue by going to the level down below.
More demons will appear and there’s a huge deer among them as well. Once you have cleared this room out, you can find a box on the left area that contains an Enchantment of True Strength: Fire Resistance. You can then continue to the next area by going to the right side.

Clear the demons

You’ll pass through an empty room, so continue to the right. You’ll end up in a hall with demons, as well as a cannon in the end. Defeat the demons here, and then continue once again to the right side, you’ll find yourself in another room with two directions. You can go to the room above to get a Daiginjo Sake. Once you have that, head to the room on the right.

You’ll find another room with wooden spikes. Complete the demons here first. Then go to the room above. This area will be empty, so continue once more to the upper level. Here, you’ll fight waves of enemies including a Deer, Bear, and Badger. Defeat them and you can go the room on the left for some Medicinal Base.

You can skip the noxious rooms, focus on getting to the exit

The room above will have noxious gas and specters, so it would be best for you to come back to this at a later time. You can now exit to the right side until you reach the exit.

Fort of Undying Shadows -Depths-

Once you’re at the Depths, you’ll gain access to a gate that you can use in order to go Home. Rest up and get some buffs from your meals if needed. Once you continue to the further right, you’ll find that Ishimaru is now a Specter Demon as well.

Keep your distance within reach so you can use your Raiment to avoid attacks

Similar to your previous boss fight against him, you’ll want to keep yourself within reach. Whenever he attacks you, you can use your Raiment in order to reach the other side so you can focus on attacking his back. Once you have defeated him, your objective will complete and you will also gain 3 pcs. of Strength's Bounty. you can watch the cutscene. Sakuna and Tama will have a heartfelt moment outside, you can then go Home after and rest up and watch another cutscene after dinner. You should have all Elder Elms needed to repair the houses as well.

That concludes our dedicated guide for completing the Fort of Undying Shadows in Sakuna: Of Rice and Ruin. Please check out our other helpful pages for the game.

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