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Grove of Everlasting Gloom

Sakuna: Of Rice and Ruin Walkthrough and Guide by Aryafortis & Paul (vhayste)
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Grove of Everlasting Gloom

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The Grove of Everlasting Gloom in Sakuna: Of Rice and Ruin is a new area that's surrounded with purple light. As you continue with the game’s Story, Sakuna’s powers leave her due to the weakening of the land. As such, she must venture out and collect different Bounties that she can place on the fertilizer in order to reclaim her powers. Different dungeons across the land will have green marks that are lit up, indicating that there are bounties to be found.

Once you have completed all bounties from the green areas, there will be those that you will have to obtain from specific bosses. In the Grove of Everlasting Doom, you’ll go through a place filled with toxic gas once and find a familiar enemy towards the end. On this page we shall see the objectives that you'll need to clear, as well as Tips on how to finish them.

Unlock Requirements: Complete Direhaze Keep

Dungeon Stats

Location Enemy Strength
Part 1 Day 18+ / Night 35
Part 2 Day 18+ / Night 35
Depths Day 20 / Night 24

Exploration Objectives

Exploration Objective (s) Star Rating
Get Elder Elm 1/1 1 Star
Quell the specter’s source 1/1 5 Stars

Grove of Everlasting Gloom -Part 1-

One of your objectives is to get an Elder Elm. This material is needed in the story since you’ll be using it to repair the facilities on your farm as well as the house. In the first part of the grove, your main focus is to get the Elder Elm as well as reaching the next area.

Similar to the Noxious gale, there will be a lot of gas around that can be detrimental to your HP. Especially now that Sakuna has lost her powers, you can try to get Fish Mint tea from Myrthe to help alleviate the effects of poison damage. Upon entering, head to the right side, you can choose to climb up the platforms in order to reach a box on the upper right for 3 pieces of Revitalizing Remedy.

The first area you need to go to is to find the area where you can jump down into noxious gas. There’s going to be specters along the way, so avoid them and use your Raiment to jump across to the right. You should drop to the level below and land in an area without gas. You can pass through the wall on the left side to find a box with 3 pieces of Powder of Transformation. You can then continue to the right side.

Get the box on the hidden area then continue to the right

Once you jump down, there’s an area field with gas once again. Head to the right and jump up the ledge to avoid the gas. You’ll find a piece of Bush on top that you can gather resources. Reach the upper right side using your Raiment so you can stand on the platform.

Reach the area with the Bush

A Demon Bear will appear on the right, but make sure to get the box on the upper left side on top of the platform. This will contain the Elder Elm that you will need so do not miss this! You can then go to the right side where the Bear came from and then find a pit you can jump down to, there’s a hidden area on the lower left that has a Girlish Mask. You can then head back up to the top and then exit to the right side.

Make sure to get the Elder Elm

Grove of Everlasting Gloom -Part 2-

There will be a gate for you to use so you can go Home and rest. Once you come back, you’ll be crossing an area filled with Specters and flying Demons. You can choose to entirely skip this and use your Raiment until you reach the very right side. There’s a pit you can jump down to that’s filled with noxious gas.

Now this is very important, you’ll have to dash your way down the gas and avoid the enemies. Use them with your Raiment to swing across. You should be able to rest on an area on the left side that has a box with a piece of Health Powder. Once you jump down below, make your way to the right side as fast as you can until you reach a clear area.

Stop by the box to rest

There’s going to be specters ahead standing on poisonous water. In order to continue, you’ll have to take them all out. You can use your Raiment to catapult yourself towards them so they can crash towards each other. Once they have all been defeated, you can head to the very right side until you find a box with a Medicinal Base.

You can then jump to the Noxious Gas below and head to the right side. You should find a way going up, so use your Raiments to get to the top area as fast as you can. Your HP will slowly go down and this can kill you if you’re not able to escape. Once you reach the top, you can finally exit on the right side.

Reach the top as fast as you can

Grove of Everlasting Gloom -Depths-

Once you reach the depths, you’ll be able to use a gate in order to go back Home and rest up. Upon entering back in, you’ll find yourself facing a familiar enemy. The Camellia Toad is back, but this time it has been corrupted further and turned to a Specter itself.

As the Specter Camellia Toad, it now has additional attacks relating to toxic gases. It’s much more aggressive as well when its lashing out with its tongue as well as other attacks. Similar to before, you must avoid slime that it can produce. It will jump often and try to trample you, so use your Raiment in order to dodge it.

Specter Camellia Toad

Once the Toad has been defeated, you’ll be able to complete your objective as well as get 3 pcs. of Skill’s Bounty. You can watch the cutscenes as the story will continue. At the very end, Kokorowa will return. You can venture forth to the capital in order to get an item that can help with your land. Make sure to do this and you’ll eventually need to place the item you’ll get and add it as fertilizer to your field. The next location that you’ll be able to go to is the Cascade of Eternal Darkness.

That concludes our dedicated guide for completing the Grove of Everlasting Gloom in Sakuna: Of Rice and Ruin. Please check out our other helpful pages for the game.

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