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Follow the dark path or use the light


Venture on to Route 2

Pokemon Leaf Green Walkthrough and Guide

by CM Boots-Faubert  

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Venture on to Route 2

Organizing your Pokemon Storage

-- Route 2 --

The main Route between Viridian City and Pewter City, Route 2 also happens to be the path one must take to visit the Viridian Forest, with the path and Forest being excellent spots for catching Bug Type Pokemon!

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

- Area Pokemon -

(Key: Pokedex # - Name / Acquisition Method)

010 - Caterpie / Normal
019 - Rattata / Normal
016 - Pidgey / Normal
013 - Weedle / Normal

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

As you head north to exit Viridian City you are stopped by an old man who insists upon teaching you how to capture Pokemon.  It does not matter that you already know how, he has decided you need to be taught, so you are going to be taught!  Just suck it up, it only takes a few moments, and you have made an old man happy, which is your good karma deed of the day!

As a reward for allowing him to teach you how to capture Pokemon he gifts you with a Teachy TV -- a Key Item that functions as the defacto Help System for the game.  Go ahead and open your bag and take a look at it now -- it has can teach you how to battle, what status ailments are, how type matchups work, and how to catch Pokemon again if you forgot something about that (grin). 

If you are new to the game checking out the status ailments and matchups is not a bad idea... The host for these edumacational epics is the Poke Dude, sort of a cross between Mr. Wizard and Fonzie, and despite the goofy over-the-top good mood this guy shows, he does effectively teach the lessons.

Now continue out of town and on to Route 2, and you will notice that there is a path to the east that you cannot gain access to at the moment.  There are bushes blocking the path into that path, and to get past those bushes you will need the HM Cut, and a Pokemon who can use it outside of battle, which means having the necessary Gym Badge as well -- more on that later!  For now bear in mind that it is there so you can explore it later when you are equipped to do so!

Around the bend ahead is a patch of tall grass that you can avoid if you like -- but we do not want to do that because there are some Pokemon here that we want to catch!  So go ahead and walk into the grass now...

The first one that we want to catch is a Weedle, which is the first evolutionary stage of the Bug-Type Pokemon line of Beedrill (Weedle > Kakuna > Beedrill).  While it is possible to catch a Kakuna later, that amounts to the waste of a Poke ball, because a Kakuna caught as a Kakuna has no offensive moves, all it can do is sit there and absorb damage.  Ideally you want to catch a Weedle, then level it; at Level 7 it transforms into a Kakuna but with the offensive moves it had prior to the transformation, and at Level 10 it reaches the end of the evolutionary line, becoming a Beedrill, which is not a shabby Pokemon at all and is a good one to have as an alternate for your A-Team (more on that later).

The next Pokemon we want to catch is a Caterpie, which is the first stage in the evolutionary line of the Butterfree (Caterpie > Metapod > Butterfree) a fairly powerful Psychic/Bug Type that is certainly a desired alternate for our A-Team!  Like the Weedle it evolves at Level 7 and then Level 10.

Once you capture these two, you will now have a full team of six Pokemon.  What that means is that any additional Pokemon that you catch will now be automatically sent to a storage box in the public PC's that are located in Pokecenters all over the region.  That being the case, there is a bit of prep-work that we need to do now, so head back to the Pokecenter, heal, then save.

-- Setting up the PC --

The Personal Computer

In the right corner you will see a Public PC -- go over and log into it now, and you will see that there are four available choices: Someone's PC, Your PC, the Professor's PC, and Log Off.

Someone's PC: This is the public Pokemon Storage System.  Since you can only have six Pokemon in your party at any one time, and there are well over 500 Pokemon in total in the National Dex, you have to have someplace to store the Pokemon you are not actively using at the moment!  This is where you store them.

Your PC: You already know what that is for -- item storage and email.

Professor Oak's PC: When you select this you are connected to the Professor, where you can have him rate your current Pokedex and get some advice from him.

Log Off: That is an obvious one.

Now, open Someone's PC -- do not worry finding out whose it actually is will happen as a result of our adventure, but for now we do not know the answer so it is Someone's...  Anyway, open it up, and you will see the basic menu options.  For now we want to select Move Pokemon so that we have undettered access all of the boxes.

Each box can hold a total of 30 Pokemon, and there are 14 boxes, which means that you have the maximum storage capacity of 420 Pokemon -- way more than we will actually need for this game.  Now the boxes are numbered, so the first thing you should do is move to Box 14, then click on the title of it and change the name to "Incoming" (without the quotes).  Now click on the name again but this time change the wallpaper -- selecting etc and then Pokecenter.

Now move to Box 13 and repeat the process above, but substituting the name "Outgoing" (again without the quotes).  Now move to Box 1 and repeat the process again, but substitute "A-Team" for the name, and choose the Simple Wallpaper.  Go to Box 2 and do that but call it "B-Team" and then starting with Box 3 and onward, name them for the major types that will have the most in number of unique Pokemon in the game, and a few that are labeled Misc... 

The way that I set mine up is: BUG/GRAS, Electric, Fire, Fly, Ice/Watr, Normal, Rck/Grnd, Poi/Psyc, Misc-1, and Misc-2, but you can do it any way you like.

Basically when you leave the PC you want to make sure that you exit with the Incoming Box selected, so that any new Pokemon will be placed in that box, and thus you know which ones are new next time you access the PC.  You can then move then to their appropriate type box, or to one of the Misc boxes for the minor types.  Keeping them organized like this is actually a really good idea, because it will make selecting and building special-function teams a LOT easier.

Use the A-Team box for your active team -- the one you will use for most of the story mode, and your B-Team box for the alternate teams you put together for specific battles and situations.  You may also want to store any rare or hard to get Pokemon in the B-Team box as well.  When you start breeding Pokemon to complete your Pokedex later you will be very happy that you took the time to organize this storage system when it was empty and thus easier to manage, trust me!