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Medal of Honor Warfighter Walkthrough and Guide

by vhayste  

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Medal of Honor: Warfighter Walkthrough

Unofficial Medal of Honor: Warfighter Guide by vhayste for


Welcome to Supercheat's unofficial guide to Danger Close/ EA game's direct sequel to 2010's Medal of Honor title. The story picks up where the first game left off and players will take control one of the two main Tier 1 operators as they race against time and different parts of the globe to thwart a major terrorist threat. The guide is compact but will surely assist you in completing the campaign, introduce you to its engaging multiplayer system and a trophy guide as well.


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Can't get past the two guys in turn the tables...where do I find a weapon?

Added 10th Nov 2015, ID #624107

I can't get past hello and dubai where you need to escape undected.

Added 8th Oct 2015, ID #614863

how to kill the last 2 rpgs with sniper.. i tried 40times bur failed

Added 11th Jul 2015, ID #582916

thanks for advise

Added 13th Jun 2015, ID #569519

How do I kill the two with RPGS on top of the building that are shooting at the buzzsaw. I have tried and even aimed at there head and still nothing.i keep failing. Please help.

Added 12th Jan 2015, ID #500295

You have to place your sight slightly above their heads to adjust for elevation and windage.

Added 30th May 2015, ID #563432

How to clear the hotel on old friends nothing happens when I kill the bad guys

Added 22nd Sep 2014, ID #450702

how do i catch farad, not fast enough

Added 14th Aug 2014, ID #436632

How can i kill the two guys that shooting at buzzsaw

Added 24th Jun 2014, ID #405984

I cant seem to bring my scope up on level 1 at the range I keep getting the peep sights on the scope and not the scope

Added 11th Nov 2013, ID #319034

when i get half way in warfighter when i help to push the door or barrer my screen go's black i can still hear them talking and the arrows are still there and i think i can still move and shoot but i cannot see anything

Added 21st Sep 2013, ID #310590

how do I catch farad? I can't get past the first porch?

Added 22nd Jul 2013, ID #299444

when chasing the car you get to a certian point and it is automatically saved. you go through about 3 or 4 of these saves & at the end you have taken a short cut and that is when you ram the car. if it hits the wall in the end of the road it starts at the last save. be sure to ram the car as it comes off short bridge.

Added 22nd Jul 2013, ID #299432

how to get chasing farad

Added 7th Jul 2013, ID #295743

I'm on the shore leave part i kill everyone outside snd go inside and up the stairs and the door is open y is that

Added 26th May 2013, ID #285505

How do I get out of the firing range? A guy is blocking the doorway.

Added 26th Apr 2013, ID #277829

aim two lines below the middle of the scope.

Added 11th Apr 2013, ID #272689

ever time i try to take out the last rpg i cant kill him
what do i do
please help me

Added 17th Mar 2013, ID #264733

may i please get someones help this

Added 17th Mar 2013, ID #264725

the second mission how do i kill the two rpg guys that are shootting at buzsaw

Added 17th Mar 2013, ID #264716


Added 14th Mar 2013, ID #263539

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Added 10th Mar 2013, ID #262305

I Need Help with Medal of Honor Warfihter PC. Cannot get past the Range at all. Please someone help!!!

Gregory Pickett
Added 1st Feb 2013, ID #248848

how do you shoot the two RPGs on the top of the motel

Added 27th Dec 2012, ID #229777

Can't get passed level were you to follow marines through building get to a door and can't breach it

Added 26th Dec 2012, ID #228947

I shoot every guy in the game in sniper mode at the end how do u eliminate the sams?????

Added 11th Dec 2012, ID #218899

Its really easy people competed the game within 2-3hours

Added 10th Dec 2012, ID #218568

How can i passed away from 3rd mission of sniper shoot?
its too difficult to shoot 2 guys at last.
Every time i try, result always failed
Help plz

Added 4th Dec 2012, ID #215019

in the 12th mission when i m entering the building (which i have to protect some guys on the down road ) there are two guys in side the building after i shoot them i will go for sniper mode but the thing is that after shooting those two guys the game get stuck and i have to shut it down its on the pc so pls help if any one got any solutions for this situation. thanks ASANKA

Added 28th Nov 2012, ID #213334

I got it no zoom just like you said thanks

Added 17th Nov 2012, ID #209658

I try to shoot the two on the hotel but I just can't seem to get the last one that comes around the back on zoom or not

Added 17th Nov 2012, ID #209647

Got the last two guys on the hotel toot do not use the zoom. Just target the arrows normal sight

Added 16th Nov 2012, ID #209228

Can't pass sniper shooting in the 3 mission in single player help please head is fried

Added 12th Nov 2012, ID #208064