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Unofficial Mafia II Guide by Chris Boots-Faubert for SuperCheats.

Any gamer who played the original game, Mafia: The City of Lost Heaven, will instantly understand the great anticipation and the happiness that the sequel, Mafia II has received from the gaming public, but if you have not played the original, you are in for quite a treat! 

There are other games in the mobster slash first-person-mobster-shooter genres, sure, and some of them are really good games, but the Mafia series of games stands head and shoulders above them all, mostly due to its fascinating story-line and the careful development of its plots, subplots, and characters.  Mafia II picks up the banner and runs with it, leaving us hoping that there will be a Mafia III -- certainly there is room for it, right?

The original game covered the golden era of the gangster, the 1920's and 1930's, while Mafia II covers the Boom Era spanning from World War II in the 1940's through the 1950's.  A third game in the series could make great work of the 1970's and 1980's and the era of the Dapper Don, and the Brinks Robbery... We can only hope.

As you prepare to play this game, there is nothing that I can say to you that will soften the shock of being sucked into this story and the vivid almost real world that was constructed to tell it.  Perhaps the only perspective that I can offer you is this:  Mafia II is the closest thing to Time Travel you are every going to experience.

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27 comments, latest first.

Added 14th Jan 2015, ID #501418

A very lovely game me also waiting for Mafia3

Added 20th Jul 2013, ID #298771

can i now what is the cheat for mafia 2 plssss

Added 27th Mar 2013, ID #267604

where the cheats.?
and how i can get the free ride mod?
and is there maffia 3

Added 25th Mar 2013, ID #266997

The original Mafia was released as a PC game and you can still find it on eBay and used via GameStop stores (or their equal in your country)...

The original game is called "Mafia: City of Lost Heaven" and as I said it was originally released for the PC in 2002, with an Xbox and a PS2 Version being released in 2004.

I have never actually played either the Xbox or the PS2 versions of the game however I do own a copy of the original PC game and liked it a lot...

Added 3rd Jan 2013, ID #236366

lovw Mafia 2 cant wait until Mafia 3 that would really complete me...

Added 3rd Jan 2013, ID #236272

I have never enjoyed a game more than I do as Mafia2 it is a game I would not part with . however I am seeking info as to how to go about purchasing the orginal Mafia as I feel incomplete in my games without the orginal thanks Thor-haven

Added 7th Sep 2012, ID #184124

what do u do to save the game on 14 after u kill ever one and get the wanted off yourname. how do u save it please

Added 27th Jun 2012, ID #157621

How do you get in to brunos office once you have all the money

Added 27th May 2012, ID #146064

Where can I find all the saved info for mafia 2.
I want to start over , zero out all stats.

Added 7th May 2012, ID #140308

If you want to beat level 14 easy just kill derrick before he gets to the warehouse. He is the other red and white cirle that goes to the right at the beginning of the fight. He mosty stays to the right until almost everyone else is dead, so get him early ok. After entering the warehouse, kill the man on the top right side of the balcony, then take cover behind the wooden box to the right at the bottom. Stay there they will come to you. D
ont move exept from side to side to kill the people that come at you. They will throw firebombs at you, but as long as you keep the bullets from hitting you you should be fine.

Added 30th Mar 2012, ID #127460

Thank A lot .

Added 5th Nov 2011, ID #85223

what we will do in chapter 14

Added 12th Sep 2011, ID #74186

on chapter 14 u pick up derek's retirement money from his office

Added 7th Aug 2011, ID #64729

chapter 4... how do we rob the jewelery store???

Added 17th Jul 2011, ID #58553

Is there cheats for mafia 2

Added 3rd Jul 2011, ID #54418

mafia 2 is very very coooooooooooool game bro

Added 23rd Jun 2011, ID #51461

How do u beat chapter 14?

Added 4th May 2011, ID #41384

i can't wait till mafia III is out

Added 22nd Apr 2011, ID #39033

I can't wait for a Mafia III... That would complete me. Completely.

Added 10th Mar 2011, ID #32044

how can the cheets the works
how can we stable the health

Added 29th Jan 2011, ID #27175

the game is glitching right where you have to drop off the hotrod.. any one else having this problem

Added 15th Jan 2011, ID #25522


Added 11th Jan 2011, ID #25021

Mafia 2 is the BEST GAME EVER!!!!!!

Added 10th Jan 2011, ID #24868

how do u beat chapter 14 wen u kill steve and dereck

Added 28th Dec 2010, ID #22864

How can i find all the wanted posters, i have been in almost every corner of the city but still only found 50 wanted posters, do u know the locations of all wanted posters??

Yours sincerely: "Ulldorf Scorpio" Mafia 2 madman :-)

Added 22nd Dec 2010, ID #21944

Hello what is the key(touch) of the display(posting) of the craftiness? Thank you

Added 4th Dec 2010, ID #20110

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