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Gangstar Vegas Walkthrough and Guide

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Gangstar: Vegas is the latest game in the extremely popular Gangstar series, which is a sandbox-style action game, most similar in style to the likes of Grand Theft Auto, Saints Row and True Crime. It features shooting, driving, flying, hand-to-hand combat and pretty diverse gameplay.

This guide aims to walk you through all the campaign missions and side-quests on offer in Gameloft's latest title - one of the biggest on all handheld platforms. You will also find plenty of helpful hints and tips to assist you along your journey.



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ur web site stinks

Added 29th Mar 2015, ID #534667

How do you turn the police sirens on !!!!!!!

Added 28th Mar 2015, ID #534221

Jeg ønsker at eg kan lastened gangster vegas

Jeg blir veldig lei meg vis dokker ikke jøder det😞

Added 22nd Mar 2015, ID #531625

This game is awesome but the scavenger hunt is hard . I've been trying to find some collectables but I can't it is impossible to find those things. :o

Added 28th Feb 2015, ID #522254

Wow this game is so hard to get a special goverment agent suit I need a siren for this police car and you guys should add a secret airport in the dessert like in GTA San Andreas plus I'm level 39 JETPACK spy bike thing and a military atmv thing ha I got that and a secret goverment car and a agent pants spy glasses I got alot of luck you should follow me on YouTube #swagforloveinroblox#

Added 25th Feb 2015, ID #520947

How do you get g stars?!

Added 24th Feb 2015, ID #520865

How do u earn g stars

Added 16th Feb 2015, ID #516793

travel to south vegas villas, steal a störer. they are usually $270,000 but the level 2 ones are $405,000. thats the BEST vehicle you can sell, and is common

Added 15th Feb 2015, ID #516497

for everyone that says meet your fate you just need to level up and then you can begin mission

Added 15th Feb 2015, ID #516266

how do you shop from the pawn shop. i guess you need some repair kits or something i dont know help me please im begging you

Added 15th Feb 2015, ID #516264

My mission is MEET YOUR FATE,what i suppossed to do for next? I dont know

Added 13th Feb 2015, ID #515534

How do you get cheats ?
[b][/b] I want to know

Added 12th Feb 2015, ID #515091

How do you play 'the Greek Phanlanx?

Added 7th Feb 2015, ID #512683

Grafica super pentru a face bani simplu te duci si iei o masina de pe strada deobicei sa fie
scumpa si te duci la un garaj si o vinzi eu vand mai mult motociclete si masini de politie rapide nu stil vegas ci stil america

Added 6th Feb 2015, ID #512461

How to go into a gang

Added 5th Feb 2015, ID #512012

How do i get keys for heavens sake

Added 3rd Feb 2015, ID #511262


Added 27th Jan 2015, ID #507934

Does any one know where all the hidden collectibles are ocated

Added 26th Jan 2015, ID #507754

how you add friends ?

Added 22nd Jan 2015, ID #505336

Where are the collectibles on the map

Added 18th Jan 2015, ID #503281

How do you get the AQUA JETPACK😕

sour gaming
Added 17th Jan 2015, ID #503212

Got to mission and it says meet your fate what do I do?

Added 16th Jan 2015, ID #502463

I have progressed through the game a bit and am now up to a point where I can't continue.
Quest says meet your fate
Dont know what to do

Added 13th Jan 2015, ID #500909

whem i foun the car selling thing i sold it but i dont think it gave me monye for it cuse it did not disaper or do u have to leve viwe of the car.

Added 12th Jan 2015, ID #500431

Join the brotherhood of j-squad which originated in Japan and is made up of badass brawlers that will never back down! Do you have what it takes?

Added 11th Jan 2015, ID #499811

How to introduce gangs in gangster vegas

Added 11th Jan 2015, ID #499796

Join our gang and together we will be the BEST!!! Our gangs name is A-TEAM Thank you...

Added 10th Jan 2015, ID #499494

Join our gang and together we will be the BEST!!! Our gangs name is A-TEAM Thank you...

Added 10th Jan 2015, ID #499493

Y duz there no seks? And ef iz sekz whare iz et?

Added 9th Jan 2015, ID #498840

Hos so i create a gang

Added 8th Jan 2015, ID #498193

R u going to have to pay for this game soon

Added 31st Dec 2014, ID #493558

Is it possible to find a UFO?

Added 31st Dec 2014, ID #493549

If someone wan a aome keys just get good rank in events and then u get bunch of diamonds and skillpoints and ..... More and more and with that diamonds u get keys !!!

Added 28th Dec 2014, ID #491251

Turn on the siren of a Police car in gangstar vegas for Android?

Added 19th Dec 2014, ID #486961

Tuenti on the siren of a Police car in gangstar vegas for Android?

Added 19th Dec 2014, ID #486960

I still need help finding out what the rest of the cloths are called and how to get them but I'm one of the ones who have some missing weapons from the shop so tell me how to get it please

Added 24th Nov 2014, ID #475633

guys I've been trying to get the blinded mask but I don't know how to get it and I don't know what the rest of the closes are called please tell me how to get them

Added 22nd Nov 2014, ID #474892

How do you turn on police car lights? Or is that possible?

Added 6th Sep 2014, ID #445035

How do U get the cheat for money in this game also this game rocks like # hashtag ####IS BOSSSSS!!!!

Please answer also thanks, Cody B

Added 30th Jul 2014, ID #428060

I have killed a person on the game and he dropped a box I picked it up and it said gone for good idk what I can use it one

Added 23rd Jul 2014, ID #423592

How do get a lot of keys

Added 19th Jul 2014, ID #421428

There no icon for controls on game screen on my ipad what do I do

Added 26th May 2014, ID #388964

is there a mod in this game?

Added 23rd May 2014, ID #387140

a map pointing out the locations of all the pickup bonuses in the game would be great

Added 20th May 2014, ID #385992

How do you save the game?

Added 23rd Feb 2014, ID #358316

In gangstar Vegas new update u get alien mission and alien stuff where and how do u find a spaceship/UFO

Added 22nd Feb 2014, ID #357918

Anyone know any cheat codes for this game on iphone4? Or where in the game you can find a monster truck?

Added 12th Dec 2013, ID #328493

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