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Little Big Planet Guide and Walkthrough

Little Big Planet Walkthrough and Guide

by Absolute Steve  

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Welcome to Little Big Planet, a wonderful little big game in which you can make your own worlds, play worlds that others have created, and play them together.

In this creative title, there is a lot you can do; So much that you can almost get lost, and that's something I'd regret to see happen. I hereby present you my newest project on Little Big Planet, in which I will guide you through the story mode, help you build your own worlds, and even help you finish worlds that were created by others.

More importantly, I'll guide you through the levels in such a way that you will get the items as soon as possible - and as quickly as possible. Add to that mix a good injection of humor in combination with visual aid and you get this Guide as result
Furthermore, this Guide also features the newest Metal Gear Solid downloadable content.  It will guide you through the levels and tell you where all prize bubbles are, just as with the main walkthrough.  This Guide will stay up-to-date whenever a large Level Pack comes out.

Thank you for reading, and I wish you loads of fun in Little Big Planet. May we meet each other some day there!

Absolute Steve

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Aug 7th 2015 Guest
How in the world do yo uh
Get through the part where you jump on y
The platforms that move in a circle. Then your on these two little trampoline things and that's it..can't get past it! Where do u go? The trampolines don't seem to get me anywhere. Am I trying to get in the little window above it?
ID #594927
Jun 9th 2015 Guest
Can Microchips be saved and given to other players? Is there some kind of community area where I can get Microchips that other users made?
ID #567840
Apr 21st 2015 Guest
kill jeff now please
hahahaha its me chuky.
[img][url][color=red][video][/video] [/color] [/url] [/img]
ID #546148
Jan 20th 2015 Guest
please give cheats x triangle o o square? - from the littlebigplanet1 boss killer
ID #504663
Feb 28th 2013 Guest
bleu and red stripes
ID #259586
Dec 13th 2012 Guest
[url][url][/url] [/url] link

ID #220765
May 27th 2012 Guest
How do I punch?
ID #146104
Mar 7th 2012 Guest
I FINSH ALL THE LEVEL but not the bonus ones :/ BUT I NEED CHEAT CODES!!
like up,down,left,right oe the letter one like "IMTHEWINNER" or someting like that?
ID #121038
Feb 5th 2012 Bryguy98
He cant post cheats like up, up, down, down, left, right, left
If the game doesn't have that kind of stuff...
ID #112365
Dec 18th 2011 Guest
Hi, thanks for all your hard work. i am having difficulty getting across the clouds at the top of castle climb, any help would be appreciated; thanks in advance, Niz.
ID #96186
Nov 20th 2011 Guest
This is a guide not a way to cheat throught the game.
ID #88918
Oct 23rd 2011 Guest
were is free water and candy cane

ID #82438
Aug 28th 2011 Guest
how do i get my wipeout add on to work cause i cant find it and i bought it
ID #70754
Jul 27th 2011 Guest
I am Stuk on dragon level I need help !!!!! What is the code
ID #61653
Jun 30th 2011 Guest
Its a guide for ps3
ID #53687