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Resident Evil 5

Resident Evil 5 Guide

Resident Evil 5 Walkthrough and Guide

by Absolute Steve  

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SuperCheats.com Unofficial Guide to Resident Evil 5


The next instalment of the Resident Evil series takes us to Africa where the origins of the virus are to be discovered.  You will take control of a returning character from the series, Chris Redfield.  Being a huge fan of the series I could not resist the urge to present you with a complete Guide to enhance your own experience.  I hope you enjoy the Guide, which will be as spoiler free as possible, and hopefully the game will bring you tons of entertainment.

  Key features of the Guide:

 - No spoiler scenes described
 - For Xbox 360 and PS3 both
 - Covers all items and collectibles
 - Do optional things as soon as possible
 - Optional things integrated into the walkthrough

Absolute Steve

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PS 3 | Xbox 360

Comments for Introduction

36 comments, latest first.
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ID #631264 | Dec 5th 2015 Guest
How do I find da key from da gard
ID #569405 | Jun 12th 2015 Guest
ID #560822 | May 25th 2015 Guest
How I beat the giant
ID #537629 | Apr 4th 2015 Guest
How jill run very fast in resident evil 5
ID #289901 | Jun 12th 2013 Guest
stuck fighting wesker cant seem to kill him does anyone have any idea?
ID #258843 | Feb 26th 2013 Guest
Is this game available on ps2 cause i want it so bad im a resident evil freak i also want to know if there is a resident eevil 3 out for ps 2 the resident evil 3 nemesis one i used to play on my ps 1 please email me if you know where i can get these my remail adress is [email protected] .com regards eugene
ID #246646 | Jan 26th 2013 Guest
How can i get diffrent outfits for chris and sheva
ID #242130 | Jan 13th 2013 Guest
How do I beat the chain saw guy at the oil refinery
ID #681894 | Sep 15th 2016 Guest
shoot on head
ID #596076 | Aug 9th 2015 Guest
Keep shooting him
ID #234429 | Jan 2nd 2013 Guest
Hey I know ALl in this game,I have infinite rocket launcher, infinite weapons(ALL).But,please tell me,how can I Open Xbox live?
ID #211405 | Nov 23rd 2012 Guest
how do u kill the guy at the start with the axe?
ans : go to the bus then stay in the bus, then shoot him from inside the bus. He cant get in the bus...^_^.
ID #209805 | Nov 18th 2012 Guest
how do u kill the guy at the start with the axe
ID #206453 | Nov 7th 2012 Guest
Where are the emblems
ID #199056 | Oct 20th 2012 Guest
Excuse me .it would be amazing if you could give m e directions to the real goal area on the ghost ship in level 21chasm
ID #180263 | Aug 26th 2012 Guest
finished all levels but still cannot get silver trophy in the figurine section. any idea?
ID #179051 | Aug 22nd 2012 Guest
The only thing close to a plasma weapon in this game is the stun rod.