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Boom Beach Walkthrough and Strategy Guide



Boom Beach is a combat strategy game from the developers Supercell. They are perhaps best know for Clash of Clans (and also Hay Day). Like Clash of Clans, Boom Beach sees players building a base designed to create units and defend your territory, but has a modern war theme compared to Clash of Clans tribal setting. Like both of Supercell's previous two games, Boom Beach features numerous opportunities to purchase items, though the game itself is free. To its credit, Boom Beach is one of the fairest free to play games out there when it comes to handing out premium currency for free.

This guide will aim to examine the basics of the game, as well as early tactics, unlockables and secrets to succeeding. Boom Beach was released worldwide on March 27th 2014, having enjoyed a successful beta period in Canada.

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