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Pokemon Emerald Walkthrough and Guide

by Chris Boots-Faubert  

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Pokemon Emerald Walkthrough

Unofficial Pokemon Emerald Guide by CM Boots-Faubert for SuperCheats.com


The first thing that most gamers notice when they begin playing Emerald is that it seems to be a lot like Ruby and Sapphire -- well of course it is!  Emerald is what they call the Bridging Game for those two.  In the Pokemon Game World the games are released as complimentary color-based pairs, with each having a slightly different set of Pokemon in it, and a different legendary.  The Bridging Game is basically most of the contents of both games joined into one.

Now if that was all that there was to it, a lot of gamers would skip the main games and just wait for the Bridging Game to come out, but that is not actually all that there is to it, mates.  The blokes at Game Freak use the Bridging versions to add in additional content and story to the games, so while they are similar to the first pair they are also uniquely different.  There are also a handful of Pokemon in each bridging game that have to be obtained from the two color-matched games that cam before it. 

The general trend is for gamers to buy one of the first pair, battle and trade with a mate who has the opposite game, and then get the bridging version to play as their base game in preparation for the release of the next generation.

That way they have the chance to play through the game again and experience its new content, and transfer all of their Pokemon and items from the first game so that when the next gen comes out everything is all together in the bridging game and ready to go!  Or that is the logic anyway, it does not always work out that way, but everybody is different.

The animations are different in Emerald, and it also has both of the antagonist groups -- Team Aqua and Team Magma in an equal and much deeper presence, and in fact it is when the two release their chosen Gods that Emerald pretty much parts company from the story in Ruby and Sapphire, offering you an entirely new lore and experience.

Welcome to Pokemon Emerald

In addition to changes in the story that are fairly significant, there are new areas in this version of Hoenn, including the Team Magma Hideout, the Mirage Tower, Marine Cave, Studio Cave, and the Desert Underpass to name just a few.  I should also mention the Battle Frontier -- yeah, because THAT is going to be a very important addition to the game for you!

You will find that Gym Battles in Emerald are markedly different, as the leader now have different Pokemon -- and in the case of one gym, a different leader -- and you will also find that Torchic is not the unstoppable dynamo  that they were in the other games, so you may want to give a bit of thought on who you pick as a starter this go-around!

Perhaps the most endearing difference in Emerald is the inclusion of Pokemon from other lands in the game, and the expanded breeding system, the new and altered traits and abilities, and the significant changes to the development process of breeding and training Pokemon for competition. 

Of all of the games from this generation, Emerald has the best support for the E-Card Reader and its associated cards -- while this was not the huge hit outside of Japan that it was in Japan, it was still pretty popular with the serious Pokemon Trainers in the US and UK, so it is not uncommon to attend an event and find trainers there with full sets of the E-Cards and the Readers in their kit box.

The most important point to be made -- and a large part of why this guide is being written -- is that fans of the series who joined during the DS generation are returning to Emerald in preparation for the release of Black and White in March of 2011 -- because the Pokemon in Emerald can be traded to all of the DS games, which in turn will be able to trade with Black and White, and thus taking the time to play through Emerald gives them access to Pokemon that they might otherwise never have.

Enough interest is targeted towards the game that even a used copy at GameStop costs almost as much as a new one in the box!  Demand has an impact on price, and the bloke at my local GameStop told me that they have seen such a spike in demand for Emerald that they had to order more from their warehouse.  An interesting turn of events to be sure!

If you have yet to play either Ruby or Sapphire, and this is your first exposure to the Hoenn adventures, well you could have done worse mate!  Emerald is an excellent game to play that generation as it has all of the semi-legendary and most of the legendary Pokemon obtainable in it, and its story line is a bit more intense and entertaining -- not to mention that it contains some bog standard Pokemon not available in the other games.

The Welcome Screen


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how to get out of faraway Island?

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how can drive out the wailmers of team aqua?in lilocove and how can i past onn the team aquas hideout

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can you helpme undertsand about the battle frontier?

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This is a code for rare candy


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Really You Can't Get Mewtwo In This Gen Though You Can Get Him By Hacking

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How do I find cpt stern in slateport?

Added 15th Aug 2015, ID #598421

in museum

Added 29th Oct 2015, ID #620572

First you go to a big wearhouse that has a boat outside inside there is a bold guy talk to him qnd then the team aqua will have entered the museum he is on the second floor

Added 3rd Sep 2015, ID #604988

How can I get hm cut without talking to the dude that work for the profeser because I messed up

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How to get unlimited master balls

Added 30th Jul 2015, ID #591465

dunno I want to know too.

Added 4th Aug 2015, ID #593608

82005274 0001
Use this code to get free master balls. Activate it and buy poke balls. Just save before you enter the code incase something happens. Hope this helps!

Added 8th Aug 2015, ID #595480

where to get HM07 / Dive ?

Added 29th Jul 2015, ID #590794

mossdeep city beating gym leader from steven

Added 8th Sep 2015, ID #606570

Can someone help me there is a special word for the guy trying to make his daughter laugh in the first city you go to to fight the first gym but I can't remember it

Added 23rd Jul 2015, ID #588343

You can't make her laugh its an extra activity for trainers who have finished the game

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No real words to use....just make up something...there is no right answer

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How do i get through without falling

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use the escape rope

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Just ask the old man in the pacifidlog the is always looking to the east, where mirage island is located. If it the old man says he can see it, it is there. otherwise, it won't show up. I think its just random, just like the mirage tower, sometimes it's there, sometimes not. Anyway, you can only see a bunch of wynaut in MIrage Island so nothing to bother about coz you will get one from the Old man from the day care. oops sorry if I spoiled it..

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not so good not so bad its normal

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What is the word for peekaboo in rustboro city?

Added 30th Mar 2015, ID #535500


Added 27th May 2015, ID #561801

do you know what the code for charmander

Added 14th Mar 2015, ID #528571

Yes in petulburg city near the pokemon center on the right side the tall grasses has many pokemon including charmed er

Added 27th Apr 2015, ID #548610

In the grass where the girl is standin or down frim her where u find the potion

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is that true!??

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Once you defeat 4 gym leder go to Patel perg's gym.

Added 21st Apr 2015, ID #546199

Where's patel pegs gym?

Added 28th Apr 2015, ID #549162

To get to Petalburg's Gym, go to Verdenturf Town Nd go through Rustboro Tunnel. Once you enter, take the path in front of you. You must have the TM rock smash. Then, you'll get to Route 116 and go through there to get to Rustboro City. Go south and through Petalburg's woods and you'll arrive at route 104. Go southeast and you'll arrive there! Hope this helps! Sorry for the long explanation. XD BTW, you have to have three badges to challenge your dad.

Added 8th Aug 2015, ID #595475

how to cheat by psp and how to endcode

Added 12th Feb 2015, ID #514851

go to lilicove and then there is a guy with wailmer blocking rom ther surf north to fing aqua hideout

Added 8th Jan 2015, ID #498379

i fight the team magma and team aqua i get all legendary like mew in a grass playing with me

Added 16th Dec 2014, ID #485391

ID # 67334

Added 8th Dec 2014, ID #482071

My cheat for getting pokemons is not working iTS blocks

Added 8th Oct 2014, ID #456098

if you want to get endless rare candies and master balls just clown them

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i like this game

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I have saw an shiny sableye in emerald but I killed it :( :'(

Added 3rd Jun 2014, ID #393481

I do catch LEGENDARY pokemons using POKEBALLS.
I use the emulator..
I will just save the game BY Ctrl+S then load it when the pokemon gets free ^_^

Added 23rd May 2014, ID #387210

Seriously you can get this with no CHEAT!!! Just be PATIENCE...

Rayquaza= Ultra ball
Groudon=Ultra ball
Kyogre=Ultra ball
Regice=Ultra ball

Added 9th May 2014, ID #382697

Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. I seriously need help with raquaza

Added 11th Dec 2013, ID #327877

Some people find it troublesome in the part where team aqua awakens Kyogre. When you find the submarine, simply dive up.

Without cheats, you will only access the maps to Mew, Lugia and Ho-oh, and Deoxyx when there is a certain amount of pokemons filled in your pokedex.

Added 19th Nov 2013, ID #320448