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Pokemon Y Strategy Guide and Walkthrough

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Pokemon Y, along with Pokemon X is the sixth generation of the Pokemon Franchise. The players, or Pokemon trainers, will go on an adventure to reach the Pokemon League and become the Champion. Trainers will be traveling across the Kalos region, seeing new sights and meeting new friends. On this quest, they will also be able to encounter the legendary Pokemon: Yveltal.

The game includes over 80 new Pokemon, with the introduction of the new Fairy-type. This sixth generation Pokemon title also introduces Mega Evolutions. These are temporary but enhanced change certain Pokemon can achieve with different appearances, stats, abilities and even temporary change in type.

Trainers will be able to receive two starter pokemon: One Kalos region starter(Chespin, Fennekin or Froakie) and one Kanto region starter (Bulbasaur, Charmander or Squirtle). The Kanto region Pokemon will be able to perform Mega Evolution.

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I will trade my Mega Charizard Y. My name is jennajohns10 on the game. Trade me! [color=blue][/color]

Added 1st Aug 2015, ID #592429

Name is Adam blue hat and rea shirt in the game I will give u a tyranitar for that charizard and the tyranitar is level 80 and I would trade you other Pokemon for legendary

Added 30th Aug 2015, ID #604025

i what SHINYS!

Added 4th Jul 2015, ID #579824

Me to only Y thoe name Joshua

Added 16th Jun 2015, ID #571165

Hello y have a question were do we catch entei in pokemon y ? thanks to answer me.

Added 30th Jan 2015, ID #509093

Through Pokemon Safari

Added 6th Sep 2015, ID #606103

I have a megalucario and mega blastoise anmegareshiram and megazekrom

Added 10th Jan 2015, ID #499210

how did you get resharam?

Added 27th Jun 2015, ID #576534

You guys stupid

Added 26th Dec 2014, ID #490474

Can anybody tell me do I get to the last gym and my last bage

Added 21st Nov 2014, ID #474485

anglais de merde la laisser les français parler sans raconter votre life[color=red][/color]

Added 6th Nov 2014, ID #467968

I have got mega charizard EX in card fire type Crimson dive takes 300 damdage 220 health

Added 24th Oct 2014, ID #462317

I have all the possible legendaries u can get in the game and someone can ask me how 2 get on but only if they use my nickname: Fluffy

Added 14th Sep 2014, ID #447902

where do u go to trade with older games? I want to fill up my National Pokedex, have most on older games...thank you

Added 27th Aug 2014, ID #441527

pokemon x is better the charizard looks cooler and yectivel is two types instead of xearnias being one

Added 4th Jul 2014, ID #412112

y is better than x because yvetil has dark pulse and dark and flying xernas is just a plain old fairey type

Added 22nd Jun 2014, ID #404561

What after she says go away

Added 22nd Jun 2014, ID #404511

ciao a che serve sts cosa

Added 10th Jun 2014, ID #396899

Is there a way to find more legendary pokemon without trading the pokemon that you worked so hard to level up?

Added 13th Mar 2014, ID #363737

i have Yveltal and Xearnes card.

Added 3rd Mar 2014, ID #360743

angel thx u helped me oh
and if u want to know how to get a shiny version of the pokemon you got just ask me and i will tell any one how

Added 27th Dec 2013, ID #335044

how do you corner the pokemon conered cause it takes hours.

Added 25th Dec 2013, ID #333942

need to make cheat codes for Pokemon Y and Pokemon X Please

Added 21st Dec 2013, ID #332130

Glad they released it in october the 12th and lm glad l got it about 3 or 4 days later l was happy then

Added 8th Dec 2013, ID #326700

how do you summon pokemon when not in battle for pokemon y 3ds game?

Added 5th Dec 2013, ID #325445

hey did u know there is a ghost girl in the game she's in a building in north bolivard in the second floor then after u have seen here go to hotel richissime go to the fourth floor the room on the right is were she is at note u have to see her in the building in the second floor.

Added 24th Nov 2013, ID #321762

Did you know that they brought back piplup and chimchar and turwig in special events [img][/img]

Added 13th Nov 2013, ID #319332

does that go for both x and y?

Added 21st Oct 2013, ID #315651

did you know in terminus cave there are 4 things 1 a adamant orb,2 a griseoues orb,3 palkias orb[i forgot palkias orb name],and the pokemon that means the letter “Z” fact if you beat the champion diantha go to the pokemon village there is a cave if you have beaten diantha the guy in front of the cave will go away and then go inside the cave is wait for it...........MEWTWO then if you make him faint beat the pokemon league again if you catch it you will either obtain you know what look at this down at the bottom(>·<)
pokemon x-mewtwonite x
pokemon y-mewtwonite y
remember you can only catch mewtwo and Zygarde if you have beaten the pokemon league ANGEL OOOOOOUUUUUUUTTTTTT!!!!!!!!

Added 21st Oct 2013, ID #315650

hi my name is alejandro wanted to get pokemon y and x please qued you give my a game

Added 17th Oct 2013, ID #315046

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