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Lego Batman 2: DC Super Heroes Walkthrough

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Welcome to our unofficiate guide and walkthrough to Lego Batman 2: DC Super Heroes. This guide covers the complete game and all collectibles. So basically that's the complete single player game, plus all the red bricks, gold bricks and an in-depth look at achievements.

However, this guide is currently IN PROGRESS and awaiting upload, this will be done shortly.


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We're playing this game on PS3, but we're stuck in the game where the level "Race to Ace" don't turn up. Any ideas what we have missed doing in the level before, since that level don't open? For some reasons we're stuck in the Bat-cave where we on a map can pick some of the previous levels.
Hope some of you can help.

Thanks in advance.

Added 4th Mar 2015, ID #524078

I Have All The 100 Characters!

Added 21st Feb 2015, ID #519154

What level is poison ivy?

Added 31st Jan 2015, ID #509856

on the wiiu , you nerd 175 gold bricks to unlock Martina manhunter

Added 19th Jan 2015, ID #504134

What level do you get the flash

Added 18th Jan 2015, ID #503247

Tell me some cheats plz

Added 14th Jan 2015, ID #501296

How do I get through the maze?

Added 13th Jan 2015, ID #501223

My son is trying to complete level 9 and I have no idea about games he is having trouble finding where to go at the emergency control panel it says press Y to scan which we did but then not sure what do please Help he is driving me insane and is getting frustrated that I can't help him

Added 9th Jan 2015, ID #498484

Cheat Codes: 

JXN7FJ: :Vine Grapples (PS3, XBOX, Wii and PC/MAC)
RYD3SJ: :Peril Finder (PS3, XBOX, Wii and PC/MAC)
Q285LK: :Riddler Goon (PS3, XBOX, Wii, PC/MAC, Nintendo DS, 3DS and PS VITA)

Added 2nd Jan 2015, ID #494681

For how to get out of the bat cave, you cant but you can on the console version. The
only way you can get out is if you go next to the bat mobile tap A on the blue circle,
and then you can acsess a level. Exam Gotham Theatre and more. I hope this is clear

Added 14th Dec 2014, ID #484803

Why is the Lego level so hard

Added 29th Sep 2014, ID #453092

How do we unlock super girl by cheat code

Added 28th Sep 2014, ID #452798

Can you tel me how to unlock everyone

Added 28th Sep 2014, ID #452513

How do I get past the last level in the helicopter where there are 2 lexcorp helicopters that have a gun and a heat vision gun with Cyborg?

Added 19th Sep 2014, ID #449498

Did y'all know that aquaman is on a building near ace chemicals for 125,100 studs and what's cool is that u know that u drown in water well aquaman doesn't!!!!!!!!

Added 9th Mar 2014, ID #362563

how do complete season5 level1

Added 8th Mar 2014, ID #362259

codes please

Added 22nd Feb 2014, ID #357787

Can you tel l me the cheats to everyone

Added 13th Jan 2014, ID #343620

what is the cheat code for super girl?

Added 7th Dec 2013, ID #326237

how do you unlock justice league mode if some won knows please tell me

Added 22nd Nov 2013, ID #321111

I am stuck in the main room with the mallet guy. How do I get out?

Added 15th Aug 2013, ID #305016

On Nintendo ds

ACD lover 100
Added 19th Jul 2013, ID #298655

How do you unlock Clark Kent for lego batman 2 DC superheroes

ACD lover 100
Added 19th Jul 2013, ID #298654

How do you unlock Clark Kent?

Added 19th Jul 2013, ID #298652

keep me in the morning dead people cakes

Added 17th Jul 2013, ID #298059

You can get catwomans motorcycle in part of the maze, but she is expensive, and I don't recommend getting here- just wait until later in the game and unlock superman.

Added 12th Jul 2013, ID #296979

i got green lantern for free because i got on the batcopter and went to justic leauge and it gave it to me free

Added 27th Jun 2013, ID #293166

what is the cheat code for green lantern

Added 22nd Jun 2013, ID #292018

How do you get cat women's moterccle

Added 22nd Jun 2013, ID #291996

Lex has the deconstructor

Added 8th Jun 2013, ID #288765

I can't seem to find the "deconstructor" for the black Legos. Any one have a clue where I can get it?

Added 8th May 2013, ID #281165

How do I get out of the Batcave just a couple of levels in on iOS?
I've smashed everything in sight, opened all the sliding doors, got the helicopter and Batmobile (which I don't know how to get in and use) and I've opened all the consoles. But I just can't get out.
I assume it's something to do with the waterfall over the walkway but I can't get past it.
For info I've only got Batman and Robin in their normal suits with normal abilities because I don't know how to get any other characters or abilities. The instructions at the beginning are brief at best!
Thanks in advance.

Added 3rd May 2013, ID #279631

what is the 10x stud multiplier

Added 30th Apr 2013, ID #278881

How is it even possible to never die even once in justice league mode?!

Added 28th Apr 2013, ID #278584

What is the code for poison ivy on nintendo ds?

Added 31st Mar 2013, ID #269228

How do you get advanced lex bot

Added 3rd Mar 2013, ID #260497

How do you get the special suit

Added 9th Feb 2013, ID #252404

I have all but one character left now I am at the part where u need 1000000 I have done everything and I have 923620 how do I get the rest of the coins to finish the level

Added 26th Jan 2013, ID #246428

how do you start a level? i know iut sounds elementary but my son and i completed level 8 and cant seem to find out how to start level 9. where do you start - bat cave? and how?

Added 25th Jan 2013, ID #246323

how do i get the ones you have to break the statues??????

Added 7th Jan 2013, ID #239369

I can not find all the minkits on th 3 level in Lego batman 2 DS

Added 3rd Jan 2013, ID #236336

there isnt any cheat to unlock everyone

Added 2nd Jan 2013, ID #234818

The game is alot of fun. Right now i have all the characters except one and you need 250 Gold Bricks and I only have 178. By the way, I have no idea why but my game glitches every little while. For example, i went to fight the Mad Hatter and he disappeared under the ground. Then, when i killed his minions, he never came up and it said he had 1 heart.

Added 23rd Dec 2012, ID #227128

to save peeps that are traped on water use superman to freeze the water.

stupid boy
Added 8th Oct 2012, ID #193673

did any body now about the secret level you need 175 and go to the park and build the gold door

Added 3rd Oct 2012, ID #191122

whats that sadasdasdaf

Added 28th Sep 2012, ID #189799


Added 28th Sep 2012, ID #189782

robux buy

Added 31st Aug 2012, ID #181813

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