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The Sims 3 Walkthrough and Guide

by Mike Hazleton  

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The Sims series began with the best-selling game in the history of the PC format. Following this success, countless expansions and a sequel established the brand and set up EA for Spore, aiming to add to The Sims creator Will Wright's legacy. Now we have the second sequel. The Sims 3 uses the next generation of PC hardware since the last game's launch in 2004, allowing exploration beyond the confines of the local neighbourhood, and customisation of virtually all aspects of your Sims' lives.

This guide on The Sims 3 begins with a tour of Sunset Valley. It is the only town that comes included with the game. Unlike other versions of The Sims however, you can visit any location on the map without loading screens, and many of the features seen in expansion packs for The Sims 2 are all bundled into locations within the valley. While many gamers will be familiar with the everyday running of a Sim's life from the previous games, exploring the town itself and getting used to the locations takes time, and the hope is that this section of the guide will help you get up and running faster. Information on workplaces, , community locations, amenities and collectibles will help in planning a life for your Sims without muddling through and missing out on what Sunset Valley has to offer. There is also a section on the Edit Town facility, which allows you to transform River View to suit your own needs, as well as details on how to get EA's second town for The Sims 3, River View.

The second section of this guide is on the Create-a-Sim tools, and comprehensive information on the Build and Buy Modes. Making your Sim look lifelike can be a breeze if you know what you are doing. The in depth customisation options far outstrip anything in The Sims 2. There are many ways to go about starting the game, whether you choose to purchase a plot of land and build from scratch, purchase a furnished house to move straight into, or skip the Create-a-Sim stage altogether and play one of the game's built-in scenarios. Information on all the options available to you is provided in this section of the guide. Tips on buying a good lot and the essential items for your Sims' houses are included, as well as a video for the cheapest possible starter-house. Some objects give Sims specific bonuses, or increase the attractiveness of a room. This can give your Sims positive (or negative) moodlets, which can make them happier (or quite the opposite). All the objects that provide bonuses are listed, as well as moodlets, lifetime wishes and general wishes relating to the decoration of your Sims' homes.

In the future a section on the Life of your Sims will be provided. This will include tips on careers, hobbies, socialising and raising a family. The final section will be a modders guide, with information on how to make your creations, get them online and get people downloading them!


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Any cheat codes for money on sims pet3

Added 21st Nov 2015, ID #627116

how do you get it on ps3

Added 20th Nov 2015, ID #626791


Added 16th Nov 2015, ID #625807

Once you have a family, are you able to create another sim to add to the family later on?

Added 15th Nov 2015, ID #625458

how to have a dog in sims 3

Added 9th Nov 2015, ID #623633

Sims one???

Added 3rd Oct 2015, ID #613542


Added 21st Sep 2015, ID #610263

I read everything and i am a very BIG of The Sims 3 but how do I get the Into The Future video game or expansion pack for free please reply !!!

The Sims 3 is WICKED AWESOME !!!!

Added 6th Sep 2015, ID #605844

How do i get a lot of lifetime happiness rewards points fast on sims3 for the ds???

Added 31st Aug 2015, ID #604311

could i download this game without buying?
is it possible?

Added 31st Aug 2015, ID #604128

Need help!!!
I need a neighbor who has a dog!!!!!

Aphrodite Constantinou
Added 4th Aug 2015, ID #593710

I love this game it is fun but is there wolves on the game

Added 31st Jul 2015, ID #591738

how do you get the motherlod

Added 30th Jun 2015, ID #577907

hit ctrl shift C a transparent bar will apear type motherlode hit enter

Added 8th Aug 2015, ID #595456

R1 R2 L1 and L2 at the same time

Added 28th Jul 2015, ID #590626

is it possible to have kids on sims 3

Added 29th Jun 2015, ID #577230

Yes, have two married Sims try for baby in a bed or shower. There are more places to do it that I can't remember

Added 31st Oct 2015, ID #621204


Added 2nd Aug 2015, ID #592966

add me on Game Center !!

Added 30th Jun 2015, ID #577867

so can we play this game?

Added 15th Jun 2015, ID #570638

can we play this game

Added 15th Jun 2015, ID #570637


Added 12th Jun 2015, ID #569294


Added 23rd Jun 2015, ID #574436

How do you get apples and watermelon

Added 6th Jun 2015, ID #566288

Go to the supermarket.

Added 22nd Jul 2015, ID #587718

Are there any cheats for wii besides the money cheat because people keep saying g there are and I need to know.

Added 4th Jun 2015, ID #565593

How do use a pumpkin in a recipe?

Added 30th May 2015, ID #563258

game won't load on xbox 360

Added 29th May 2015, ID #562937


Added 26th May 2015, ID #561459


Added 25th May 2015, ID #560905

I have it on my tablet and I want to start a family. So please help me!!!!!!

Added 24th May 2015, ID #560558

this is a good game but I couldn't create my character.
although that was pretty disappointing it didn't matter as much so year...
I didn't mind the house building wait...
I spawned in a sim from the store + gallery

Added 22nd May 2015, ID #559500

How do you get Sims 3 for Free are sims 4

Added 17th May 2015, ID #557546

How do u get free money from cheats?

Added 15th May 2015, ID #556600

is there any more cheats

Added 10th May 2015, ID #554634

;}! SWEET! To me this website sucks, but this one was pretty good!

Added 4th May 2015, ID #551850


Added 30th Apr 2015, ID #549996

On sim 3 how do I charge the metal detctor

Added 17th Mar 2015, ID #529897

hi i love plying sims 3 seasons how do get a christmas tree?

Added 15th Mar 2015, ID #528745

tenho the sims 3 quero desbloquear os karma naturalmente mas Não consigo achar um guia bem explicativo ma internet

Added 11th Feb 2015, ID #514524


Added 30th Dec 2014, ID #492663

R1 R2 L1 L2 all together on the start menu (where you save your game while playing.

Unlimited money (sims 3 pets ps3)

Added 9th Nov 2014, ID #469185

hi guys I would like to know how do you get on online Sims 3 on xbox 360 to go to one of your friends house on the online to be able to visit one another and play together! Please help!can any body answer me this question please!

Added 4th Nov 2014, ID #467296

You cant

Added 12th Jul 2015, ID #583416

i am playing the sims 3 on my 3ds and i want to no how to make a baby

Added 25th Oct 2014, ID #462750

I'm playing sims 3 and I want them to have a kid in know you r suppose to go to actions and pick try for a baby but I can't do it

Added 27th Sep 2014, ID #452373

hi ho im a big fan of sims on ps3 and wondering how to be a vampire???

Added 9th Jul 2014, ID #415055

guys press ctrl+alt+c and a box will appear then type motherlode for 50000 simlions

Added 28th Jun 2014, ID #408158

You sould make cheats for dragon city

By Hamza

Added 9th Jun 2014, ID #396265

Ya it's easy for me 19

Added 5th Jun 2014, ID #394545

Hi! Just in case you guys still don't know how to have kids on sims freeplay, you have to pass the money doesn't grow on trees challenge. Then you have to buy a crib from the childrens store, and press, "add sim". That's basically it. Hope this was helpful.

Added 4th Jun 2014, ID #394006

my sims 2 castaway (ps2) was scatched and i cant fix it heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeelp meeee

by tom

Added 13th May 2014, ID #383856

How do you stop creative mode and return to normal mode?

Added 20th Apr 2014, ID #376775

how do u woohoo in sims 3 android

Added 22nd Feb 2014, ID #357579

Omg my sims arms are fat

Added 31st Dec 2013, ID #336862

i am getting sims 2 on pc for christmas and can you get mermaids vampires and zombies on it? please help me!!!!

Added 7th Dec 2013, ID #326134

To get a vampire on Sims 3 (if you're talking about the pc version) You must have the supernatural expansion pack then simply create a new family and make one of them vampire and the second one human then in-game offer the human sim to be transformed it will take 2 days i think for the human sim to become a vampire between 1-2 days not sure haha

Added 27th Oct 2013, ID #316548

How do you get a vampire on the sims 3 to feed on another sim.

Added 23rd Sep 2013, ID #310820