Saints Row The Third Guide

Saints Row The Third Walkthrough and Guide

by vhayste  

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Saints Row The Third Walkthrough

Saints Row 3 Unofficial Guide by vhayste for


Welcome to our exclusive to, unoffical guide to Saints Row The Third. vhayste has put together a cracking walkthrough for the full single player game, plus taken care of all the collectibles and unlockables for you. Check it out, we've got a guide to City Takeovers, plus Money Pallets, Drug Packages, Photo Ops and Sex Dolls locations. As well as that we have all the info on Saints Book, which includes a guide for assinations, vehicle thefts and all the challenges. And for all you achievement hunters we've got a great achievements guide too, and what Saints Row guide would be complete without all the cheats, well this guide has you covered for cheats too.

So what are you waiting for - Dive in!


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What cheat gives you not to die

Added 7th Jun 2015, ID #567007

[url][/url] [list]
  • What is the cheat for super jump on saint row the third

    what is the cheat for air steelport

    Added 30th Mar 2015, ID #535341

    [url][/url] [list]
  • What is the cheat for super jump on saint row the third

    Added 30th Mar 2015, ID #535339

  • What is the cheat for super jump on saint row the third

    Added 30th Mar 2015, ID #535338

    What's the cheat for the genki manapult

    Added 18th Aug 2014, ID #437832

    i beat the whole game

    Added 8th Aug 2013, ID #303593

    I`m a PS+ guy, and we got Saints Row III. Free this Month. So anyone got any good info I need for when I Start the game?

    Added 18th Jul 2013, ID #298259

    Ok so I have questions on who to kill and who to keep alive in the game I've beaten the game tons of times though but would love it if someone could tell me

    Added 27th May 2013, ID #285787

    I love saints row!!! if you are making the 4th one you should make more cars,and some real thing in real life!!!

    Added 28th Dec 2012, ID #230032

    Is there a cheat for flying cars

    Added 25th Nov 2012, ID #212247

    how do you put in codes on the game

    Added 3rd Oct 2012, ID #191143


    Added 29th Sep 2012, ID #189987

    how to on mars : first on get a votl and keep flying up for a few minutes then you will be on mars

    Added 16th Aug 2012, ID #176517

    Are there any secret worlds I can unlock on saints row tha third?

    Added 26th Jul 2012, ID #168751

    OMG u guys are all retards the needs no cheats this website does'nt have all the cheats + idiots who own a PS3 YOU CANT GET THE 1ST ONE ON PS3 ITS XBOX 360 ONLY!!!!!

    Added 5th Jul 2012, ID #160755

    im invincible on the game and i the cyber blasters the rarest smgs in the game beat that

    Added 4th Jun 2012, ID #148773

    this game iss boss but i dont know how to use a ester egg help

    Added 31st May 2012, ID #147380

    this rocks

    Added 20th Feb 2012, ID #116896

    a yal type in this cheat whatittome

    Added 11th Feb 2012, ID #113905


    Added 5th Feb 2012, ID #112362

    how long does it take for the site to accept a submission? im new to this and i want to know, i submitted a while ago and its still pending.

    Added 28th Jan 2012, ID #110195

    if you make a fourth saints row you should have it to where you can choose where you want to punch and stuff PLEASE MAKE A FOURTH!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Added 22nd Jan 2012, ID #108515

    i now the real super cheat is but 1 thing u have to do

    Added 18th Jan 2012, ID #107063

    aboslutlety love saints row, have played 2 and 3 been playing it since i brought the second one, wuld like a copy of the first one on ps3 but cnt find it anywhere. i pray to god that you make a fourth one cuz it is out of this world.

    P.S. if some as a copy of saints row 1 on ps3 pzl reply to my post

    Added 17th Jan 2012, ID #106711

    me and my freind have been playing saints over live and we both have bought all of the dlcs[color=red][/color] [strike][/strike]

    MTK X sImYzZ
    Added 16th Jan 2012, ID #106571