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by Mike Hazleton  

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Unofficial Mass Effect 2 Guide

Unofficial Guide by Mike Hazleton for


BioWare are yet to make a substandard game, and following on from the success of Mass Effect, the sequel to the Xbox 360's crowning RPG (and a great PC game) was always going to go down well. It really does continue from the previous game, allowing you to carry over decisions from the original that will affect the storyline and characters in your new adventure.

If you haven't played the first one, everything is explained as you go along; it is recommended, however, just because it is such a classic experience.

This guide currently is NOT COMPLETE. All of the loyalty missions, N7 quests, guides to other locations in the Mass Effect 2 universe and the remaining primary story quests will be added in the next part of this guide which will be completed shortly.



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zaeed and kasumi are dlc. they're on the citadel and omega. morinth you have to side with her and kill samara during samara's loyalty mission

Added 26th Aug 2014, ID #441057

can anybody give me a clue as to get past the mechs after meeting with Jacob Taylor. thanks

Added 11th Mar 2012, ID #122321

cool this is awesome i love mass effect 2"really"

armored spartan1324
Added 9th Feb 2011, ID #28621

Note: While doing Tali's loyalty mission, you seemed to have missed mentioning the Geth Shield upgrade available in a side room by hacking a terminal/somthing similar to one. Just posting this here so that others will not miss this valuable shield upgrade; if I remember correctly, I believe it was a room near a data recording, close to the final room where you "get evidence" (the room with the Geth Prime). However, I am not certain of this room's exact location. The only contents in it are the terminal you must hack for the Geth Shield upgrade. I hope this contributes to the guide in an efficient matter. Very detailed; thank you! ^-^ --"Outcast"

Added 26th Jul 2010, ID #6064

this is so cool

Added 28th Jun 2010, ID #2157

How can you get kasumi,zaeed, and morinth available for recruitment?

Added 23rd Jun 2010, ID #1675