Red Dead Redemption Guide

Red Dead Redemption Walkthrough and Guide

by Michael Monette  

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Red Dead Redemption Guide

Unofficial Red Dead Redemption Guide by Michael Monette for



Set in 1911 in the dying Old West, Red Dead Redemption is the latest offering from Rockstar Games. With a gripping storyline, memorable characters, beautiful landscapes and quality gameplay to boot, this Western epic is nothing short of a masterpiece.

In Red Dead Redemption, you play as John Marston, a former outlaw who seeks to leave his violent past behind. But when his family is taken from him, Marston must hunt the criminals he used to run with to redeem himself and return to his new life.

This guide covers all 57 story missions and everything else needed to attain the coveted 100% completion stat.

Note: This guide was written based on the Xbox 360 version of the game, but effort has been made to include PlayStation 3 controls where applicable.



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I wish there was a cheat that you can be a animal on xbox 360 and you can drive a car cheat. 😯😅

Added 23rd Oct 2015, ID #619054

weapon location

Added 28th Jun 2015, ID #576779

Why dont you guy have supper vise for reyes safe code mission

Added 25th Apr 2014, ID #378658

Do u ever get to drive a car on here?

Added 2nd Mar 2014, ID #360542

most of the cheats you have to buy from add/on in play station store. and if anyone knows do you lose add on if you start over?

Added 13th Oct 2013, ID #314394

Are there any more missions atfter u play with jack (like his dad use to)?


Added 13th Aug 2013, ID #304635

You don't need cheat codes to catch the stallion in wild horses tamed passions. You simply need to chase the stallion until it starts going around in circles. Then you simply laso it, break it in, then ride back to Bonnie. Hope I helped[size=12][/size]

Added 17th May 2013, ID #283239

whats the sepia filter for

Added 5th Apr 2013, ID #270700

[quote][/quote] I'm stuck on wild horses and tamed passions in armadillo I got the herd in the canyon and I have to catch the stallion that escaped .... I need cheat codes for the red dead redmtion

Added 12th Feb 2013, ID #253430

i have no more mission icons to do and cannot access tall tree area

Added 20th Jan 2013, ID #244796

I'm stuck when John dies what do I do? Is there any more missions/stories????

Added 30th Dec 2012, ID #232573

i cant get the excpert hunter outfit

Added 26th Sep 2012, ID #189084

i would like cheats code for red dead redemption undead nightmare......if there is any...please help

Added 12th Aug 2012, ID #175002

some of these codes do not aware cheaters!

Added 22nd Jul 2012, ID #167236

Does too many bronze medals on missions affect game completion

Added 29th May 2012, ID #146772

i mean repeadately flicking the analog stick left and right very fast

Added 1st Apr 2012, ID #128488

to tame a horse easy just keep reapetadley turning fliccking the analog stick .do it very fast

Added 1st Apr 2012, ID #128487

i can't change clothes the option does not show up anymore either at the camp fire or the room.

Added 10th Mar 2012, ID #122047

What is a Retcher n where tha hell in Gaptooth Ridge do I find it. Plz help!!!

Added 13th Oct 2011, ID #79995

when i play overrun and i level up it says:New mount unlocked then i go to the outfitter then mount and no mounts unlocked?????plz help!

Little Guide
Added 7th Aug 2011, ID #64778

where do you get a lasso from?

The lasso is obtained during the horse taming mission, hold L1 and use right stick to select which item you want to use Ie; fists, revolver, lasso ect

Added 2nd Apr 2011, ID #35355

i am stuck at the part where you help Bonnie herd the cattle during the storm.

I find if you ride quite close to the back of the heard they tend to stay together and go in the correct direction.

If they start to part IE; drift to the left or right, simply ride a little that way and force them the right way.

Added 2nd Apr 2011, ID #35352

[#2233]when you have the lasso round the horses neck, you must keep you finger on the L2 button and climb onto the horse, if you let go of the L2 the lasso will reset.

Added 2nd Apr 2011, ID #35347

how do you complete shrpshooter challenge?

Added 2nd Apr 2011, ID #35287

how do you cross the river to tall trees

Added 9th Mar 2011, ID #31971

how do you make your own undead ammo

Added 21st Feb 2011, ID #29952

What can you do with extra horses you acquire? Can they be sold somewhere with out shooting them?

Added 8th Jan 2011, ID #24586

need 2 things , 1 how do u execute people for saavy outfit 2 need a unicorn for undead nightmare ... can anyone help a bro out!

Added 5th Nov 2010, ID #17312

How do u preorder assasin outfit

Added 19th Oct 2010, ID #15663

I am stuck at 99.8% complete, but my stats say I have everthing (got the Vaca throphy for all locations?). Is there a glitch. I appear to have all houses, jobs, missions, games, rare guns. Anyone out there in the same fix?? If you solved it Please answer this question.

Added 27th Sep 2010, ID #13727

bollard twins suit piece: search thieves landing.↲Near the dock there is a building that is toatly obscured by a wall. (south east side of town) top floor check all containers its in the room wit the open skylight. Hope that helps.

Added 31st Aug 2010, ID #10917

I'm searching at sepulco for the reyes' rebels outfit and seem to can't find anything there to complete it. Where is the spot to complete this task?

Added 22nd Aug 2010, ID #9958

How do you do one shot duels?

Added 20th Aug 2010, ID #9597

look on youtube

Added 19th Aug 2010, ID #9518

ok you go to stats then mission to play any mission completed with

Added 7th Aug 2010, ID #7871

i need cheat codes!!!!

Added 3rd Aug 2010, ID #7334

ive beat the game in 1 day and now im tryin to get the whole game completed 100%

Added 14th Jul 2010, ID #4508

ive beat the game in single player mode without capturing any bounties now no skull icons how do i get them to come back

Added 12th Jul 2010, ID #4138

You have to be invited to a posse, but you can create your own posse by pressing the back button and select a player and then select the player and then press invite to posse.

Added 9th Jul 2010, ID #3720

i am stuck at the part where you help Bonnie herd the cattle during the storm.

Added 6th Jul 2010, ID #3251

[quoteby]I am stuck on a level were you have to tame a horse. Please could anybody help or have any tip to share.[/quote]

Taming horses is easy. Just flick your analogue stick in the opposite direction to the way John is leaning. So if he's leaning left, give it a flick right, and vise versa.

Added 30th Jun 2010, ID #2420