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Fable III Guide

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Welcome to our super guide to Fable 3. We've got everything covered with over 130 videos and 350 images! There is a straight walkthrough of the game, as well as sections on completing all the side quests, help withachievements, finding all the Demon Doors all the Flowers, Silver Keys, Gold keys, Rare Books and blasting all the Gnomes - We've got your back on this one!

Before you delve into the guide, we suggest you take a look at the general gameplay page to get an overview of things and perhaps pick up a few helpful hints and tips.

Its been 50 years since the previous Hero saved the land of Albion. The kingdom is now under the control of a tyrant and nefarious king named Logan - your older brother. As the prince or princess, you carry the blood of your father, the last hero that once saved Albion. As the land entered an industrial evolution with the bleak vision of prosperity, the people has fallen into despair and poverty under the iron rule of your brother. After a major incident in the castle, you’ll be forced to leave its premises, along with your trusted teacher and butler. This is the start of your journey as you follow the steps of your father.

The land needs a hero... the land needs a revolution!