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Fruit Ninja

Fruit Ninja Guide

Fruit Ninja Walkthrough and Guide

by Mongoose General  

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Fruit Ninja Walkthrough

Fruit Ninja Unofficial Guide by Mongoose General for SuperCheats.com


Fruit Ninja is a very simple game with incredibly addictive play and multiple release platforms. This guide will focus on the iOS and Android versions.

The idea of the game is to use your finger on the touch-screen of your device to slice across fruit as it is thrown up into the center of the screen. Your finger effectively acts as a sword. There are bombs to avoid, making play more difficult, as well as multiple modes.

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ID #729556 | Jul 6th 2017 Phil Lawence Dealbuquerque
That's not fair!
ID #618703 | Oct 22nd 2015 Guest
Hey my score is 1897 in arcade almost 2000 really I SWEAR i am not lying! I made with golden ember blade! Does anyone made it?
ID #675068 | Aug 15th 2016 Guest
Yeah well uh mine score 3,173. Haha nanananabooboo
In your face guys.
ID #632785 | Dec 12th 2015 Guest
2978 my highest
ID #674208 | Aug 12th 2016 Guest
what score have year of battl red cliffs
ID #621248 | Oct 31st 2015 Guest
Made 2200!!!
ID #611108 | Sep 24th 2015 Guest
How do I beat Ranjin i have tried 50 times no win
ID #597335 | Aug 12th 2015 mariarheateddy
btw how do I get Mr. sparkle? please ans.. :(
ID #597332 | Aug 12th 2015 mariarheateddy
Awesome game..
i'm gonna love this.
ID #595171 | Aug 7th 2015 Guest
How do you beat rinjin?
ID #547599 | Apr 25th 2015 chaimaa
Hèllo ! needing money
ID #547597 | Apr 25th 2015 Guest
Hèy I need Money in this game
ID #611592 | Sep 26th 2015 Guest
If your on the kindle then get fruit ninja actually free search it on the appstore then all purchases will be free
ID #547596 | Apr 25th 2015 Guest
The fire cracker blade says you need to get the same score as the red cliff's. What does that even mean does anyone know
ID #531407 | Mar 21st 2015 Guest
ID #517530 | Feb 18th 2015 Guest
This is rubbish
ID #512128 | Feb 5th 2015 Guest
I want to get a way better score. How do I do that
ID #497289 | Jan 6th 2015 Guest
Your comments are stupid! I'm right its gay!
ID #497225 | Jan 6th 2015 Guest
Why is it so hard getting the Mr.sparkle blade?:-)
ID #729559 | Jul 6th 2017 Phil Lawence Dealbuquerque
Because it is so hard to get that blade but I haven't got that blade yet!!!
ID #496681 | Jan 5th 2015 Guest
I don't want to pay for the ghostbusters blade and I want the ghostbusters blade