Fallout: New Vegas Guide

Fallout: New Vegas Walkthrough and Guide

by Absolute Steve  

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Fallout: New Vegas Guide

Unofficial Fallout: New Vegas Guide by Absolute Steve for SuperCheats.

We're working with Absolute Steve again to bring you a complete guide to Fallout 3, many of the pages have tons of content already, check out especially the Mojave Wastlands Map and the Game Tips and Tricks pages. This guide will be updated on a very regular basis until it is complete. We recommend you bookmark this page.

The series of guides I've made for Fallout 3 was created with the intention of not leaving a single irradiated stone unturned, but there's always room for improvement.  This guide is the result of many days and nights of long labour, so here's hoping you'll enjoy the redesign of the layout, and may the in-depth strategies and vast descriptions greatly enrich your gaming experience.  In any case, be sure to like this guide on facebook (see link above) and tell your friends about this guide!

Fallout New Vegas does feel like a very stretched DLC and hardly has graphical improvements over Fallout 3, but that doesn't take away any of the fun.  The game mechanics have been tweaked with, making the game harder and more balanced. There are minigames now, there's still plenty to explore, but the 'Fallout 3' feeling is gone (duh, it's Vegas!), the point being that the game doesn't really breathe the same atmosphere as Fallout 3 both in terms of exciting storytelling and areas.  There are once again numerous annoying bugs that shouldn't exist, long loading times included , especially on the Xbox 360.  Resetting your Xbox can sometimes do wonders combined with clearing the cache, though.  All in all, the game has its improvements, but is hardly as epic or revolutionary as it's big brother.  As such, be glad it's not called Fallout 4. :) On a closing note I do want to mention that some events in FNV are painfully unfunny, sometimes even disgusting and on the border of acceptable as to what you can put into a video game.  This has nothing to do with gore, more so with ethics.  Some of those people at Obsidian should give me a call - as a psychologist student I'd gladly study them as field cases.

Supercheats.com is the only home for the enhanced version of the guide, which will appear here soon, featuring video content at tight spots that might require additional assistance.

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where can I download the full guide..for free

Added 17th Oct 2014, ID #459554

where is the crow's nest?
tell me is it

Added 20th Aug 2013, ID #305813

how to get passphrase for remnants bunker

Added 9th Aug 2013, ID #303771

how to get the h&h nail gun with out the add on?

Added 29th Mar 2013, ID #268483

In the h&h tool factory by the grey.

Added 8th Jul 2015, ID #581580

how do i finish the quest, no gods no masters.

Added 27th Mar 2013, ID #267657

how do you get all 37 gold bars out of the Sieara Madre Vault with the "Dead Money" add-on? Ive been checking on youtube lately and all that comes up is how to glitch out father Elijah with explosoves.. I tried it but it did not work because I have the ultimate edition for ps3.. can sum one plz help me?

Added 18th Oct 2012, ID #197955

How do I get out of the Mojave Deserts?

Added 13th Apr 2012, ID #132990

When you beat the game and declare new vegas independent (battle at the dam) how do you go back and complete missions that yoiu haven't done yet? Can you continue to play the game? how do yo go back?

Added 13th Feb 2012, ID #114667

Do you have Things that go boom quest? I need help getting through the artillery fire.

Added 21st Nov 2011, ID #89004

how do u get into remenants bunker

Added 19th Sep 2011, ID #75444

You have to activate the weapon at Helios One... you can only use it during the day and only once per day

Added 31st Jul 2011, ID #63021

ho do u get dog to pull the lever in dead money

Added 23rd Feb 2011, ID #30177

crcifiction is 1

Added 7th Dec 2010, ID #20424

What are these unethical things about the game?

Added 5th Dec 2010, ID #20308

super stve ur the man i hated the change in the new fallout at first but with ur advice i actually like the new vegas a little better than 3 now thanks dude

Added 23rd Nov 2010, ID #19017

Intro looks interesting. Makes me wish I had this game. D;

Added 18th Nov 2010, ID #18542