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Hidden Chronicles marks a departure from many of the other popular Facebook games, especially those by Zynga, the social gaming behemoth. It is a 'hidden object' game, which essentially means you spend a lot of your time examining painstakingly-crafted pictures for particular objects. Each object that you find earns you points. You get more points depending on how quickly you find the objects that are listed at the bottom of the screen. These points can be shown on a leaderboard, which is where the first social element to the game comes into play. You can obviously compare your statistics with your friends and this encourages you to replay scenes that you have already cleared. If you get stuck on a particular item, you can request a hint.

Another element to Hidden Chronicles is that you have a space which you can decorate and manage, which integrates elements from some of Zynga's other games, such as CityVille. You can visit your friends' areas and they can come to see yours.

The story behind Hidden Chronicles is that your uncle Geoffrey has passed away but requested your presence at Ramsey Manor, his illustrious country house. The idea is to explore Ramsey Manor and unlock all of the rooms and areas, some of which are windows into the past, facilitated by a special genetic trait that your character possesses.


Don't forget... Don't spoil the fun of this game by looking at our solutions first, we recommend you try your best to find the solutions yourself, and only when you've had a good go, then refer to our solutions. Have fun! And remember, it's the journey that counts not the destination!


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im stuck on the manor and dont know what i have to do to pass the level. any help?

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I'm not receiving the chests in my inventory.

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