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Kingdom Hearts: Recoded Guide

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Kingdom Hearts - Re:coded tells the story of Sora from a new perspective. A glitch has gotten into the Journal and Mickey must re-create Sora to help him get to the bottom of the problem. You will re-visit old areas but from a new angle in a all new story!

Enjoy our walkthrough / game guide and see each battle walked and talked through in our text and video mixed guide.


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where can I buy the walkthrough from I do not have a computer at home to print it out

Added 22nd Jan 2014, ID #346708

Guys, to beat Cerberus and hades, you first have to have Cloud in your party then when you reach Cerberus you have to do these simple steps:

1) First, you can't use licenses here. You only have your attack commands. So if I were you, you should get at LEAST 4 commands. you can pick any magic or attack you want. The higher the level of the attack command, the better. Then you should have a Hi-potion command since it doesn't use Sora's turn and a Curaga command (of high level) in case you lose your potions and it can be used infinitely. The only downside is you need to recharge. But, at least it can cure your your party.

2) Second, time your attacks when (A) pops up. and time your dodging with the (X)button. Remember timing is everything. BE ALERT! If you time your attacks correctly you get critical hits and avoid damage.

3) If you're lucky, your party members will use special attacks which is good. It is better if your party members finish their 3 attack combo then you're party members use their special attacks, since it can deal more damage than performed early.

4) In the fight with Cerberus, don't use your curaga command too early. Use the Hi-potions first then you use the command ONLY if you and your party members are about to fall. Be careful of Cerberus' firaga and triple bite attacks. It deals a huge amount of damage to your party.

5) DON'T JAM THE BUTTON PROMPT. The letters (A) and (X). It will mess up the attack combo, attack less, do less damage, and not dodge the attack. This gives you a chance on dieing easily.

6) After beating Cerberus, you fight Hades. Hades health may not be as high as Cerberus' but he's still no pushover. He summons heartless to defend him and block your path in attacking him (but can be defeated easily), shoots fireballs randomly at your party members 3-4 times and summons pillars of fires underground also 3-4 times.

7) Follow the steps 1-5. Use your special attacks when given a chance and combine them. it will charge every time you hit hades. Use curaga ONLY for emergency and if you follow my steps it will leas=d you to victory!

(PS: To be honest it took me at least 26 times to get through cerberus because I didn't have a good strategy at first :P. At the Hades battle, it is more easier than the Cerberus battle (in my opinion).

SINCERELY, VGA8164 (VGA- Video Game Addict) ;)

Added 20th Mar 2013, ID #265508

To jolt, add a couple of thunders to your stacked commands so one will reload after another, and that should get you through that level. Inklings: there might be one in the second part of the rose garden, and there should be a couple at the tea party... please quote if I am wrong.

Added 21st Jan 2013, ID #245279

ok i can't find the last couple of inklings! I NEED HELP! i looked in the rose garden ... the hedge maze...locust forest?.... and the kitchen place thing.... i only need 2 more...

Added 31st Dec 2012, ID #233419

Zhou have to give the correct inkling to the white rabbit and the. Black hears card at the back corner of one of the mazes

Added 9th Nov 2015, ID #623839

to answer some questions you go past the traps in the gauntlet, find the backdoor, Beat the challenges, get past the rest of the maze and you get to jafar. Then you fight Jafar he then turns into a all powerful Genie. you then see the lamp and get Iago to give it back. **when after Iago always keep moving**

Added 30th Jul 2012, ID #170212

Does anyone have a good strategy to defeat Eliminator? Im lvl 68, and im going for trophies and cards. I have everything (essentially). If I dont, I will get it.

Added 14th Jun 2012, ID #152638

u can defeate the cerberus byusing cure or cura or curaga to heal yourself and use hercules zero to hero power then you'll win

Added 21st Mar 2012, ID #124867

How do you deafeat Cerberus

Added 1st Mar 2012, ID #119614

How can u use potions durin a battle

Added 23rd Feb 2012, ID #117597

yes you can yous potions in battle

Added 20th Oct 2011, ID #81634

How do I beat cerberus guardian of the underworld???

Added 16th Oct 2011, ID #80830

my aunt's far in the game and i'm looking for inklings in wonderland

Added 21st Aug 2011, ID #69076

i have 3 strength defence and 2 auto block ever time i get to hades i have two of each and i run out when iam just about to defeat him what do i do

Added 20th Aug 2011, ID #68720

Use the licenses to beat Hades. He isn't that hard. Just make sure not to use all of your licenses at Cerebus. Also use your deck commands or even combine them.

Added 26th Jul 2011, ID #61387

i screwed up im level ten now and im in the colliseum but I cant beat hades he keeps killing me please answer!

Added 10th Jul 2011, ID #56690

How do you defeat spike in olympus coliseum?

Added 1st Jul 2011, ID #53817

2 beat da trick master u have 2 do ur shotlock move if u dnt no how 2 do dis den here r da instructions while in battle wit da trickmaster press both da L and R button at da same time and hold it dowm till it says max and den i think u press da A button 2 do it or u either let go of da L and R button if u completed dis task alredy and past me or finished da whole game would you please tell me where r the places u find Iago in Agrabah so i could get the lamp. And to get licenses wen ur fightin Cloud is 2 press da L button dont hold it down though just press it.

Added 22nd Jun 2011, ID #51218

to get around the cards in wonderland trail behind the cards but don't get to close the cards cant see you if your behind them.

Added 28th May 2011, ID #45486

How do I get to my license when I fight Cloud

Added 24th May 2011, ID #44792

I can't get to license when I fight Cloud

Added 24th May 2011, ID #44787

how do you beat trick master

Added 3rd Apr 2011, ID #35639