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The guide was last updated on 17 September 2014

The guide on these pages are primarily intended for the Pocket Edition of Minecraft, if you are looking for a guide to the standard version of Minecraft, then follow this link:

Considering the well established popularity of the game, the emergence of versions for portable platforms is not really a surprise - plus the creators of the game have been very vocal about their desire to see the Portable Edition launched, with a focus upon the popular Android and iOS platforms.

A quick check of the official stats page over at at the time this was written reveals that 9,601,724 gamers had purchased a licensed copy of the game, with 10,137 of those being bought in the last 24 hours.

Survival Mode is where the fun happens
When its first commercial release occurred in 2010 the game was quickly declared the Indie success story of the year, and the reason for that has a lot to do with the fact that the game is, in its overly-simplistic style of play, incredibly entertaining. That and it is very accessible - and what I mean by that is that anyone can play it, though perhaps with varying degrees of success since it only takes a few unfortunate encounters with the green-faced exploding Creepers to teach the new player that the one thing that they have to have to play this game is situational-awareness!

That and the quick reflexes that are required to beat a parry-nine (that is an inside SCAdian fencer's joke for retreating). Because running away from Creepers is the best way to not sustain damage when they explode. Seriously. More on that later.

If you are a regular of any of the other versions of Minecraft, and particularly the versions for PC or game consoles that use controllers to, well, control the game, you are really going to need this guide, and not just because it has some helpful advice in it on how to make the transition from using a controller to navigate the world of Minecraft but also to wrap your mind around the idea of using your finger in the touch-screen dominated world you are about to enter!

And then there are the game elements in the PE edition, which are both the same and very different than those of the traditional versions. No joke mates, you are going to need to completely retrain yourself in order to use this version, from its oddly intuitive menu system to finger-based combat, it has a learning curve.

But once you get the movement issue down, and once you figure out what all of those new (different) game objects are, and once you figure out the relationships between the creator objects and the resources, why, at that point you will be just as effective a player as you were on PC or Xbox 360!
Each world and map is custom generated
As a general rule, Introductions like this one are best used to help acclimate the player to a new game, but in this instance its true value is to help acclimate the player to an existing game that feels all new because of its new platform.

The best advice that we can give you is this: be patient. This is going to take some effort on your part, but once you get to the other side of this particular cave you will be happy that you put in the effort because the PE version of Minecraft grants you the ability to finally take your favorite game fully mobile in a convenient way.

Plan on playing in a large number of brief sessions at first, so you avoid the frustration that can result form knowing what you want to accomplish but somehow not quite making it there, due to the lack of finesse you feel with the controls. In fact getting over that particular issue dominates the first few sections of the guide, as you will soon see.

To close out this Introduction to the Unofficial SuperCheats Walkthrough and Guide for Minecraft PE, remember, you are having fun!



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