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Follow the dark path or use the light


The Viridian Forest

Pokemon Leaf Green Walkthrough and Guide

by CM Boots-Faubert  

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The Viridian Forest

Hunting Treasure in the Viridian Forest

-- Viridian Forest --

A deep and sprawling forest that is located in the middle of Route 2, the Viridian Forest is said to be a maze-like challenge in which many have gotten lost over the ages.  The almost jungle-like canopy of the forest lets in hardly any light at all, which provides the perfect environment for Bug Type Pokemon to flourish.  The Viridian Forest is thought to be a rich spot for treasure hunting.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

- Area Pokemon -

(Key: Pokedex # - Name / Acquisition Method)

010 - Caterpie / Normal
014 - Kakuna / Normal
011 - Metapod / Normal
025 - Pikachu / Normal
013 - Weedle / Normal

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Now that you have the Pokemon for Route 2 in the bag so to speak, and you have created your storage organization, it is time to head back to Route 2 and into the Viridian Forest!  You have two basic concerns to look after here -- fighting the trainers and capturing a Pikachu.

Capturing a Pikachu is less of a concern if you did not choose Charmander as your Starter, but if you did than adding a Pikachu to your party will help a lot in balancing it out as far as ability and move types is concerned.  Obtaining a full party is not the end of our concern in that respect, sure we have all six slots filled, which gives us six Pokemon to call upon in a rough battle, that is true.  But what we really need are the right Pokemon, so we need to shift our concentration towards improving our party now that we have it built.

The second concern is to be sure to battle all of the trainers in the Forest, since they can provide needed XP and money to us.  You should battle Bug Catcher Rick, Bug Catcher Doug, Bug Catcher Charley, Bug Catcher Anthony, and Bug Catcher Sammy, all of whom will field Bug Types. 

Finally there are a few treasure balls scattered about the area that are worth the effort to collect, which you will spot as you make your way from trainer to trainer towards the exit from the zone in the northwest corner.

Catching a Pikachu in this area is certainly possible, but they are rarer than the other types so it will take more effort on your part.  Since you need to raise your party level to between 12 and 14 anyway, combining the hunt for a Pikachu with leveling will get you two tasks complete for the price of one.

-- Party Building --

At present your party should consist of your Starter plus at a minimum a Mankey (Fight Type), a Pidgey (Normal & Flying Type), a Rattata (Normal Type), a Caterpie -- which will evolve into a Butterfree (Bug & Flying Type), and a Weedle -- which will evolve into a Bedrill (Bug & Poison Type).

You need to decide which of these will make up your core party, because you probably do not have the time to invest in maintaining the levels of every Pokemon that you catch!  Your Starter will represent one specific Type presence in your party -- mine covers Fire Type -- and the next coverage you will want to manage is for a Normal Type Pokemon, because of the utility aspect of that Type. 

You could just go with Rattata, but they are a single Type Polemon, whereas Pidgey is both a Normal and a Flying Type, and multi-class Pokemon are almost always a better choice.  Butterfree is also a Flying Type but also a Bug Type, though as we already have a Flying Type in Pidgey, Beedrill is the obvious choice, being both a Bug and Poison Type!  Mankey is a Fight Type, and for now our best choice for brute force attacks, so we keep him -- for now.

So we have established that our Starter, Pidgey, Beedrill, and Mankey make up our core party.  We may have others filling in slots but leveling them is not a priority -- we should concentrate upon leveling our core members first.  Clearly Pikachu would be an important and valuable addition to the core party, so obtaining her is a given.

-- Base Party Level --

There is a Gym Battle coming up with Gym Leader Brock (yes, THAT Brock) and another Rival Battle, so we are going to need to raise the Base Level for our party to around 13.  Actually Level 13 would be the ideal level to target here, though there is nothing wrong with 14!  The thing is, Level 13 is a key level where some moves are learned -- in particular if you chose Charmander as your Starter that is when you will unlock and learn the move Metal Claw, which will be very useful in the upcoming Gym Battle.

At the moment my team consists of my Charmander (Cinder), Manky (Muhamad), Pdigey (Stoolie), and Beedrill (Buzz), who are all at Level 13, and my newly caught Pikachu (Peeka), who is Level 3, which is the same Level that they were at when caught.  That leaves the 6th spot on my team still empty, so I will fill that slot with one of the other Pokemon that I have captured as a temporary fill-in, until I can find a better one to be the semi-permanent for that slot.

Fortunately there is a diverse selection of Pokemon coming up on the routes that we will be traveling after the Gym Battle, so it will not be hard both to fill that slot and add Pokemon to the rotation pool that will offer dynamic strengths for the A-Team.  Having said that though, Pikachu being at Level 3 is a serious problem, so I will need to level her now.

The tall grass in the Forest has Weedle's in it -- and they like to poison -- so that is not the best spot to do the leveling.  While the Pokemon offer slightly less XP, the tall grass on the path south of Viridian City are a better spot for some chain leveling, both because they will not poison my Pokemon, and because the Pokecenter is conveniently near enough to make refreshing PP and healing less of a chore.

So if you are following this guide, you will also want to level your Pikachu to at least Level 13 now.

-- Back on Track --

Right, the Base  Level of the team is now 13, you have filled the vacant 6th slot with a temporary and we are now ready to continue our adventure after pausing for several hours to take care of these chores!  So the first thing that we need to do is be sure that we have healed and saved, then hit the store and restock any Potions and Antidotes that we used up, and re-supply our Poke balls. 

After that hit the north exit from Viridian City, pass through Viridian Forest, and enter the gatehouse on the other side.  Inside the gatehouse speak to an old man, who will tell you about the small trees and what you can do with them, a purple-haired woman who will instruct you in the method for stopping a Pokemon from evolving, and a boy who will remind you that some Pokemon are harder to find than others.

After you exit the gatehouse you will find yourself on the northern half of Route 2 -- we have the Pokemon from this Route, so you just need to follow the path in to Pewter City!


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