The Power Plant

Pokemon Leaf Green Walkthrough and Guide

by CM Boots-Faubert  

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The Power Plant

Catching the Third Legendary Bird 

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

- The Power Plant Pokemon -

(Key: Pokedex # - Name / Acquisition Method)

101 - Electrode / Normal
081 - Magnemite / Normal
082 - Magneton / Normal
025 - Pikachu / Normal
100 - Voltorb / Normal

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

After you heal and save, use Fly to go to the Rock Tunnel Pokecenter, and then head north on the path to the water and Surf south to the shoreline by the Power Plant.  When you hop onto the shore you will be attacked by a trainer.

Pokemaniac Mark has a Level 29 Rhyhorn worth 838 XP, and a Levle 29 Lickitung worth 789 XP and $1392.

Inside the Power Plant you will find a treasure ball with a Max Potion on the path.  Shortly after that you should pull a Magnemite -- and as we do not have one of these, you should capture it!  As you work your way along the path you will pull a Magneton as well, so capture that!

In the corner down the center hall is an Electrode pretending to be a treasure ball - capture him!

In the far southeast corner is a treasure ball with TM25, Thunder, in it.  Be sure to grab that. In the northeast corner is a Thunder Stone that you will want to grab, and that is on the way to the Legendary Bird Pokemon Zapdos anyway!

-- Capturing Zapdos --

Make sure that you save before you try to do this capture!

The previous advice from the other two holds true here -- it is almost all luck, but do what you can to increase the odds in your favor, and then just start tossing balls until he is caught!  I will say though that of the three, Zapdos has to be the easiest to catch!  I got him in three throws, which is either amazing improbably luck, or he is just easier to catch...  The only trouble I had with him was getting his health down, because of his infuriating Protect ability.

Watch the video for this section, it shows the entire engagement from start to finish: 3 Ultra Balls, three minutes and thirty-five seconds... Priceless.


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10 comments, latest first.
i have paralyzed zapdos
when its health came to red
i have threw 2 great balls and it is caught
yes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!i have caught a zapdos

Added 26th Jan 2015, ID #507502

I only used 1 Great Ball

I just used my level 43 Lapras and Hypno to battle Zapdos and the attacks I used were: 1st ice beam then it made Zapdos' health to half then I used body slammed it two times then it made Zapdos' health red and then I switched to Hypno and used Hypnosis and it put Zapdos to sleep after that I tried just 1 GREAT BALL and I caught him in 1 try :D

Added 26th Dec 2013, ID #334243

you can keep a code here i have given for you. you should just go into the pokemart and buy it for free. 820038840002

Added 19th Jul 2013, ID #298472

I killed the zapdos and didn't catch it. What do I do?

Added 27th Apr 2013, ID #278041

Actually this is the second legendary bird, not the third, check the other ones names too: Artic-UNO, Zap-DOS, Mol-TRES. Get it? One, two, three in spanish. Just saying

Added 21st Jul 2012, ID #166810

I used only 1 Ultra ball.

I just use dragonair level 37 because paralyze have no effect to him. Then I use his skill dragonage until Zapdos life is almost dying. Then I choose flareon level 34 and use his sand-attack to reduced the accuracy of Zapdos I think its 8x of sand attack and when flareon died, I use Sand slash to continue using sand-attack but I forgot that I changed the sand-attack skill of sandslash long time ago, so I try my luck and use the ultra-ball then Luckily in just 1 throw I got Zapdos!

Added 6th Jun 2012, ID #149386

I just used the master ball. cant fail if you use it.

Added 4th Jun 2012, ID #148645

Can't catch him tried 100's of ultra ball but no success

Added 18th May 2012, ID #142998

i used a cheat like a bosss!!!

Added 8th Mar 2012, ID #121375

i've got zapdos pokeball full health no status i swear

Added 13th Jun 2011, ID #48928