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Follow the dark path or use the light


SS Anne

Pokemon Leaf Green Walkthrough and Guide

by CM Boots-Faubert  

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SS Anne

On board the Cruise Ship S.S. Anne

-- S.S. Anne --

We are stopped on the dock and asked to present our ticket -- which we do -- and then are invited to board!  Inside a member of the crew warns us that the passengers are all bored from the long journey, and that we may get challenged to a few battles -- fine with us!  To the left is a waiter, and if you follow the hall all the way left and then down, you will end up in the kitchen!

In the southwest corner of the kitchen is a treasure ball that has a Great Ball in it -- grab that and then talk to the chefs here, and look in the three trash cans along the east wall to grab some berries.  After that head back out into the hall, and at the main hall you will notice that there are doors in the south side -- let us start by checking each cabin on this level!

Inside the first you meet a Global Police Agent who is trailing Team Rocket.  Hmmm... 

In the next you meet with Youngster Tyler who has a Level 21 Nidoran-M worth 270 XP and $336.  His mother is at the desk -- say hi -- and his sister Lass Ann has a Level 18 Pidgey worth 211 XP and a Level 18 Nidoran-F worth 226 XP and $288.  In the corner is a treasure ball with TM31, Brick Break, in it -- be sure to grab that!

Your next battle is three cabins over, with Gentleman Arthur, who has a Level 19 Nidoran-M worth 243 XP, and a Level 18 Nidoran-M wirth 244 XP and $1368.

In the next cabin you can rest to heal your Pokemon -- I would do that -- in fact I did!

The next cabin is the last on this hall, and inside is Gentleman Thomas, who has a pair of Level 18 Growlithe worth 351 XP each, and $1296.

Follow the hallway to the south and go down the stairs.

-- Lower Level --

In the dustbin next to the stairs is a Super Potion -- and on a table in the first cabin is a treasure ball with another Super Potion in it.  Score!  In the cabin next door are a pair of sailors...  Sailor Duncan has a Level 17 Horsea worth 301 XP, a Level 17 Shellder worth 352 XP, and a Level 17 Tentacool worth 382 XP and $544.  His partner Sailor Leonard has a Level 21 Shellder worth 436 XP and $672.

The third cabin has Sailor Dylan in it, and he has a trio of Level 17 Horsea worth 301 XP each, and $544.  On the floor nearby is a treasure ball with an Ether in it -- grab that then hit the door!

Next is Sailor Huey, with a Level 18 Tentacool worth 405 XP, and a Level 18 Staryu worth 408 XP and $576.  By the bed is a treasure ball with TM44, Rest, in it.  Be sure to grab that!

The final cabin has two trainers -- Fisherman Barny has a Level 17 Tentacool worth 382 XP, a Level 17 Shellder worth 352 XP, and a Level 17 Staryu worth 385 XP and $612.  His partner is Sailor Phillip, who has a Level 20 Machop worth 187 XP and $640.

That is it for this level, so head back up the stairs and stop at the rest cabin to heal up.  Now head west to the stairs that go up and use them!

-- Second Level --

Inside the first cabin on the second level is an old man who will show you a picture of a very odd Pokemon -- it is worth a peak!

In the next cabin is Fisherman Dale, who has a Level 17 Goldeen worth 403 XP, a Level 17 Tentacool worth 382 XP, and a Level 17 Goldeen worth 403 XP and $612.  His partner is Gentleman Brooks, who has a Level 23 Pikachu worth 403 XP and $1656.  On the floor near the bed is a treasure ball with Stardust in it -- grab that now.

In the next cabin are a pair of learned gentlemen who will impart information -- particularly about Cut.

After that is a cabin with Lass Dawn in it.  She has a Level 18 Rattata worth 219 XP, and a Level 18 Pikachu worth 315 XP and $288.  Her partner is Gentleman Lamar, who has a Level 17 Growlithe worth 330XP, and a Level 17 Ponyta worth 335 XP and $1226.  On the floor is a treasure ball with an X-Attack in it.

In the next cabin you learn about the Safari Zone, and finally, in the last cabin you learn that the Captain is sick.  Roh nohs!

As you head around the corner and north who should you run into?!  That's right!  It is Gary!  And time for a Rival Battle!  Yay!

-- Rival Battle --

Let us see if Gary has gotten any smarter...  He only has a four-Pokemon team, and his first is a Level 19 Pidgeotto worth 459 XP.  His Level 20 Wartortle is worth 306 XP.  His Level 16 Raticate is worth 397 XP, and his Level 18 Kadabra is worth 558 XP and $720.  Yes, he has learned a bit, but not as much as he thinks he has!

Now head up the stairs to the Captain's Cabin and you will find him, sick, in there.  You rub his back and he feels better!  The Captain gives you the HM Cut as a reward, how nice of him! 

Now we are almost done here -- return to the deck and head back west and then up the stairs at the end here to the main deck outside.  Near the bow is Sailor Edmond, who has a Level 18 Machop worth 339 XP, and a Level 18 Shellder worth 373 XP and $576.

Sailor Trevor has a Level 17 Machop worth 319 XP and a Level 17 Tentacool worth 382 Xp and $544.

That is the final fight, and as the boat is about to leave port, it is time for us to get off!  Head down to the main deck that we entered by, but stop off at the healing cabin for one lasts heal before we leave the ship!  There is a reason we want to leave fully healed!  Once you have healed, exit through the door down that short hall and step off the ship seconds before it leaves the dock and sails away!  Whew, perfect timing!


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Dec 26th 2013 Guest AvatarGuest
You have to surf

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Apr 29th 2012 Guest AvatarGuest
anyone know wen the ss anne gets back? i heard that was the only time you could catch the other starters and mew. any truth to that?
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