Saffron City Gym

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Saffron City Gym

The Saffron City Gym Battle

Sabrina, the Saffron City Gym Leader, has mastered the nuances of Pokemon battle with Psychic Types, and that is what you will find when you arrive to challenge first the Gym, and then its Leader!  But beating the AGL's and then Sabrina is only part of the challenge -- the other part is navigating through the many teleport pads that make up the puzzle that must be solved to progress through the Gym and, eventually, to the final showdown with Sabrina!

As you enter the Gym be sure to say hello to the Gym Greeter by the standard Gym Statues where you can verify that Gary has once again beaten you to the Gym and beaten the Gym Leader!

- The AGL's -

There are a total of 7 Assistant Gym Leaders at the Saffron City Gym, and each sports the signature Psychic Type Pokemon.  Having worked your way, floor by floor, through the challenges presented by Team Rocket at Silph Company, and having cleared the Fighting Dojo next door, your team should be in perfect condition and Level to handle this Gym with no additional training other than the XP you will pick up battling the AGL's!  So let us get to it!

Psychic Cameron has a pair of Level 33 Slowpoke worth 699 XP each, and a Level 33 Slowbro worth 1159 XP and $660.

Channeler Tasha has a pair of Level 33 Gastly worth 670 XP each, and a Level 33 Haunter worth 891 XP and $1056.

Channeler  Amanda has a Level 34 Gastly worth 691 XP, and a Level 34 Haunter worth 918 XP and $1088.

Psychic Preston has a Level 38 Slowbro worth 1335 XP and $760.

Psychic Johan has a Level 31 Kadabra worth 963 XP, a Level 31 Slowpoke worth 657 XP, a Level 31 Mr.Mime worth 903 XP, and a Level 31 Kadabra worth 963 XP and $620.

Psychic Tyron has a Level 34 Mr. Mime worth 990 XP, and a Level 34 Kadabra worth 1056 XP and $680.

Channeler Stacy has a Level 38 Haunter worth 1026 XP and $1216.

Once you wrap up the AGL's head back to teh Pokecenter to heal and save, and then return to the Gym for the Main Event!  The Battle with Gym Leader Sabrina!

-- Gym Leader Sabrina Battle --

After finishing off the AGL's you should have leveled almost the entire team to Level 44 -- my team was there save for one member, who was Level 43, so of course that is who I put in the front slot of my party for this epic battle!

Getting to Sabrina is actually very simple - as you can see in the video for this section - so just follow the steps below:

(1) Entrance Warp Pad
(2) Bottom Left Warp Pad
(3) Bottom Left Warp Pad
(4) Top Right Warp Pad
(5) Bottom Left Warp Pad

Voila!  You have arrived!  Now walk over to Sabrina and say hello to set this Battle Royale in motion!

Sabrina opens with her Level 38 Kadabra worth 1180 XP, followed by her Level 37 Mr. Mime worth 1077 XP.  Next she brings out her Level 38 Venomoth worth 1123 XP, and her Level 43 Alakazam worth 1713 XP and $4300.

You also receive the Marsh Badge, which will allow you to control Pokemon up to Level 70, including those obtained in trades.  She also gifts you with TM04, Calm Mind.  After this all that is left is to backtrack out of the Gym and hit the Pokecenter to heal and save!  Good on ya!  Any pressure we might have had to feel about leveling our team is now gone, thanks to the large gap that now exists between here and Level 70!


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