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Follow the dark path or use the light


Mt. Moon

Pokemon Leaf Green Walkthrough and Guide

by CM Boots-Faubert  

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Mt. Moon

Mt. Moon Treasure Hunt

Mt. Moon is a dome-shaped mountain near Brisbane in Queensland, Australia... Okay, really, it is, but that is not the one we are talking about here.  Our Mt. Moon is on Route 4 in Kanto, and it is home to several types of Pokemon we have yet to catch, a bunch of trainers, and some Team Rocket Thugs!  Its caves and plateaus feature prominently in many of the games and stories of the Pokemon universe, so try to observe this historic and interesting landmark with some awe and respect, right?

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

- Area Pokemon -

(Key: Pokedex # - Name / Acquisition Method)

035 - Clefairy / Normal
074 - Geodude / Normal
046 - Paras / Normal
041 - Zubat / Normal

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

-- Mt. Moon Level 1 --

There are opposing views on how to handle this area -- some folks think that you should make efforts to simply avoid the trainers here while you collect the items and catch the Pokemon you will want to catch here -- which are Clefairy, Geodude, Paras, and Zubat -- but in my opinion fighting the trainers should be part of that.  It has a clear upside for one thing -- money and XP -- and for another it gets them out of the way so that you do not end up accidentally in a fight by walking too near one when you are on your way out to heal and save.  Let your own taste be your guide here, but I prefer more control over confrontation myself.

-- Trainer Battles Guide --

First we want to fight all of the trainers on Level 1, so we will not be using any of the ladders yet.  Ahead and to the right is the first trainer:

Your first battle is with Lass Iris, who fields a Level 14 Clefairy, worth 102 XP and $224 (watch out for infatuation and Sing, a deadly combination for that particular Pokemon).

Next is Super Nerd Jovan, who has two Pokemon in his team -- a Level 11 Magnemite worth 103 XP, and a Level 11 Voltorb worth 241 XP, and $264.

Around the corner is Bug Catcher Robby, and his Level 10 Caterpie, worth 116 XP, Level 10 Metapod worth 153 XP, and Level 10 Caterpie, worth 112 XP and $120.

In the northeast corner is a miner you do not fight near a patrolling trainer who you do!  Her name is Lass Miriam, and she has a team of two -- a Level 11 Oddish worth 183 XP, and a Level 11 Bellsprout worth 198 XP and $176.

Youngster Josh is further along the upper path to the west, with his trio consisting of a pair of Level 10 Rattata worth 121 XP each, and a Level 10 Zubat worth 115 XP and $160.

Nearby is Hiker Marcos and his trio, a pair of Level 10 Geodude worth 183 XP each, and a Level 10 Onix worth 231 XP and $360.

Head back to the entrance past the first trainer that we battled, and keep going west to the final battle for Level 1.

To the left of the entrance area is Bug Catcher Kent, and his Level 11 Weedle worth 138 XP, and a Level 11 Kakuna worth 166 XP and $132.

After you defeat Kent, exit Mt. Moon and go to the Pokecenter outside to heal and save.  Excellent!  Now we begin the sub-level battles!  Enter Mt. Moon and follow the path east and north until you come to the first ladder, and take that down into a large hallway that is shaped like a backwards L.  At the end of that hallway is another ladder that goes down to the sub-basement of Mt. Moon.  Take that now, and you will see our next trainer nearby!

Team Rocket Grunt has three Pokemon in his team, a Level 11 Sandshrew that is worth 219 XP, a Level 11 Rattata that is worth 133 XP, and a Level 11 Zubat worth 126 XP and $352.

Backtrack up the ladder, along the hall, and up the next ladder to the first level then follow the path east then north and west to find the next ladder down -- and take that.  Follow the short hallway here to the next ladder, and you will find your next battle nearby!

Team Rocket Grunt with a Level 11 Zubat worth 126 XP, and a Level 11 Ekans worth 145 XP and $352.

Now backtrack to the first level again, and continue to the northwest corner and the last ladder on this level -- which leads to an L-shaped hallway and another ladder down to the sub-basement!  Head to the right and down the short flight of stairs to fight the next opponent!

Team Rocket Grunt with a Level 14 Rattata worth 57 XP, followed by a Level 13 Sandshrew worth 258 XP and $416.

Follow the long path to the east, then south and west, doubling back to the north for the next battle...

Team Rocket Grunt with a Level 13 Rattata worth 157 XP, and a Level 13 Zubat worth 150 XP and $416.

You finally reach Super Nerd Miguel, who has some serious attitude as well as a Level 12 Grimer worth 231 XP, a Level 12 Voltorb worth 264 XP, and a Level 12 Koffing worth 292 XP and $288.

-- Treasure Guide --

One thing that Mt. Moon is well known for is the generous collection of treasure balls that can be had here for the asking!  Starting as you enter the caves, follow the left hand wall around to grab TM09, Bullet Seed, and then continue to follow the wall to grab a Paralyze Heal.

Head east to the next area and south down the ladder -- which by the way is where you are likely to catch a Paras -- then down the next ladder and up the stairs here to grab the Star Piece, before returning the way you came to the first level.

Head south from the ladder and then west to grab a Potion, then follow the south wall to the east to snag a Rare Candy, and then north to grab an Escape Rope.  Head all the way north and then west to the  next ladder, down and down again, then up the stiars for TM46, which contains the move Thief.  Backtrack to the first level and continue west from here.

In the northwest corner past the final ladder for this level is a Moon Stone, and then after you take the ladders, head all the way north to grab a Revive.

Back at the ladder head east and down the stairs, past the Grunt and up the stairs, along the path to the very end and the Super Nerd you beat in battle, where you will have to choose a Fossil.  You cannot have both -- you have to choose one.  I chose the Helix Fossil myself, after which I followed the path past where the Fossils were blocking it, grabbing the final treasure for Mt. Moon, an Antidote, next to the ladder that takes us to the exit on to Route 4 on the other side of the mountain!

-- Route 4 Part II --

The other side of Route 4

The cheerful and sunny continuation of the Route on the Cerulean City side of Mt. Moon.  This is where the Pokemon that are available on this Route are to be found in the tall grass.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

- Area Pokemon -

(Key: Pokedex # - Name / Acquisition Method)

056 - Mankey / Normal
019 - Rattata / Normal
027 - Sandshrew / Normal
021 - Spearow / Normal

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

After you exit the cave head east and you will see two martial arts masters facing each other -- these are move tutors, and they will teach ONE Pokemon their move, ONE time.  That means, at least for now, we do not want to make use of the service that they offer until we have a Pokemon that is worthy of the move.  FYI the bloke on the right teaches the move Mega Kick, and the one on the left teaches the move Mega Punch.

Further east is a treasure ball with TM05, Roar in it -- go ahead and grab that now.  Turn around and head south, hopping down the first cliff, and then the second, and immediately stop.  If you use the A Button here, you will grab the hidden Razz Berry here.  You should do that.

East and south of here is a large patch of tall grass on the other side of a cliff -- this is what is called the Point of No Return by veterans of the original games, in that once you drop down that cliff you cannot return to Mt. Moon or that part of Route 4 until later in the game...  So make sure that you have the TM and berry prior to dropping down this cliff ledge right?

All that we need from this particular patch of grass is a Sandshrew, so go ahead why don't you and troll for one, then capture it now just to get that out of the way!  Note that the Sandshrew is the rarer of the Pokemon in this patch, so you will have to fight or run from a bunch of Rattata and Spearow before you are likely to encounter one, but it is no where near as rare as say, Pikachu was in the Viridian Forest.

Now that we have that out of the way, follow the road ahead along past the white fences on either side until you enter Cerulean City!