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Follow the dark path or use the light


Cinnabar Mansion

Pokemon Leaf Green Walkthrough and Guide

by CM Boots-Faubert  

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Cinnabar Mansion

Obtaining the Secret Key 

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

- Area Pokemon -

(Key: Pokedex # - Name / Acquisition Method)

132 - Ditto / Normal
088 - Grimer / Normal
109 - Koffing / Normal
126 - Magmar / Normal
089 - Muk / Normal
020 - Raticate / Normal
019 - Rattata / Normal
037 - Vulpix / Normal

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

-- The Burned Mansion --

We may as well take it on faith that the Gym is, indeed, locked up, and head over to the Mansion now!

There are a few Pokemon here that we are going to want to capture while we are working our way through to obtain the Gym Key -- but first thing's first -- grab the Escape Rope in the treasure ball in the northeast corner of the ground floor, capturing a Grimer on the way!

In the northwest corner find Youngster Johnson who has a pair of Level 33 Ekans worth 438 XP each, and a Level 34 Raticate worth 844 XP and $544.

There is a switch in the room here that you can press if you like, doing so will open the door to the east that was blocking access to a treasure ball containing a Protein -- so grab that now, and capture a Vulpix while you are at it!

Now head back to the lobby and up the stairs to the level above, walk past the switch here for now and head up the nearby stairs.  Grab the Max Potion from the treasure ball here and then fight the trainer here as well!

Burglar Simon has a Level 38 Ninetails worth 1449 XP and $3344.

Head back down the stairs then south down the hallway here to the checkered floor area, where you can grab a treasure ball with Zinc in it.  Capture the Koffing as you move through the halls to add it to our Dex and Storage!  You may as well capture a Muk while we are here, adding that to our Dex and Storage, right?

By now you should have captured one of everything that we do not have here, so lets reboot this so we are all on the same page here -- head back to the front door to the place, go outside and come back in to reset the building, then take that stairs up.  Ignore any switches for now, head to the right and then up to the room in the top left corner where you will find a different set of stairs leading up.

To the east is a switch -- use that and it will open the door a bit further east and south -- enter that hallway to the south and you will notice that the floor ahead has collapsed.  Ignore the trainer here for now, and walk off of the edge of the broken floor, and you will land on the floor below, where you will fight a trainer battle.

Scientist Ted has a Level 29 Electrode worth 931 XP, and a Level 29 Weezing worth 1074 XP and $1392.

Nearby is a treasure ball with a Carbos in it -- grab that and then take the nearby stairs down to the floor below.   You see that closed door?  Right, follow the path to the room ahead and another trainer battle.

Burglar Lewis has a Level 34 Growlithe worth 663 XP and a Level 34 Ponyta worth 1107 XP and $2992 -- being a Burglar must pay really well around here!

Use the switch here, and that will close the door above that you just came through but open the one from near where we entered this area at.  Exit this room to the west and backtrack to the previously closed door, head inside where you will be attacked by a trainer.

Scientist Ivan has a Level 34 Magnemite worth 648 XP and a Level 34 Electrode worth 1092 XP and $1632, which just proves that science pays but crime pays better?

After the battle head up and to the right, and grab TM14, Blizzard, from a treasure ball in the room to the left.  Now backtrack to the first room and throw the switch here, and head west to the now open door at the end of the hallway and grab the Secret Key off of the table in the next room.

The Cinnabar Island Mansion

In the room to the south is TM22, Solarbeam, so grab that now.

Return to the previous switch and throw it, then head back downstairs.  and reset the first switch to its original position.  Now follow the path to the east and south, where you will find you can now access the exit which leads out of the Mansion!  You have basically completed the minimum that you have to do to have "finished" this dungeon -- but we are not into minimum effort here, are we?  Of course not!

- Optional Completionist Stuff -

Turn around and head back inside, then make your way room by room and take out the trainers in the Mansion for the XP!  You should concentrate on your Graveler (Rock/Ground) and your Charizard (Fire) as far as the XP here goes, because all of the other team members can do quite well with VS. Seeker rematches on the water nearby, whereas these two cannot.  Ideally you should try to get them as close to Level 50 as you can, because getting the rest of the team to that level on the water will be very easy.

Burglar Arnie has a Level 34 Charmander worth 472 XP, and a Level 34 Charmeleon worth 1033 XP and $2992.

Scientist Braydon has a Level 33 Magnemite worth 628 XP, a Level 33 Magneton worth 1138 XP, and a Level 33 Voltorb worth 727 XP and $1584.

You will pick up some odds and ends in treasure balls -- an HP UP, an Iron, that sort of stuff, but with these last two trainers defeated we are pretty much done with the Mansion.  Excellent job by the way!

Now depart the premises and head back to the Pokecenter to heal and save, then restock any essential kit you used up.

At this point you should have your Graveler and Char at Level 47, and one or two of the rest of the team there as well...  Just for the sake of parity why don't we go ahead and level all of the team minus the HM Mule to 47?  Use the VS. Seeker and the nearby and very convenient Swimmers to do that now.  Done?  Excellent!  Heal and save again and then let us head to the nearby Gym!


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Jul 10th 2015 Guest AvatarGuest
There is a bar blocking the way to the 2nd stairs up at the top left corner, how do I get past that?
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Mar 16th 2015 Guest AvatarGuest
dont know how to confusing
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