Sanctuary Treasure Chest

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by vhayste  

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Sanctuary Treasure Chest

Check the treasure room and you should see a golden key by the ceiling. The only way to reach it is by earning at least 5,000,000 gold. (See this guide's money trick to know more how to earn millions in minutes!) Once you have a mountain-pile of gold, grab the key, then get rid of those gold either by temporarily donating it to another player or transferring to the kingdom treasury (the latter requires you to become the ruler of Albion first). Once the treasure room is cleared out, you'll find a chest by the wall. Open it to get a Legendary weapon!


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what is in the chest

Added 5th Aug 2015, ID #593927

*^* I'm trying to get money but it takes so long... I'm using a trick... IT TAKES SO LONG :( help?

Added 29th Jun 2015, ID #577306

Maxed out everything, 40 million, 1 white wife,1 black wife, 3 kids, 1 std, and almost all property in all lands including driftwood.

Added 19th Aug 2014, ID #438215

i got 16,999,999 in gold and im king but i still dont have the key so how do i get it

Added 14th Oct 2013, ID #314565

every time I unlock it I get the stupid pistol does anyone have statistics on the weapons?

Added 22nd May 2013, ID #284599

Or u could just set ur controller up so the left or right stick is sideways so u don't disconnect an take a nap or something

Added 18th Feb 2013, ID #255791

i use avos lamentation and guskets musket both maxed out does anyone else

Added 29th Jul 2012, ID #169915

lol i really want that sword i get only those stupids guns

Added 11th Mar 2012, ID #122198

every time I open that chest I get the swinging sword

Added 26th Aug 2011, ID #70383

When you pick up the key there is no animation sequence, you merely run over it and there is nothing that says you actually picked it up. This is mildly confusing but if you're key isnt in your window the first time you ran up there you most likely ran over it without realizing it.

Added 11th Jul 2011, ID #56799

Once you transfer your gold to treasury, it it possible to transfer it back to your personal?

Added 10th Jul 2011, ID #56633

You probably already grabbed the key and didn't realize it. My wife did the same thing when we played but luckily I saw her grab it.

Added 27th May 2011, ID #45246

The treasure chest will be in the santuary at the bottom of your gold pile. I ocmpletely forgot about this hest myself for a while, but reading this guide brought it back to me. The first time I tried to unlock it, it said 'you can only open this hest by finding a fortune and then losing it again' or something like that, so you have to have the gold pile in the sanctuary empty I think.

Added 5th Apr 2011, ID #35897

I have yet to see the key in my window, and I have a huge pile of gold,over 20 mill to be exact. Is there anyone else who did not have a key in their Sanctuary?

Added 10th Mar 2011, ID #32118