Hobnobbing with Hobbes

Fable 3 Walkthrough and Guide

Hobnobbing with Hobbes


Escort Dan to the Hobbe Cave. Like other escort missions, you need to take him by hand. Take note that this oaf can't swim or vault so you need to follow the trail and lead him to the cave using the normal road.

Dankwater Cavern (Millfields)

Dankwater Cavern Entrance

Start by following the path; you should encounter the first gnome in this area.

A short walk from there will lead you to a larger cavern with some enemies. Dispose of them and you'll hear yet a nearby gnome's insults. Find it behind the rocks.

Follow the path and grab the chest along the way. Continue fighting off the enemies until you reach the vantage point. The quest completes afterward.

Guild Seal: 5