Gold Doors

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by vhayste  

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Gold Doors

Sunset House

Chest Contents: Legendary Weapon
After entering the manor grounds (past the demon door), check the woods to the right to find a path leading to the golden door.


Chest Contents: Legendary Weapon
Follow the downhill path until you find an offshoot path to the left.

The Ossuary

Chest Contents: Guild Seals
Should be immediately visible by going upstairs. It's along the main path.

The Reliquary

Chest Contents: Highwayman set

Unlike the other doors that you can easily find and loot, the golden door in the reliquary will require you to do some tasks. Be warned though as I'll easily spoil it for you. The reward(s) are just plain Highwayman clothes that you can easily buy from shops. If you have a Gold Key at hand, you may want to use it on the other gold doors that offer better rewards. If you're a completionist and would like to open every golden door there is (there's the same number of gold keys and gold doors in Albion), check video and short guide below.

You need to head to the secret library after completing the An Evil Presence quest. You should see a flit switch there. Shoot it three times, then chase it to the newly opened door before finally hitting it with a melee strike. Vault down, hit it again and defeat all enemies so a new platform will appear. Keep stepping on the blue light on each platform to construct a path to the gold door.

Reliquary Gold Door

Once inside, just take any teleporter as you'll be forced to visit each area to grab all chests. Enjoy the highwayman costume you'll acquire. Was this worth doing? In my opinion, not at all. But then again, we have this strong urge to discover as much stuff as possible, aint it?


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Catacombs and ossuary are confused with each other it seems...

Added 6th Nov 2014, ID #467956

how do you get the chest in the requalry? the one on the bottom not the highway suit chests

Added 24th Jun 2013, ID #292516

I thought I found another gold door in Aurora . . .

Added 28th Jul 2012, ID #169475

Where is the Ossuary and Reliquary?

Added 14th Jun 2012, ID #152728

I believe that the treasures are all behind random doors. I mean the treasure that you find is the same but it goes behind different doors.

Added 17th Aug 2011, ID #68022

You get no legendary weapon from the catacombs. I do believe that you get a legendary weapon from the gold door at the Ossuary.

Added 30th Jun 2011, ID #53632

There is no legendary weapon in the catacombs? All i found was a chest with guild seals

Added 4th Jan 2011, ID #24093

when i first played this game i saw a door a golden door and i tried to open it but it whas lockd of cours.

Added 2nd Jan 2011, ID #23684