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Fable 2 Walkthrough and Guide

by Mike Hazleton  

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Fable 2 Guide - Treasure Island of Doom

Next is the involving Treasure Island of Doom quest. Set it up as usual and then go and speak to the drunk in Bloodstone tavern. He's sure he's seen a ghost in the cave by the waterfront yet no one believes him, mainly because he hangs out in the dingiest pub in Albion presumably. This is quite a long-winded quest, so be sure you have about half an hour to see it through, then head out of the tavern to the cave he has pointed out. Dive off the ledge in front of you as you enter, then climb out of the water and up the wooden ramp past the galleon docked in the cave.

You won't meet any enemies until you come to the out-of-place door. It leads to a mess-hall full of pirates, eager to protect their captain and their booty. They may be ghosts but they can be easily despatched using similar techniques to Bandits. Inferno and flourishes work well, and using Raise Dead to draw attention away from yourself isn't a bad idea either. In the next room you need to uncover the switch to unlock the door (clever people these pirate-ghosts) which is in the top left-hand corner as you enter the room. This gives you passage into the captain's personal quarters after a spiral staircase, where you can find the key to his chest in the drawers by his bed. Unlock the chest to get a lever, which you can then use all the way back in the main cave (turn right as soon as you exit the building) to raise the water level and make the ship sea-worthy. Vault across the gap and onto the ship and the captain and his motley crew will appear. Focus on his foot-soldiers as the captain is supervising for the moment. With them out of the way you can feel free to focus on the man himself.

Will attacks are weak against him, so ranged and accurate fire is the way to go. Try to avoid his melee attacks if possible, and once defeated you will get his treasure map, giving you access to a secret area of Albion and a plethora of treasure up for grabs.

Head up to the helm and press A by the wheel to become at one with the ship and see it steer out of the harbour and to the location on the map. Pretty sweet.

Once back on dry-land you are given the task of finding 10 treasures on Lion's Head Isle. Why this information wasn't marked on the map is anyone's guess. The first can be found in the ship wreckage ahead and to the left of where you start. Explore underneath the wreck's overhang to find it. The next can be found by following the path across the beach and into the grassy area uphill. Jump down on your left to land on top of the same shipwreck where you can also find a chest, containing 1500 gold, just like the other 9, allowing a total of 13500 gold from this one quest.

Next, head back up to the same path and walk up the point where you are prompted to dive into the water off the tall jump. Instead of that, jump off the left hand side onto a platform underneath for the third chest. You can find the next stash in a chest on the central isle of this canyon, and the fifth in a dive-spot nearby. Walk around in circles on the central isle for a short while and your dog should find a dig-spot with the sixth. Seventh can be found underneath one of the waterfalls to the left of where you land from the jump into the water. Climb out of the watery canyon and head into the cave to find chest number eight in an opening on the left. Drop down onto the ledge below after exiting this cave to get chest nine. Continue back to the beach then follow the spit of land to the far left by swimming then turning round the end of it to find the final chest. Head back to the ship with all ten in the bag, activate the wheel as before and the drunken pirate will meet you as you disembark back into Bloodstone. 

You should now have enough renown to take on the rest of the Hero of Skill quest, but the rest of the quests from this part of your life in the game are now detailed below.


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I can't find the dig spot

Added 28th Jan 2014, ID #349308

in d 9th bt still stuck

Added 13th Aug 2012, ID #175469

Thanks for the help.

Added 15th Jun 2012, ID #152955

i found 9 chests but cnt seem to find the last one, i really need some help!

Added 21st Dec 2011, ID #97194

i cnt find the tenth chest is there like a hidden passage or something that im missing?

Added 21st Dec 2011, ID #97090

Where is the one under the waterfall?

Added 9th Nov 2011, ID #86152

My dig Is dead and I'm stuck on the 7th box I got the ones under the water fall and in the cave and on the stretch o land now wheat and where do I go please it's drivin
Me mad

Added 1st Oct 2011, ID #77634

salty jack is outside of the sink hole after you find all 10 chests.

Added 4th Sep 2011, ID #72593

"hold a [xbox] or x [ps]" this made me lol all the way home

p.s fable 2 is on xbox only

Added 1st Jul 2011, ID #53761

to find salty jack make sure the glowing trail is on [you can find the option by going to options then video] also you can look in front of the pub. when he asks you to get a beer go to the bar and get the only drink that actually has the word beer in it and hold a [xbox] or x [ps

Added 18th Jun 2011, ID #50152

to find salty jack make sure the glowung trail is on [you can find the option by going to options the video] also you can look in front of the pub. when he asks you to get a beer go to the bar and get the only drink that actually has the word beer in it and hold a [xbox] or x [ps]

Added 18th Jun 2011, ID #50151

O meu cachorro nao ta cavando pra encontrar um dos tesouros, aparece escrito QUEST em cima da cabeša dele. Oque eu devo fazer?

Added 10th Jun 2011, ID #48221

the freking demon door in bloud stone and i strood thaer for 12hrs

Added 17th May 2011, ID #43526

i am having the same problem alot of people are having yet i find no answer i stupidly teliported off the island and i wonder around aimless in search of jack and i find him no where what do i need to do to make him appear?

Added 1st May 2011, ID #40936

Nevermind the last message

Added 10th Apr 2011, ID #36828

Okay, so what if you got all the treasures and needed to return to Salty Jack.. I've teleported to the nearest place where I could find him, in Bloodstone,There is no yellow trial that leads to him, and I checked in the bar. Where is he??

Added 8th Apr 2011, ID #36347

A little hard to do, but i got IT ;D thanks !!!

Added 7th Apr 2011, ID #36265

Thank you, its perfect, you dont need a dog for this, its all in chests, and the boat will take you to and back from the island when ever you want to go there IF you take the boat off the island, Idk about if you teleport out.

Added 21st Mar 2011, ID #33585

Thanks for the post. This really helped me find all the treasures. I also found a gargoyle statue. As you walk up the incline out of the lagoon stop in front of the waterfall beside it. Turn slightly to the left and look up. There's a grassy platform there, with a gray, transluscent horned figure with glowing eyes. Shoot it and it turns out to be a gargoyle statue. Destroying it will automatically give you a gargoyle map to a treasure located in Bowerstone Market.

Added 19th Mar 2011, ID #33257

Where is the lever.

Added 12th Mar 2011, ID #32312

well u can revive your dog by going to knothole island and tell a random person to follow u, then u go to the mini cemetery on the side in knothole and pull the lever, go inside dimiss the person, then pull the lever again, and the person turns into your dog.

Added 7th Feb 2011, ID #28405

walk all the way around the coast of bloodstone and get onth the ship activate the wheel. Bring yours dog back by sacrificing sum1 in the tomb to the left of the knothole chieftains cabin

Added 23rd Jan 2011, ID #26629

wait, ignore what i said [the comment before this], i just hopped on the boat lol

Added 9th Jan 2011, ID #24658

i teleported off as well and when i activate the mission it leads me back to the dude at the bar. problem is, he won't accept a drink and the place where i remember was the entrance is now flooded. ftw!

Added 9th Jan 2011, ID #24656

Great job! Helped me heaps, but I have to say, I didn't bother counting the money I made, but if there are 10 chests with 1500 in each, thats $15,000 not 13,500 gold.

Added 4th Jan 2011, ID #23985

you guys ive looked everywhere on the island in the canyon place and i couldnt find a dig spot any help?

Added 11th Dec 2010, ID #20785

Salty jack isn't at the bar I've looked all over bloodstone and I can't find him... Where is he?

Added 4th Dec 2010, ID #20187

im on the 9th but im still stuck

Added 6th Nov 2010, ID #17456

i hopped onto the ship, but the ghosts never showed up =/

Added 31st Oct 2010, ID #16880

yes, you can... just do the quest over again except with much less enemies. hopefully, you can get back to the island...

Added 24th Oct 2010, ID #16100

Thx i needed this, once again,Thx

Added 21st Oct 2010, ID #15843

i can't find the damn switch to get through the first door in the treasure island cave i'm a moron yes yes help me

Added 20th Oct 2010, ID #15677

What is up with the demon door in Brightwood? How patient does a person have to be? I have stood in front of it looking as foolish as it wants for more than an hour a few times and it still won't open. I could really use some help. How can I ever open the last door as long as this one stands in my way just repeating itself. Please someone respond to DauMoGammy321@Gmail.com.

Added 4th Oct 2010, ID #14345

You can get your dog back by going onto to Youtube and typing in 'How to get my dog back Fable 2' and then it should show you how to activate the shine in Knothill island.

Added 5th Aug 2010, ID #7667

wheres the dog spot my dog is dead

Added 29th Jul 2010, ID #6510

also don't forget to go back into the cave(the sinkhole) once the quest is complete, the water will b raised and a silver key is up for grabs

x AdiUs x
Added 8th Jul 2010, ID #3552

doesn't matter if ur dog is dead a chest will b in place of the dig spot

x AdiUs x
Added 8th Jul 2010, ID #3550

know! not only is my dog dead, I can't use the frigging spade!

Added 5th Jul 2010, ID #3157

Doesnt help me if my dog is dead.

Added 1st Jul 2010, ID #2640

This helps me a lot so thanks a mill buddy, help save a lot of time

Added 26th Jun 2010, ID #1981

Thanks. Trying to find all those chests was rapidly becoming a pain in the ass.

Added 25th Jun 2010, ID #1812

if you teleport off the island can you get back to it. because i teleported off it and now i dont know how to get back to finish the quest.

Added 8th Jun 2010, ID #13