Fable 2 Guide - The Sculptor

This quest starts in Oakfield, so select it in the menu and then head to the Sculptor's house along the river trail. To perform the quest simply climb onto the platform and pull an expression of your choosing – you'll get more renown for the best poses. Hold the D-Pad down until she tells you to stop, then try and release it in the green bar, which will now be pretty small. For this first one you should get 100 renown points and the statue erected in Oakfield.

If Theresa doesn't come over the speakers telling you that you have enough renown (you can also see how much you need under The Ritual quest in the menu, commission more statues from the Sculptor if you have any spots available (see the extras section of this guide), pay a visit to the Bard and commission some songs, or try another open quest.