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Follow the dark path or use the light


- Temple of Shadows

Fable 2 Walkthrough and Guide

by Mike Hazleton  

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Fable 2 Guide - Temple of Shadows

The Temple of Shadows, the diametric opposite to the Temple of Light, is stationed in Rookridge on its own island, reachable via a lengthy bridge up to the impressive structure. Once at the front gate you'll meet one of their members, a Shadow Worshipper. They have a rather tame entry test, though that is just to get inside the gate and not to join them. Simply crunch and swallow the chicks using the expression that appears on the D-Pad to impress and astonish him, and grant you entry to this foreboding place. You should note that this will give you 25 evil points and is unavoidable. This completes the Temple of Shadows quest. Those looking for the secret items can now venture inside and get them, then do the Temple of Light quest with only a minor morality hit.

To participate in the Oakfield Massacre however you still need to make your first sacrifice to the temple in Sacrificing to the Shadows.


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Aug 6th 2013 Guest AvatarGuest
How do I own the temple of shadows?
ID #303002
Apr 6th 2013 Guest AvatarGuest
i dont even know what to do
ID #271079
Mar 25th 2012 ohdear Avatar ohdear
@lilliehollywood yes when its the oakfield massacre quest you will kill most of the villigers and completly destroy the temple of light which then leads to the scenery dying(in oakfield) because without the temple of light there is know golden oak to grow things.
ID #126086
Mar 22nd 2012 lilliehollywood Avatar lilliehollywood
Okay so the temple of light causes change to Oakfield when you choose to be light. Does The Temple of Shadows change anything drastically? Or no?
ID #125107
Mar 2nd 2012 Guest AvatarGuest
If u do defender of light then shadows will appear in the temple. If u didn't do the quest and the gates still closed and the quest is no longer accessible than i guess you're out of luck.
ID #119640
Mar 2nd 2012 Guest AvatarGuest
If u do defender of light u can't make sacrifices becuz u destroyed the shadow worshippers. As long as u don't do that quest u can gain entry to the temple of shadows to make sacrifices anytime. and can get the gargoyle anytime.
ID #119639
Nov 24th 2011 Guest AvatarGuest
i treid doing these things above and some of it dnt work plz help
ID #89824
Nov 20th 2011 Guest AvatarGuest
for the weapon you have to sacrifice some people and when you've got enough points you sacrifice your wife from 12 till 1 am
ID #88802
Oct 20th 2011 Guest AvatarGuest
I've played Fable 2 about 5 times now. I have tried most of the methods above, doing the Defending of the Light quest first or doing the Temple of Shadows quest first. It doesn't matter which one you do first, you can get access to the key and the gargoyle either way. The thing that was important was the point in the game that I was at. After the first hero joins you (Hammer) the temple should be accessible, including the gargoyle and key.
ID #81649
Sep 5th 2011 Guest AvatarGuest
the uholeiest is 12.01 till 1 am
ID #72769
Apr 5th 2011 Guest AvatarGuest
what hour is the un holeiest
ID #35881
Dec 27th 2010 Guest AvatarGuest
i killed the only shadow monk now i cant sacrafice anyone is there another monk i can take there i stumped please help
ID #22644
Dec 12th 2010 Guest AvatarGuest
The problem people are having about not being able to sacrifice is when you take the quest to defend the temple of light and enter the spire the temple of shadows has been destroyed in the process so you will have to make a new character and make the sacrifes early on.
ID #20941
Dec 10th 2010 Guest AvatarGuest
press start and the game clock is on the top right corner...
ID #20661
Dec 8th 2010 Guest AvatarGuest
well if gained the points but i can;t seem to tell when the time of the game is, is thier like a game clock or something i just got the game and im doing the ultimate weapon of eavil rather early im guessign by your' ppls comments i havent; done "the ritual" yet someone plz clue me in on this, because its seems to be obvious to everyone but me
ID #20552
Dec 5th 2010 Guest AvatarGuest
Between 12 am 12:50 am sacrifice monk(s)with spouse after 2,000 achievement has been reached. Then talk to the wheel operator to gain the ultimate sword of evil. Good luck.
ID #20223
Nov 8th 2010 Guest AvatarGuest
There is no one in the temple and i brought 10 people and killed all the shadows then pulled the lever. idk what 2 do i beat the game i need to sacrifice 10 people to get the achievement
ID #17671
Nov 6th 2010 Guest AvatarGuest
I've beatin the game and didn't do the temple of shadows quest how do I unlock the gate
ID #17470
Nov 6th 2010 Guest AvatarGuest
To Make sacrifices its simply just get someone to follow you(make sure your a friend to them or they wont go that far to the temple with you) go into the temple of shadows and the guy that is standing there should 'Oh Look Another Sacrifice' of whatever and then just pull lever to spin the wheel
ID #17412
Nov 4th 2010 Guest AvatarGuest
i found the temple of shadows and the gate is open but there is a lot of shadows in there how do i get rid of em to make sacrifices so i can be evil
ID #17210
Nov 2nd 2010 Guest AvatarGuest
I can't make a sacrifice to get the achievement i've done it b4 but now theres no one there. Will someone please tell me what i need to do?
ID #17096
Sep 15th 2010 Guest AvatarGuest
Ive got like 2k worth of Loyality Points. It still hasnt givin the "Ultimate Weapon of Evil"
ID #12660
Aug 23rd 2010 Guest AvatarGuest
how do i buy the temple of shadows and do you give the sacrafice
ID #10034
Aug 22nd 2010 Guest AvatarGuest
u make the sacrafice @ 12 midnight
ID #9875
Aug 12th 2010 Guest AvatarGuest
at what hour do you make the sacrafice
ID #8517
Aug 6th 2010 Guest AvatarGuest
Ive completed that game but the door in the temple of shaows is locked and i dont know how to unlock it, i need the last Gargoyle... it wont give me the option to buy it either!!
ID #7739
Jul 30th 2010 Guest AvatarGuest
i gained entry and are looking to sacrifice someone but it wont work but i do have something interesting at the end of the game if u ecide to lose your dog if u have the fable 2 special edition with knothole island go to the cemetary and there will be a tomb with a dog on top take a human to the doors pull the lever out side and the doors will shut when they open you will have your nice new dog!
ID #6662
Jul 24th 2010 Guest AvatarGuest
i gained access to the temple but cannot make any sacrifices please help
ID #5835
Jul 23rd 2010 Guest AvatarGuest
ID #5713
Jul 8th 2010 Guest AvatarGuest
I gained entrance into the temple at the end of the game to get the Gargoyle. Go to rookridge road in Oakfield then turn back to go through to Rookridge, from there go right up the track and into the temple. I did the quest to destroy them but still gained entry so you should be able to!
ID #3601
Jul 1st 2010 Guest AvatarGuest
So, Do you need to get into the temple of the shadows to get to the Gargoyle?
ID #2665
Jun 12th 2010 Guest AvatarGuest
so u have to do both defender of light then go to the shadows and sacrafice thats weird
ID #355