- Sacrificing to the Shadows

Fable 2 Walkthrough and Guide

by Mike Hazleton  

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Fable 2 Guide - Sacrificing to the Shadows

You get points from the Shadow Worshippers depending on the quality of the sacrifices (monks from the Temple of Light get most) and if they take place at night. To convince people to be sacrificed isn't easy, so you need to get them to follow you to the mystery location instead. After you accumulate 2000 points you get a special prize. To do this, head to the Temple of Light and impress the monks there suitably to get them to follow you (you should be able to get four at once at least) and then head to the Temple of Shadows (fast travel works for followers too). Lead them onto the bloody platform in front of the sacrificial wheel and let it do its work to get a healthy batch of points. Repeat this process until you hit 2000. Remember, more points are given if the sacrifice s made at night. You should suffer around 50 evil points and 30 corruption points for each successful sacrifice.

After this you can get a legendary weapon by making a particularly gruesome sacrifice in the hour after midnight. Use fast travel to get there at the right time and if your sacrifice was gruesome enough (try as many monks as possible, even your husband or wife to really show your dedication!).

With all that evil out of the way, get ready for a heck of a lot more! The Oakfield Massacre is by far the most gruesome quest in the game, so get your most bloody sword sharpened and ready.


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It won't let me sacrifice

u can buy a temple of light after escaping the tattered spire

Added 21st Sep 2015, ID #610378

Is there anybody who knows how to get to the temple of light?

Added 10th Mar 2015, ID #526999

Does anyone know how to tell in-game time?

Added 2nd Nov 2014, ID #466516

a monk, spouse,random person and a begger pure sacrifice?

Added 2nd Apr 2013, ID #269921

do you pull the lever directly at 12am?

Added 3rd Mar 2013, ID #260541

This quest is hard and I still haven't finished it.

Added 18th Jan 2013, ID #243879

Can I just say that I was the one who wrote this is fuuuuuuucking WIERD and that I have all the ledgenery weapona except the Enforcer

Added 7th Mar 2012, ID #121062

You can get both the good and bad legendary weapons. All u have to do is go donate to the light first 10k at the certain time then after u get ur weapon u go to the temple of shadows and do ur sacrifices. I believe the temple of light quest will stay until u live for the shire. If u want to stay with the temple of light u need to do the question before u live for the shire if u want to be bad just go the shire and it will be destroyed when u return

Added 28th Sep 2011, ID #77194

Does the quest ever complete? I have 5000 points, that little sword. It still asks me to do a very evil sacrifice at the holy hour.

Added 21st Sep 2011, ID #75820

wach the time. see that it is 11:59pm going on 12:00am,

Added 20th Jun 2011, ID #50547

2 wives 1 light follower at midnight EXACTLY worked. You get The Maelstrom which is Not as good as The Rising Sun ( weapon from Donating To The Light quest). Not really worth the hassle imo.

Added 16th Jun 2011, ID #49536

Two light temple monks and a spouse worked for me. Pull the lever at 11:59 and it should work.

Added 15th Jun 2011, ID #49502

[b][/b] the legandary weppon is DEZ NUTTS

Added 8th Jun 2011, ID #47865

um first be good and pure to make horns go away and WHAT IS THE LEGENDARY WEAPON!!!!!

Added 31st May 2011, ID #46051

My guy has horns and I hate them! And I hate all of them!

Added 30th Apr 2011, ID #40669

I honestly dnt know im stuck on getting 2000 points lol. but i just got the game idk wht goes on ROFl

Added 27th Mar 2011, ID #34464

Just to have this clarified, if I do the Temple of Shadows quest I can still go to the temple of light and pay gold for good points but not the other way around?

Added 8th Mar 2011, ID #31911

That last comment was mine. I just wanted to add that when I enter the temple I get attacked by shadows.

Added 6th Mar 2011, ID #31615

For some reason. The guy that you have to eat the chicks in front of to gain entry. He isn't there anymore :/. I don't know why. I shot him a few times once and left, but when I came back he was gone.

Added 6th Mar 2011, ID #31613

You guys are awsome for typing all of that song xD oh and I'm a good guy but I realllly want the malestrom (reward after getting 2000 points) and I already have the rising sun so if I don't help the temple of light do I lose a any quests in the process? And is there another way to get the awsome weapon from the temple of shadows?

Added 15th Feb 2011, ID #29218

This is starting to look a bit like Ray William Johnson. Comments

Added 7th Jan 2011, ID #24403

Lol hmm... A truly evil sacrifice?.... your dog

Added 19th Dec 2010, ID #21511

you don't have to come and confess, we lookin fo you, we gon find you, we gon find you, so you can run and tell that, run and tell that, run and tell that, home boy, home, home, homeboy

Added 14th Nov 2010, ID #18184

cuz they rappin' 'erbody outher

Added 11th Nov 2010, ID #17863

And you better hide your husbands too..

Added 16th Oct 2010, ID #15346

don't you know you're SUPPOSED to hide your kids and hide your wife...duh

Added 6th Oct 2010, ID #14543

i cant find my wife its realy dum

Added 26th Sep 2010, ID #13704

I got my halo back by buying a bunch of expensive weapons and gifting them to my remaining spouses. I got about the same amounts of purity back that way as evil for sacrifices.

Added 17th Sep 2010, ID #12810

I cant do that mission :S Nothing works lolol

Added 5th Sep 2010, ID #11454

what is the truly evil sacrifice?

Added 10th Aug 2010, ID #8319

times on the pause screen n im nt happy i just lost my halo

Added 2nd Aug 2010, ID #7227

how do you know what time it is

Added 27th Jul 2010, ID #6230

just did the "ultimate sacrifice" using my husband. started when ga,e clock read 11:59, and at his death, child protection services took away my son! XD

Added 13th Jul 2010, ID #4357

not having any luck with making the "ultimate sacrifice" at the unholiest of hours. Tried monks, tried wives, yes plural, husbands, tried to get my kid to go with me, but he's not big enough I guess. HELP! This is making me crazy, and there are

Added 12th Jul 2010, ID #4191

No midnight 12 am in-game time

Added 6th Jul 2010, ID #3268

so 1:00am ?

Added 3rd Jul 2010, ID #2923

Excellent quest :]

Added 25th Jun 2010, ID #1843