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Money Tips

Fable 2 Walkthrough and Guide

by Mike Hazleton  

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Fable 2 Guide - Money Tips

The game, as with the real world, revolves around money. You earn gold for completing quests, but you can also find it buried, in chests and acquire it by other means. Taking part in the Crucible (see the quest guides) earns you a pretty good sum, and you can also buy property in the game. You can actually purchase any building you see in Albion, from shacks to mansions, stalls to huge shops, all earning rent or profit from sales. Buy enough and you become King of Albion! Money from property comes in to you regularly while playing, and if you leave the game for a few days a healthy stash builds up! There are a number of jobs on offer, including Blacksmith, Bartender and Woodcutter, with Bartender the easiest and most profitable. You get promoted after a certain amount of gold and then can earn more with each passing second. You can also bet on pub games either in the taverns or from travelling game masters.

Earning Money Tips 

There are many ways to earn money in Fable 2, both on the good side of the moral coin and the bad side. Below are some tips for getting a pile of money flooding in every time you boot up your console.

There are many jobs you can take on, with the primary three being bartender, blacksmith and woodcutter. Following that order, the bartender is by far the best. It is worth getting your promotions are early as possible as you can get great chains going earning 75 gold for each beer poured with a little patience. This is the easiest way to earn money, though they take the most time.

You are also able to bet on the various pub games in the inns and available from the travelling game masters in Fable II. These include Fortune's Tower, Keystone and Spinnerbox. Additional jobs include work as a bounty hunter, seeking out criminals from the guards in Bowerstone Market. You can fast travel to the area and these quests are unlimited, meaning you can repeat them as much as you like. The Assassination Society gives out warrants which can pay gold into the thousands throughout the game too, but your morality will take a serious knock. Similarly, Civilian Displacement requires you to lead civilians out into the wilderness to slave camps, again paying a lot of gold but costing morality points. Work with the archaeologist is available very early on and is also very lucrative. You can fast travel to any of the locations you are sent on a job, so they don't even take that long to complete.  

Buy stalls and shops as soon as you can afford them. Ensure you take on specific quests in order to get access to the more lucrative properties such as the Rookridge Inn after completing the Something Rotten quest for just 2,500 gold!

Make use of the economic climate by stealing in an area to reduce house prices, intimidating or flirting with shop owners to get better prices for buying and selling goods, and of course remember to sell anything you find while on quests – you can always buy them back again later! While quests don't frequently reward you with cash, you can sell any trophy you receive as a reward for gold well into the low thousands if you're not especially sentimental about them. The Thag's Head trophy is worth 1,000 gold, with values then ranging from there up to The Crucible trophy and the Shard Shard at 5,000 each – generally the value is based on the difficulty of the quest.

Any house, building or stall in the game can be purchased. Simply walk up to the note pinned next to the door and you can get information on the price to buy the property. You can then either live in it, or rent it out, earning you money for every five real-minutes. You even earn the money with your console off, though at a reduced rate. Set prices higher to get more cash, but you suffer a corruption hit as a result. Particularly good places to buy early on include The Silk Moon in Bowestone Market for just 3600 gold, the weapon stall in the Old Town, Luminous Cottage in Oakfield for 4,800 gold, any of the caravans in the game,

Before heading to the Spire try to buy as many properties as you can. These will then give you considerable rent on your return.

You can alter the clock on your Xbox 360 by as much as a month (this is the maximum amount of gold you can earn at once) to get a nice payload when you turn it back on. Do this repeatedly for heaps of cash. You must be offline to do this as Xbox Live will alter the clock otherwise.

Buy the weapon stall in the Old Town of Bowerstone. This allows you to get a significant discount, so you can now buy weapons from here, then sell them to the blacksmith's shop in Bowerstone Market for a profit. Similarly, sell the weapons on to the travelling traders in Fairfax Garden where you will get even bigger profits. Both these options increase the value of your stall in the Old Town too! This technique also works with jewellers, particularly when selling on the items to general traders.

Equip augments such as Gold Burden (though this reduces your attack and defence – try using it with another augment to counteract these effects!), or the better Golden Touch, or preferably both, to earn cash while fighting. Equipping these and then taking on the Crucible is a sure way to improve your bank balance.

OK, that's the basics covered, now onto the walkthrough...