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Follow the dark path or use the light


- Love Hurts

Fable 2 Walkthrough and Guide

by Mike Hazleton  

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Fable 2 Guide - Love Hurts

Back in Bowestone set up the Love Hurts quest. This involves you going to see the gravekeeper in Bowerstone Cemetery to go on a longwinded hunt for some missing body parts which he is collecting.

Without asking too many questions, you'll be sent first to the well-travelled Hobbe Cave in Rookridge to get the initial piece of the puzzle. Fight your way through the cave to wherever your dog locates the quest-crucial dig spot as being. Digging here will unearth the lower part of the body. Get back to Bowerstone and deliver the partial corpse to him. It emerges that he is collecting the body parts of Lady Grey, but for what end it's unclear at the moment. The second piece is in a new tomb in Wraithmarsh. Unfortunately every time you travel there you tend to have to fight at least one Banshee or group of Hollow Men, but you can fast travel pretty close if you use Bloodstone Road as the route. Hold A to enter. This tomb is a bit of a puzzler, but the first room you get into is pretty simple. Defeat the Hollow Men and then destroy the creepers to climb up the stairs and then stand on the switch underneath the next set of tangled plants and shoot the glowing orb, then slash at it, then shoot it again to open the main door out from the lower level.

Once you get to the corridor with the spikes in and full of Hollow Men, head to the end and stand on the switch to send an orb through and to the other side of the spikes.

Move back to the centre where the spikes are and shoot the orb as usual. That opens the door, so continue on. The next main room is waterlogged and again inhabited by Hollow Men. Defeat any that there are then stand on the switch underneath the odd looking statue. After it repositions itself, do the Chicken expression to activate another orb. If you follow the golden trail now to stand on the switch in the next room nothing will happen, but double back and head up the stairs to the left of the statue, rather than following the golden trail's path. At the top of the stairs stand on the switch (you may have to move on and off it repeatedly until the orb changes colour and moves closer) shoot the orb and then drop down to stand on the platform in the room below. You can then proceed through the door. The next large room will see plenty of Hollow Men to defeat, but more importantly an orb which moves from statue to statue each time you hit it. Keep pummelling it until it makes its way to the opposite door to the one marked with the golden trail. Make your way past the flame-throwing statues and stand on the switch right at the end to open the correct door. Head through and in the final room open the coffin/chest to get Lady Grey's upper body. Get out of Wraithmarsh and back to the graveyard (fast-travel if you wish) and get the details of the third piece.

Fortunately for all concerned this one is nice and short. Go to Fairfax Gardens and into the tomb of Lady Grey herself. Once you descend the stairs and initiate the drop into the main tomb it all looks a bit scary amongst the dark sand.

All the same, head straight forward to the coffin and open in to retrieve her head (it's a shame the coffin in the Rescuing Charlie quest wasn't this easy to open!). You can leave via the stairs at the end of the room through the larger-than-average beetles, or simply fast travel out back to Bowerstone Cemetery.

Finally the quest is nearing its end, and this time you can find the gravekeeper in his basement. It emerges that he has invented a device to resuscitate the dead, planning to use this on Lady Grey convinced that she'll fall in love with the first person she sets eyes on. As events unfold you can either choose to keep Lady Grey as your girl (she does look and sound unique, which is a plus) despite all the gravekeeper's hard, yet disturbing work, and collect 10 evil points. Otherwise, just leave the mansion before events pan out at the gravekeeper's request and you get 10 good points. The Rod of Life trophy and 8500 renown also greet you upon completion of this quest.