Legendary Weapons

Fable 2 Walkthrough and Guide

by Mike Hazleton  

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Fable 2 Guide - Legendary Weapons

Melee Weapons:

The Calavera

This is mace-like melee weapon of the 'blunt' type. It boasts the flame augment, allowing you to deal splash damage with fire while swinging it at enemies. As a helpful tip, try to get this weapon before embarking on The Crucible quest. The Demon Door which houses it is easy to open early on and despite the relatively low value of the weapon compared to some other legendary items, it should not be ignored before going on the tough route through the Crucible.

Location: Inside the Demon Door at Westcliffe (see the Demon Door section of this guide for how to get in there).

Augments: Flame.

Damage: 67

Value: 4385 gold


The Chopper

This battle-axe of the 'cutting' type has an impressive damage rating of 86. The augments Stoneskin and Discipline prevent scarring your unblemished face with the former, and gives more experience from each fight with the latter. The story behind this one is that the previous legend of the Crucible promised to hand over his fabled weapon to anyone who would beat his Crucible record – a perfect score from all 8 rounds.

Location: Westcliff – complete the Crucible with a perfect score in each of the 8 rounds.

Augments: Discipline and Stoneskin.

Damage: 86

Value: 16,200 gold


The Daichi

This is a Katana, a thin blade of the 'cutting' weapon type. It has a massive value of 59,400 gold, three augments and a huge damage score of 96. With it you can increase damage, add electronic splash damage, and boost your attractiveness. By far one of the best legendary weapons in Fable II.

Location: Inside the Archon's Knot tomb. To access it, escape the spire, then go to the level of Garth's Brightwood Tower you used to get to Wraithmarsh and press A to jump over the gap in the edge and into the well below. Explore the tomb to find a chest towards the exit.
Augments: Bewitching, Devastation and Killerwatt.

Damage: 96

Value: 59,400 gold


Hal's Sword (Limited Edition DLC)

This is only available to those who bought the Limited Edition version of Fable 2. Enter your code that came with the game in the Marketplace to unlock it. It is, quite clearly, a sword, and of the 'cutting' type. It has a low value and damage rating, three augment slots, but none filled by default. It's based on the Covenant Energy Sword in Halo 2 and 3, though clearly not as powerful!

Location: In the Guild Cave's Chamber of Fate – there is a chest at the far end.

Augments: None

Damage: 22

Value: 3375 gold


The Hammerthyst

As the name suggests, this is a hammer, so a 'blunt' weapon. It has good damage, a low value, but the Barkskin augment, which increases your defence, but makes scarring more common.

Location: Inside the Oakfield Demon Door

Augments: Barkskin

Damage: 78

Value: 4725 gold


The Maelstrom

This is a fairly average sword, but the augment increases damage on guards and civilians; anyone who isn't clearly evil.

Location: The Temple of Shadows – sacrifice as many people as possible and your spouse, as outlined in the Sacrificing to the Shadows quest in the hour after midnight, to unlock and receive this weapon.

Augment: Scourge

Damage: 58

Value: 3375 gold


The Rising Sun

In contrast to the Maelstrom, this weapon does the most value to evil people, like ghouls and shadow creatures.

Location: Simply donate a bundle of cash to the Temple of Light between midday and 1:00pm this time, over 10,000 gold in one go is needed.

Augment: Righteous Violence.

Damage: 61

Value: 4050 gold


The Wreckager (Limited Edition DLC)

Another fantastic weapon, probably second only to the Daichi. It has high damage of 65, but most importantly three great augments, reducing scarring, giving you gold for each kill an creating fear amongst those around you.

Location: Inside the Halls of the Dead, an exclusive area for those with the Limited Edition version of Fable II. You access it after downloading the content with your code in the Xbox Live Marketplace, through a new dive spot in the water by middle of the pier at Bloodstone town. It's a tough tomb to get through, and you must follow the orb sequences to get through – one of which makes you use a dive spot within the tomb to follow it into the next area. At the end of the orb path you will find a chest with the Wreckager in.

Augments: Fear Itself, Golden Touch and Stoneskin.

Damage: 65

Value: 54,000 gold


Ranged Weapons

The Enforcer

The first of the ranged legendary weapons, The Enforcer is a pistol boasting a whopping 177 damage which also increases your defence and attack but makes you more likely to scar. The value matches the damage, at 17,550 gold, complete with Barkskin and Lucky Charm augments. The downside is that it is a pistol, so needs reloading regularly.

Location: Buy Giles's farm in Brightwood after completing the Cold Comfort Farmer and Blind Date quests and take the cellar key from upstairs and go into the cave within where you will find a dig spot with the Enforcer in. You can also complete Red Harvest and loot the key from his grave using your dog to sniff it out.

Augments: Barkskin and Lucky Charm

Damage: 177

Range: 20

Ammo Capacity: 1

Value: 17, 550

The Perforator

Similarly fantastic when compared to the Enforcer, this is a rifle with a far higher range, 60, and an ammo capacity of 6. The augments within create fear when you are around, increase your experience, but also makes you more prone to scarring. It has a huge value of 59,400 gold.

Location: In the Wraithmarsh Demon Door

Augments: Barkskin, Discipline and Fear Itself

Damage: 81

Range: 60

Ammo Capacity: 6

Value: 59,400 gold

The Rammer

This powerful and expensive crossbow has huge damage of 119, a quicker reload time than the Enforcer, but the same ammo capacity of 1. It does however allow splash damage of fire on your enemies thanks to the augments within, as well as draining health from enemies and improving your attractiveness. This is the compromise between the Enforcer and the Perforator.

Location: Take out all 50 gargoyles. The chest is in Gargoyle's Trove as explained under the Gargoyles section of this guide.

Augments: Bewitching, Flame and Ghoul.

Damage: 119

Range: 45

Ammo Capacity: 1

Value: 54,000


The Red Dragon

This pistol has an unusual ammo capacity for this type of weapon of 6. The augments increase damage further and increase your defence similarly.

Location: Win the Westcliff Shooting Range to receive it.

Augments: Devastation and Lucky Charm

Damage: 41

Range: 35

Ammo Capacity: 6


Weapon Augments

Here is a list of all the augments in Fable II and the effects that they have. You can find them while questing or buy them from the stone-cutters in the towns and villages of the game. Try using complimentary augments that either take off the negative side effect that may come with one of them, or increase the positive effect to a great degree. Every weapon can boast up to 4 augment slots, but this varies depending on the version of each one found. They can equally come with no augment slots. Legendary weapons come pre-packed with augments, except the Limited Edition downloadable-content Hal's Sword, which has 3 slots by default that you can customise with your own augments.


Effect: Increases your attractive power to other citizens

Cost: 900


Cursed Warrior

Effect: Increased experience in combat, but gradually reducing your health while the augment is equipped. Note that this will never actually kill you, just knock your health to seriously low levels.

Cost: 2680



Effect: Increases damage.

Cost: 4690



Effect: Increased experience in combat.

Cost: 4690


Fear Itself

Effect: Creates fear amongst those around you.

Cost: 875



Effect: Adds fire splash damage to your attacks.

Cost: 2680



Effect: Drains health from your opponent and gives it to you when attacking.

Cost: 4690


Effect: Increased defence, but also the chance of scarring increases.

Cost: 1530


Gold Burden

Effect: Receive gold for each enemy killed, but defence and attack are both reduced.

Cost: 2680

Golden Touch

Effect: Gold received for every enemy killed.

Cost: 8200



Effect: Electrical splash damage when attacking.

Cost: 2680

Life Sucks

Effect: Drains the health from enemies, though your defence and attack are both reduced.

Cost: 2680


Lucky Charm

Effect: Attack and defence increased.

Cost: 4690


Piercing Agony

Effect: High attack boost, but your health decreases constantly. Note that this will never actually kill you, just knock your health to seriously low levels.

Cost: 2680


Slash and Burn

Effect: Fire damage replaces regular damage, but you are more likely to scar in battle.

Cost: 1530



Effect: Resistance to scarring.

Cost: 3060


Storm Scar

Effect: Electrical damage when equipped, but you are more prone to scarring.

Cost: 1530


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Hals sword even if you just want it for nostalgic purposes iis only available in the limited collectors editionit blows :/

Added 16th Feb 2015, ID #516798

im not shore but i dont think u have to kill giles for the enforcer hell probaly give it to u or open the doors in his cellar as a thank u for saving him

Added 5th Jul 2013, ID #295049

You cant get the maelstrum if uve completed defender of light because you kill Cornelious grim guy.

Added 7th Jun 2013, ID #288446

To get the wraith marsh demon door get ten people to follow you or more He will talk for a long time but then he'll open it's in a cave in the back I think it's the perforater

Added 21st Feb 2013, ID #257042

Perforator/rammer + daichi/royal sceptre = best combo

Added 9th Jan 2013, ID #240251

To get hammerfirst or watever it's in the wind mill

Added 24th Nov 2012, ID #212056

Ok guys here is the best recap I can describe the enforcer isn't good bcos it sucks at long range the red dragon abhors really fast but does little damage and can kill a ballerina in about 9 shots the rammer ( gargoyle reward) is the best weapon in the game. If u choose to be evil then u want the perforator or red dragon. And unless u like collecting the legendary weapons the daichi is the only weapon in the game that matters the order of weps u should get should be using to play the campain is the best wepons from bowerston blacksmith until u get to oakfield the propose or blow a kiss at the demon door to get the hammerthyst. Use it until u finish "the cullis get" (the quest where u get sent o wraithmarsh and go to bloodstone) bcos the weird stone things disapeers after Garth sent u to the farm fir weapons I used the the master flintlock pistol until I got the
Perforator which I then used to get the red dragon but then I did the gargoyle quest so this is probably the bet weapon plan.

Added 13th Oct 2012, ID #195947

Which is better the red dragon or the dragon stomper 48

Added 10th Sep 2012, ID #184932

has anyone noticed that they said the enforcer is a pistol when it is a blunderbuss

Added 31st Aug 2012, ID #181930

what is hals sword

Added 24th Jul 2012, ID #168110

Demon doors are awsome

Added 24th Jul 2012, ID #168109

To get the Rising Sun, at around 12 oclock you have to make a large donation. Around 1,000 (it worked for me.) and then the monk will ask you to "Make a large donation" and you donate 10,000. Then He will give you the Rising Sun.

Added 19th Jul 2012, ID #166111

cnt find no hammerthyst in oakfeild just a house and ive opened all demon doors

Added 14th Jul 2012, ID #163982

It is in a demon door neer the light temple. You have to get married in front of it to open it.

Added 19th Nov 2015, ID #626474

you can get more then 1,000,000 $$$$$$$

Added 9th Jun 2012, ID #150787

My guy: King of Albion over 1,500,000 gold, Mayor of Bowerstone, every legendary weapon (except the Wreckager and Hal's Sword) and maxed good moral, and maxed Pure.

Added 31st May 2012, ID #147453

I dont know how to get Hals sowrd(sombody pleas repley).

Added 2nd May 2012, ID #138835

lol i got every legendary and master weapon in game and gave them all to a new hero i made he is unstoppable

Added 22nd Apr 2012, ID #135974


Added 9th Jun 2015, ID #567960

Ok my wepons are the dachi and the enforcer and my health is maxed and im unstopible

Added 21st Apr 2012, ID #135714

The daichi is on a platform outside the tomb

Added 12th Apr 2012, ID #132475

where can you find the cave for the Enforcer

Added 11th Apr 2012, ID #132185

help i went to the place to get the Daichia and all i got was a cursed warrior augment

Added 10th Apr 2012, ID #131838

The chest with the daichi is outside the place u r in on a platform to the right as soon as u come out

Added 9th Apr 2012, ID #131189

i went into the place where your suppose to get the daichi and all i got was an augment worriors curse or whatever . . . help anyone?

Added 29th Mar 2012, ID #127330

This is comedy

Added 23rd Mar 2012, ID #125617

The lowest amount of money you need for the rising sun is 10,000gold. you can get as soon as you get to oakfield, you just need to donate 10,000 gold at 1:00 P.M.The guy above is right about the rammer and daichi.

Added 29th Dec 2011, ID #100343

i have gotten hals sword before. it´s not worth it. it only has a damage of 22 and a normal attack speed. rammer and daichi clearly the best combination

Added 28th Dec 2011, ID #99697

for the guy above me (crazy) you can get rising sun at any time just donate 3,000 or more then at 12;00 pm pay 10,000 and you got it you can get it as soon as you get to oakfiled( you just need the money)

Added 27th Nov 2011, ID #90971

At whoever asked if it is possible to get the Rising Sun it is possible. The Rising Sun is one of the best legendary weapons (in my opinion). To get it you must complete "The Defender of Light" quest before going to the Spire, after arriving at Westcliff. Then when returning from the Spire donate 4000 gold at anything to the Temple of Light. Then at 12:00 pm (in the afternoon, when the light shines brightest) between 1:00 pm donate 10,000 gold or more to recieve the Rising Sun. For every donation to the Temple of Light you recieve exprience (for being inlightened by the light) and become more good. The augment for Rising Sun is "Rightous Violence" which gives you more damage on purely evil beings, such as shadows, banshees (and their offspring), and hobbes.

Added 16th Nov 2011, ID #87917

By the way the enforcer is a blunderbuss(an early shotgun) and they are supposed to have that short a range hence the massive damage.

Added 12th Nov 2011, ID #87023

To further elaborate , im currently using a 4 sloted master cutless,using dmg increasing augments and with no points what so ever on physique i kill for example the slightly weaker hollow men (ones with the twin hammers)in 4 hits , (without using an anti evil type augment) with the Daichi it takes 6 or 7 hits , so yes daichi is great but its easily outdone with the right 4 slotter theres a master hammer and axe with 4 slots that have higher base dmg aswell and if a 75 base attk cutless can out do the daichi you bet your ass the master hammer and axe will do so aswell.

Added 30th Oct 2011, ID #83947

You cant remove the augments from legendary weapons, that includes Daichi , Secondly if you lost your Daichi go to Knothole island buy the 4 slot Master Katana and put a bunch of really good augments on it, Mighty oak and flames gift , devesation mabye something that deals more dmg to evil, it will kill enemies faster than the daichi trust me on that

Added 25th Oct 2011, ID #82946

i lost my daichi can i get it again

Added 22nd Oct 2011, ID #81995

I want the daichi, but i'll get the DLC Augment remover and put golden touch on it.

Added 16th Oct 2011, ID #80778

you cant find diffrences between it SORRY

Added 27th Sep 2011, ID #76951

i personally like my melee weapon (axe of disharmony with the ghoul augment which gives you the life you just hit from your enemy) and i use the enforcer as my ranged. also i have the free dlc and i cant find any differences between it and the payable version, can someone tell me?

Added 9th Sep 2011, ID #73530

I have got all fifty silver keys and all there is a hero doll, supposed to be six but people only trade daichis and peforators and enforcers for them!!! LAME!!!

Added 1st Sep 2011, ID #71738

There are also weapons in the DLC Pub Games. Champion Pistol and something else and all the weapons in the box of secrets like Hals Rifle and 3 others .

Added 29th Aug 2011, ID #71052

Youre all tards. The perforator is the best in ranged weapons. Six shots at massive counts of damage plus a lightning quick reload time that tops any master weapon, and if all of the villagers love you before you get it, the Fear Itself augment attached to it does nothing.

Added 28th Aug 2011, ID #70712

dude the daichi comes after you get out of cave. and it best weapon in the whole game

Added 13th Aug 2011, ID #66784

thats stupid i tried to get the daichi or wateva and i got a stupid augment

Added 9th Aug 2011, ID #65386

For the guy above me. Lol going to town thats freakin hilarious. ( This isnt a hate comment).

Added 23rd Jul 2011, ID #60561

Nuff hate on these comments, why is it everytime someone asks a question they get one good response and like 7 insults thrown at them, the people looking for help arent sad, its the freakin trolls of the internet that are! On that note, is Knothole island DLC worth buying? It looks good but is it worth the trip to town for the micros? If you're actually going to respond with a respectable answer, my gamertag is IIProfessor 0ak, reply to that much love etc.

Added 21st Jul 2011, ID #59828

haha jste trapny a cesi jsou nej

Added 17th Jul 2011, ID #58611

To the guy a couple above me half the people on here are probubly not even in collage (no ofence people)

Added 16th Jul 2011, ID #58388

To the person above me, my patents live with ME!! And above you to the other person, knotholes island is DLC, so is Murgo... Free if you want crap, 580(ish) Microsoft points for the real stuff... Also does anyone know if I did this wrong? I had my wife (in-game) follow me along with two monks into the temple of shadows and sacrificed all three between midnight (in-game) and 1:00 AM... do I have to do it NOT at the same time?

Added 14th Jul 2011, ID #57682


Added 7th Jul 2011, ID #55721

hey gillen,if you did it without any help then why are you reading this article

Added 29th Jun 2011, ID #53327

Do you have a list of the legendary weapons from the 2 DLC available for Fable 2?
Iv'e found weapons with unique titles in knothole island and in the snowglobe/skull/coliseum

-Staff of wrath
-Royal scepter
-Axe of Disharmony
-Brodican mace
-Judge's steel
-Wretcher's blade

and that's all I got/

BTW:Is the Daichi the best melee weapon? I use it as such.

Added 3rd Jun 2011, ID #46745

can i just say, you dont really need legendary weps, they are nice to have but your probs never gonna use them when yoou have master weapons. i only ever use the Daichi and only after i finished the game.

Added 24th May 2011, ID #44732

Any one of you gentleman know where hals armor is?And does the game of the year have anything on the limited edition or any other edition?

Added 17th May 2011, ID #43570