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by Mike Hazleton  

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Fable II Guide - Gargoyles

There are 50 gargoyles to find. Once you have found one you receive a map and can access a dive spot in underneath the bridge to Bowerstone Market, leading to a cave known as Gargoyle's Trove. Here there are six chests, each one opening after you find multiples of 10 gargoyles. The last chest is opened when all the switches in front of the others are pressed and a bridge appears (it actually contains a Rotten Apple, but break the wall directly behind it to access the real booty), and of course once you have unlocked those ones as well. 10 Gargoyle's gets you the growl expression book for your dog, 20 a Potion of Life, 30 is three emeralds, 40 is 10,000 gold, 50 is the Ghoul Augment and the sixth chest holds the legendary crossbow the Rammer.

Archon's Knot: 1

This is a secret area. To access it, escape the spire, then go to the level of Garth's Brightwood Tower you used to get to Wraithmarsh and press A to jump over the gap in the edge and into the well below

Location: Turn round in the water to see it on the wall.

Bandit Coast: 2

Location: 1: Amongst the cliffs on the trail forking off the main track before the camp. It's in the cave. 2: On a pillar at the top of the tower in the fortress.

Bloodstone: 3

Location: 1: When looking out over the harbour directly out to see, swim to the right and onto the beach to see it on the rocks. 2: On the crane on the left hand side of the docks as you look out to sea. 3: Look up the hill while standing on the docks in front of the middle boat to see it.

Bower Lake: 4

Location: 1: Beyond the waterfall to the south of Bower Lake (follow the river leading off it) – you will have to zoom in with a ranged weapon to see it. 2:On the ruins on the beach as part of the lake itself. 3: To the north-east of the gypsy camp where the arched wall is, the gargoyle is on top. 4: On the side of the same wall.

Bowerstone Cemetary: 4

Location: 1: By the building containing the legendary book to raise the dead. 2: Head left when coming from this building up the hill to see it on the next temple you come to. 3: Follow this path uphill into the gardens. 4: On the wall going round the graveyard  to the north-west.

Bowerstone Market: 4

Location: 1: In the furniture shop's top floor. 2: On the northern side of the main bridge. 3: On the city wall, in a tower. 4: Inside the recess with the carriage in.

Bowerstone Old Town: 2

Location: 1: By the warehouse from childhood. 2: On the stairs of The Felling Residence in the centre of the area.

Brightwood: 3

Location: 1: On the aqueduct near the Demon Door. 2: On the back of the tomb on the island in Brightwood river. 3: In the window at the top of Brightwood Tower.

Fairfax Gardens: 2

Location: 1: In the window as you look high up at Castle Fairfax. 2: In the library inside Castle Fairfax – only accessible if you buy it.

Forsaken Fortress: 1

Find this ruin near Brightwood Tower.

Location: 1: To the southeast of the main castle.

Guild Cave: 1

Location: 1: On the left of the first main room you come into.

Hobbe Cave: 1

Location: 1: In the spiral walkway.

Howling Halls: 1

Location: 1: In the corner of the main room over the spike pit.

Lady Grey's Tomb: 1

Location: 1: In the corridor before dropping into the sand of the main tomb.

Lion's Head Isle: 1

Location: 1: Outside the cave that you come to after coming out of the water-filled lagoon with the island in the middle and heading up the hill.

Oakfield: 3

Location: 1: On the bridge at the hub of the village. 2: Behind the sculptor's house. 3: Up the shore in the lack below the Temple of Light, there is a path heading behind the temple.

Rookridge: 3

Location: 1: Outside the entrance to Hobbe Cave. 2: In Late Adulthood you can go past the previously blocked rail track if you follow the track from Rookridge Inn all the ay along to the mining equipment. 3: On the wall of the Temple of Shadows main courtyard.

Shadow Court: 1

Location: 1: Behind you once you cross the spikes.

Shelley Crypt: 1

Location: 1: Once you navigate the bridges and orbs in the main room follow the ledge to the right.

The Temple of Shadows: 1

Location: 1: To the left of the wheel in the sacrifice chamber.

Tomb of Heroes: 1

Location: 1: On the other side of the door on the way to the sarcophagus room.

Twinblade's Tomb: 1

Location: 1: Above the door you come into the final room through.

Westcliff: 4

Location: 1: On the path on the way to the Howling Halls, after the second large bend near some stone ruins. 2: Turn right at the fork and the next gargoyle is near the tower at the end of the path. 3: On the wall of the Howling Halls just before you go inside. 4: On the cliffside on the beach you come back from the Spire on.

Wraithmarsh: 4

Location: 1: In the building near your cage at the start of the area. 2: On your way to the Drowned Farm from your cage it's outside the house before you enter the circle of the village. 3: After crossing the bridge from Oakvale it’s on the right after a short distance. 4: To the west of the circle of tombs, on the left of the path as you head downhill.


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me i shot 1 they all insult me when 1 start blabbing i stop pull out my gun look for blue eyes and snip its funny i thought of come backs that would leave them stone cold ......... sorry couldn't help my self

Added 24th Dec 2012, ID #227877

I got all 50 gargoyles and the thing that is in the trunk......A ROTTEN APPLE!!!!!

Added 17th Dec 2012, ID #223366

Actually the real treasure is on the other side of the wall behind the trunk.

Added 3rd Aug 2015, ID #593122

Reaver destroyed the original oakvill when he summoned the shsdow court to grant him eternal youth for akvills inhabitantsl. and after that wraith marsh. consumed it so no the original. oakvill is deastrouyed but then they named some other plot of land oakvill and all is right in the world

Added 23rd Nov 2012, ID #211402

No offense dude but when you get to wraithmarsh theresa (if thats her name, the one that always talks via the guild seal) says that it used to be oakvill, before 'evil' came or something, so technically it is on fable 2...

Added 18th Aug 2012, ID #177245

I found all the gargoyles but I didn't shoot it what the heck was I'm thinking!!!

Added 12th Jul 2012, ID #163408

There are 2 in fairfax castle, one in like the dining wing, and the other in the study, i got all in brightwood, and if u need money just buy like 10 properties disconnet make your date 2005 go back in game save and quit make date 2025 then wait and reconnect.

Added 1st Jun 2012, ID #147744

I have found all but 1 in Brightwood. I have looked and looked for the last one but cant seem to find it. Can someone help me out here?

Added 23rd Apr 2012, ID #136367



:( or ): SAD FACE


Added 2nd Apr 2012, ID #128642

Srr that was a joke heres the real comment 3..2..1.. here you go huuuu Theres no oakvill only in Fable the lost chapters and Fable 1 :( ps.Fable the lost chapters is the same as Fable 1 but with more qwests,wepons and more choises Hope this helped but im still sad that oakvill is not in Fable 1 and 2 :(

Added 2nd Apr 2012, ID #128640

Theres no oakvill only in Fable the lost chapters and Fable 1


ps.Fable the lost chapters is the same as Fable 1 but with more qwests,wepons and more choises

Hope this helped but im still sad that oakvill is not in Fable the lost chapters and Fable 1 :(

Added 2nd Apr 2012, ID #128637

if i remember right the one in the forsaken forest is accessed by standing on a bridge and looking over at it

Added 21st Mar 2012, ID #124936

how do you finish the mission when the three heoesr sre wiv lucian an you go back to the farm

Added 6th Mar 2012, ID #120928

The guild cave has its own section in the regions menu so it wouldn't count, there has to be a fifth gargoyle in bower lake.

Added 18th Jan 2012, ID #107099

I have got all four outside Bower Lake and the one inside the old tomb right before you jump on the ledge. Says I only have 4/5 for Bower Lake. Is this a glitch?

Added 18th Jan 2012, ID #107096

wheres the one in forsaken fortress? i go through the first stone arch go up the stirs to the right to the end of that and i hear him but cant see him.

Added 12th Dec 2011, ID #94644

Where is the forsaken fortress? Near brightwood tower? Ok can anyone b more specific?

Added 20th Nov 2011, ID #88910

Nevermind. The 5th gargoyle for bower lake is in the tomb of heros. My bad

Added 20th Nov 2011, ID #88902

So I understand how u broke up the caves and the area maps. But bower lake and the guild cave are seperate. It says 5 in bower lake and one in the guild cave. I think u may have forgotten one in bower lake

Added 20th Nov 2011, ID #88899

For everyone questioning the number of gargoyles mentioned in each region the gargoyles on the region map include the caves but this guide mentions them separately so the 5th bower lake gargoyle is the one in the guild cave etc .

Added 13th Nov 2011, ID #87103

You need dexturos styles in abalities 2 get the gargoyles

Added 15th Oct 2011, ID #80582

At bloodstone the 3rd one is behind the boat house on the hill peice

Added 23rd Sep 2011, ID #75988

Ok i found the one in shelly crypt . I can explain it a little better. After you have lit up the last clear bridge before you go up the slope turn to your right . The thing is above a small torch on your right side.

Added 22nd Sep 2011, ID #75937

Its driving me crazy I can't find the one in shelly crypt can anyone help

Added 22nd Sep 2011, ID #75936

there is also 5 in rookridge and i cant find the last one, same thing with bower lake. i only need 3 more and i cant find the!!!!

Added 21st Sep 2011, ID #75729

it says there is 3 in bloodstone, but there is actually 4, i cant seem to find the last one. i got the ones that it says on here, but there is one still missing. please help

Added 21st Sep 2011, ID #75723

ya have to kill lucien first, and plus i can hit the furniture store one just fine,you need to be able to aim to get most of em.

Added 17th Sep 2011, ID #75013

how and when can u purchase the fairfax gardens place? it does not have sign to purchase it yet for me is there a certain mission to beat in order for it to get bought?

Added 10th Sep 2011, ID #73753

I just use a master flintlock rifle and they blow up no matter what. Accurasy doesnt matter.

Added 13th Aug 2011, ID #66800

[size=12][/size] How do you get the carriage to move to get the gargoyle thats hiding in there? I have tried taking it and fast traveling back, buying the carriage house and everything but nothing works. What do i ahve to do?

Added 16th Jun 2011, ID #49625

The gargoyle in Bloodstone that is straight up from the middle boat but you can't actually see it from there. Stand next to Bard to the bone who will ask you to exchange 10 gold pieces for a song, walk up the hill and it's inbetween the first 2 building on the right.

Added 13th Jun 2011, ID #49038

whats behind the sets of gs

Added 13th Jun 2011, ID #48983

they said something was to happen if you silence all 50 gargoyles

Added 13th May 2011, ID #42711

i cnt find the one in bloodstone.. the one u say stand at middle boat and look up hill. i also cant find one in bowerstone cemetary the one along the wall.. i cant even hear them i dnt understand why i cant least hear them. plz help

Added 5th Mar 2011, ID #31541

Incase noons knows btw the one in fairfax gardens near the entrance to the actual building ... There's a tower just before you entr the gargoyle is in it were the bell ships be and the one near the library is just as u enter

Added 5th Mar 2011, ID #31526

there is a gargoyle behind the sculpture womans building it will be about the middle just look up and shoot it with one of ur guns

Added 10th Feb 2011, ID #28660

Don't buy a new gun get accuracy and dexturos styles in your abilitis

Added 9th Feb 2011, ID #28581

Found the one in the furniture shop. But i can't seem to be able to break it. I guess its to high up in the corner for my gun to shoot it. what gun should I buy.

Added 9th Feb 2011, ID #28572

Where is the one in the cemetery mansion cavern. I hear him but I can't find him?!

Added 29th Jan 2011, ID #27193

How are you able to shoot the one inside the carriage house??? My accuracy is at 4 and I still am unable to hit the bloody thing. Ugh!

Added 19th Jan 2011, ID #26004

Yeah it took forever i thought it was inside the furniture store in bowerstone

Added 10th Jan 2011, ID #24819

Hah! I just heard him say that to me. Jerk.

Added 14th Dec 2010, ID #21110

You have to fire your gun at the gargoyles to "access" them. Make sure to hit them in the eye! Oh, and my favorite line from the gargoyles: "I hear your marksmanship is as bad as your body odor!"

Added 2nd Dec 2010, ID #19986

theres 5 in bowerstone cementary
i found 4 but cant find the last one D:

Added 19th Nov 2010, ID #18677

Yar wrong there are 4 in BLOODSTONE!!

Added 13th Nov 2010, ID #18046

After using the Cullis Gate to Wraithmarsh the statue will be out of the way of the gap. Then you can go into Archon's Knot, where you will find my personal favorite, the Daichi.

Added 8th Nov 2010, ID #17684

i cant get the one in brightwood tower where you need to jump into the well because theres a statue in the way of the gap?

Added 8th Nov 2010, ID #17653

I can't find one in bowerstone cemetery I've looked everywhere!

Added 30th Oct 2010, ID #16788

ure wrong there are five in bower lake

Added 1st Oct 2010, ID #14038

if you cant find one check the regions menu. At the bottom of the description it tells you both how many gargoyles and keys are in the region and how many of them you have found.

Added 2nd Sep 2010, ID #11130

well, the last one is usually the one in the Fairfax castle, inside the library there, im working on it too, so i kno how u feel, and to access them you have to shoot them with ur gun

Added 28th Aug 2010, ID #10508