Demon Doors

Fable 2 Walkthrough and Guide

by Mike Hazleton  

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Fable II Guide - Demon Doors

There are nine Demon Doors in total.

1: Bloodstone – Winter Lodge:

On the path from Bloodstone towards Wraithmarsh to the north of the area. You need to play a tune on the lute (you can buy it in most general shops) to the door and hold the expression and finally finish it correctly when prompted by the door to enter.

Reward: Master Longsword (weapon)

2: Bower Lake – The Arid Sea:

In the woods to the far south-west of the lake, past the pond. Perform expressions to match what the door reads in this order throughout the play.

Bloodlust Roar
Middle Finger
Worship – Purchase Bower Market's bookshop and the Book of Worship you need for this expression appears in the bookcase upstairs.
Blow Kiss
Point and Laugh
Vulgar Thrust

Reward: Lucky Charm Augment

3: Bowerstone Cemetary – Forgotten Keep:

Near the entrance to the cemetery. Kick the nearby chickens at the door to enter.

Reward: Balverine Strength Potion, Practiced Skill Potion and Infused Will Potion.

4: Brightwood – The Sepulchre:

In the woods near Giles's farm. You need to visit it many times. First, bring it cheese. Second, get a haircut to include a mullet, handlebar moustache, dreadlocks or mutton chops. Third, items of cross-dress clothing to include Bandit Bandana, Tart Skirt, Yokel Hat, Noble Trousers, Noble Gent's Shirt or Corset. You can buy all the items in advance but don't wear them until the door asks you to, as it will ask for something else if you turn up with the stuff already. You can then equip them and it should work.

Reward: Not great! Merchant's Cap, Knotted Shirt, Harlequin Trousers (clothing).

5: Fairfax Gardens – Forest Sanctum:

In the basement of Castle Fairfax, accessible from the outside. This must be the last Demon Door opened to allow you access.

Reward: 50,000 gold and Marcus's Poems (book).

6: Oakfield – Homestead:

On the alternate path to the Temple of Light, the one on the side of the main village and the sculptor's house. You need to get married in front of the door to enter.

Reward: Serenity Farm (property worth 32,000 gold) and Hammerthyst (legendary weapon) – found in the chest in the outbuilding of the farm.

7: Rookridge – Memory Lane:

On the way to Rookridge head up the hill towards the rail track bridge rather than crossing beneath the inn. Perform 5 different dog tricks to enter (using your own expressions).

Reward: Potion of Life

8: Westcliff – The Vault:

On the way to the Howling Halls, on the main path. You need to be at least 50% corrupt for the door to welcome you in.

Reward: The Calavera (legendary weapon)

9: Wraithmarsh – Terry Cotter's Army:

As you leave your cage cross the river over the bridge and turn right up the path to find the door. You need to bring a crowd of rich people to see the door, so use Bowestone town square to lure the middle class to the door. You may need almost a dozen followers, so be sure to only attempt this when your renown is pretty high.

Reward: The Perforator (legendary weapon)


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Added 28th Sep 2015, ID #612268

How do you open the one in brightwood all he says
Just go away and other stuf

Added 16th Jul 2015, ID #585248

To get into the Brightwood demon door, I went up to it (after giving him the cheese and wearing the correct outfit and hairstyle) and pressed the A button and he opened. If you're having trouble, just try that.

Added 7th Apr 2015, ID #539143


Added 4th Sep 2013, ID #308243

you can get your dog back by chosen love

Added 29th Dec 2012, ID #231088

where dreadlocks

Added 27th Dec 2012, ID #229572

do you know theres a twin of the sword of aeons it's avos'tear

Added 21st Dec 2012, ID #225403

I would also like to know about this please. "How do you open the three doors that are INSIDE the Westcliff Demon Door? They are along the walls, once you get inside the vault. They glow violet on the edges (indicating that it is an active doorway)"

Added 25th Nov 2012, ID #212586

The red dragon is a good weapon to use in the crucible due to its speed and devistation augment i cleared the crucible with ease using this weapon

Added 27th Oct 2012, ID #201593

This website is very helpful.

Added 10th Oct 2012, ID #194457

What is the best melee weapon in the game then? I'd like to know so i can get all the best times in the Crucible. If anyone knows let me know please.

Added 15th Sep 2012, ID #186371

And the Sward of Aeons is a sward in the original Fable. if you decide to be a good guy, you can get the sward by completing a quest. you end up digging it up. :P

Added 24th Jul 2012, ID #168188

Falling and making money?????? WHATS GOING ON???????

Added 24th Jul 2012, ID #168185

i went through the bloodstone door and went up to the house. but the house wasn't there. i walked around on where the house should be, and when i stepped on where the door should've been, the event happened. now i'm just falling...... still falling...

Added 24th Jul 2012, ID #168181

hey whoever posted about getting the sword of aeons, i went and looked but it wasent there. were you being serious or were you just yanking peoples chains?

Added 23rd Jul 2012, ID #167688

i have to say this is a very good website to look at for answers

Added 19th Jul 2012, ID #166084

you can get ur dog back by going to knothole island and find the cemetery and pull the lever and have Someone go into the tomb and you'll recieve ur dog for some reason

Added 10th Jul 2012, ID #162350

the best weapon in the game is the dachi i have it abd it cab kill a balvarine in 2 shots.

Added 29th Jun 2012, ID #158475

mine come with knothole island so i got my dog back but then i went to the rookeidge demon door went inside(already opened just want to see what would happen)when i left my dog was gone so now he is ghost in the door how do i get him back the knothole thing wont work again

Added 15th Apr 2012, ID #133914

The shtongest weapon in fable 2 is somthing called the sword of Aeons I have not herd of it befor but I have got it and its really good you can kill the troll in th arena in 4 hits it has all the anchantments plus one spear but it does not have the fear its self or the one that makes you good looking I found it in the guild ruins its hidden well theres this bit just after you jump into the water from this really high place and then you carry on until you go into the next room and theres a bunch of planks nailed on the wall and a little crack between each one the second one down has got a ball of light you have to shoot this ball and then you good up to the planks and hit them they should break and then there is a very large cliff jump off it you will land in water hten go to the island on the right it has a cheast on it same with the island on the left but that contans $10000 gold but the right island cheast contans the sword of Aeons I hope this helps you on your adventers

Added 2nd Apr 2012, ID #128830

so if i had a child with someone and that person divorced me what happens to the child?

Added 30th Mar 2012, ID #127678

how do i get to bloodstone is it after i go to the spire

Added 21st Mar 2012, ID #124941

theres a dive spot in the water when u come up from it your in the jail room and u get the key, i kept trying to get arrested but couldn't

Added 21st Mar 2012, ID #124939

How do you open the Gate behind the guard in Bowerstone Market to get the key?

Added 9th Mar 2012, ID #121603

I can't find The Vault demon door, where is it!?

Added 16th Feb 2012, ID #115439

tart skirt u can find in west cliff if u help Barnum westclif will have new shops

Added 5th Feb 2012, ID #112461

I cant find the crpyt either can anyone help me please!!!! Ive got four more gargoyles left

Added 15th Jan 2012, ID #106278

I cant find the gargoyle at the end of the crypt in the cemetery.

Added 31st Dec 2011, ID #101248


The demon door in Bower Lake rotates his expressions!!!!!!!!!!

The expressions mentioned above are CORRECT... but the order changes for each hero!


Added 29th Dec 2011, ID #100013

why wont it let me set serenty farm as my maritual home ???

Added 23rd Dec 2011, ID #97960

For the demon door in brightwood the only thing that worked for me was to turn it on two player then he asked for cheese and all the other things. The farmers hat is the yokel hat, the tart skirt can be found at bloodstone or some traveling traders, the posh shirt is just a shirt that has poshness points in the description(I used the one with the most points)and dreads are at bloodstone as well. After I did everything he asked he still wouldn't let me in. All I did was fast travel to bowerstone, quit and saved it, then went back in single player mode. He let me in immediately.

Added 29th Sep 2011, ID #77261

I opened the last demon door in fairfax gardens, but haven't got the achievement.. whats up with that?

Added 24th Sep 2011, ID #76311

at the wraithmarsh door while he told that story
hollowmen killed my party!!!

Added 20th Sep 2011, ID #75637

The demon door in brightwood is telling me to "go away. Im too embarresed to show you what ive got." Ive got cheese to give him. What am i dooing wrong.

Added 14th Sep 2011, ID #74462

Raise rent and prices on everything to become corrupt.

Added 13th Sep 2011, ID #74344

no u cant sell serenity farm

Added 12th Sep 2011, ID #74210

how do u become corrupt

Added 12th Sep 2011, ID #74208

can u sell the serenity farm?

Added 4th Sep 2011, ID #72559

For bower lake - arid sea...
Whoever wrote this forgot the point and laugh ( I think that's what it is called) before the middle finger

Added 1st Sep 2011, ID #71793

I am at the brightwood door and i have dressed in the hat skirt and im wearing a noble blouse... but the door is not saying anything. although i did get rid of the beard, do i need that ? please help !

Added 27th Aug 2011, ID #70612

Giles farm is in brightwood. Knotwhole island can be found by going to the docks at bowerstone market and talk to the guy with the sub.

Added 25th Aug 2011, ID #70028

what region is Giles's farm in

Added 20th Aug 2011, ID #68748

The demon door you have to act out stuff for.... Well i did everything it told me to..and still it told me to go away and try again.. whats with that. When it came to giving it the finger.. it said no no no your doing it all wrong now try again.

Added 19th Aug 2011, ID #68568

excusey ppls, how do i get places like knothole island? how do i download it? i hope it doesn't need xbox live but i really want my dog back and fable is getting really boring, it would be nice to have those extra maps to explore, i have beaten the game so many times and even deleted my account on several occasions to start all over with Fable. Please tell me i can just download extensions and that there isn't another version of fable 2 i should have gotten instead.

Added 9th Aug 2011, ID #65379

I agree with the bloodstone door... really freaky.

Anyway, I am just about to face Lucien for the final time in the assault on bloodstone quest, is their anything I should do (i.e. quests, gargoyles, demon doors etc.)

Any help would be appreciated.

Added 16th Jul 2011, ID #58324

yo two thigs i have exstenition and i cant get dog back also wraithmarsh door is the coolest

Added 13th Jul 2011, ID #57542

i keep seeing a dog paw on my map at bloodstone yet my dog is dead what is up with that??

Added 1st Jul 2011, ID #53909

where is the bowerstone book store or how can i buy experessions? -__-

Added 27th Jun 2011, ID #52820

I got tart skirt at bloodstone i think it was

Added 12th Jun 2011, ID #48827

I'm trying the brightwood demon door at the moment but i cannot for the life of me find the tart skirt. Any idea where i can pick one up?

Added 12th Jun 2011, ID #48787