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Follow the dark path or use the light


Castle Fairfax

Fable 2 Walkthrough and Guide

by Mike Hazleton  

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Fable II Guide - Castle Fairfax

Invest the money in shops and real estate so you are generating as much money as possible, then work on getting five-star acclaim in all the jobs in the game, particularly serving drinks behind the various bars in the game. The money is to purchase the massive Castle Fairfax, which holds the last few secret items in the game, but to actually trigger the specific quest, sleep in Lucien's bed, if you can bear it. You will be awoken by bandits attacking from a tomb underneath the castle, so take out those in your room and nearby, before proceeding down into the tomb to finish them off.

While your luck with enemy-infested houses thus far hasn't been great, you need to defeat these enemies to get the rewards on offer. Head through the enemies after activating the lever when you enter the tomb and then through the left-most door. You will eventually come to a room with another orb in, so use whatever colour button it recommends to whack it around the room until it allows you into the next room. Open the chests and pick up the Sex-change Potion on the table. This allows you, as the name suggests, to permanently change your gender for the rest of the game. You have to make the decision right now, in this tomb, or the opportunity is gone. Happily though your castle is now bandit-free, and as owner of the prestigious property you receive 10,000 renown.

The next quest also requires some formalities to be filled before it is activated, namely living a double life with two spouses!


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Apr 2nd 2013 Guest
1. Buy one or more of the weapon stands. You get a 39% shop owner discount and that helps immensely with what I'm about to tell you. ((The weapon stand in Old Town is probably your best bet if you gave the warrants to the sheriff whn you were a child.))
2. Once you buy the weapon stand(s), buy as many of the weapons as possible.
3. Fast travel to Fairfax Gardens and sell all of the weapons you just bought. The traveling merchants in FG will buy the weapons (and other things, to be completely honest) at more than base value. Just be sure that you don't go buying anything from those merchants while in FG because they sell things for more than base value also.

This does take a little time to build up gold, but it's a lot faster than waiting for the real estate wealth and jobs you do to accumulate. The more gold you raise, the more buildings you can buy to raise profits and the more weapons you can buy to sell in FG.
ID #269836
Jan 5th 2013 Guest
Is there any other way to get the money for this castle? +Other than the time cheat. +Other than working and getting 5 stars in every job.
ID #237488
Dec 26th 2012 asdern
it was easy for me move shoot though i did use the odd hand gun from the island mystery box thing
ID #228955
Jul 23rd 2012 Guest
I got to the potion once and it was cool
ID #167658
Jun 22nd 2012 Guest
It was pretty easy, I got it done on my first try, the secret is the orb changes color so you either shoot it it zap it with magic
ID #155652
May 24th 2012 Guest
i know how to get Fairfax castle free
ID #144947
Mar 27th 2012 Guest
i cant get past he first orb room and ive hit each thing everytime help??
ID #126934
Feb 24th 2012 Guest
Can anyone send be that stupid sex change posion. I may have drank the silly thing
ID #117791
Feb 18th 2012 Guest
hey you guys that say to just shoot instead of manual aim it really works thanks
ID #115988
Jan 24th 2012 Guest
I had some trouble with this as well but after reading through all the comments here I figured out a good way to do it. I used lvl 2 blades then moved in front of the third opening and shot all 3 in a row with no problem. Just tap Y don't hold it in. & for everyone that commented and said how easy it is & that you just have to shoot it, you are very rude! This is for helping gamers not to criticize or 'brag' cause it was sooo easy for you! Grow up & be nice! I hope this helps whoever may need help!
ID #109008
Dec 28th 2011 Guest
Your wife will be in the gardens, not the castle. That's where mine always is anyways.
ID #99820
Jun 29th 2015 Guest
hey i bought the castle but it never shows my wife in the castle or the garden
ID #577303
Sep 2nd 2011 Guest
Theres a glitch in fairfax castle where if you set it as your marital home your wife dissapears :D
ID #71873
Aug 30th 2011 Guest
The 2nd quest it talked about at the end won't start
ID #71240
Aug 20th 2011 dutch_82
to find your wife, go to the "family" menu and set her as your tasking. You should get the golden trail to her.

in fairfax tomb, the room with decending stairs where Hobbes attack you, there is an Obelisk at the bottom of the stairs. I have searched and searched for an orb to chase around but can't find one. Does anyone know what i'm talking about or where to find it?
ID #68733
Aug 13th 2011 Guest
umm yeah, i bought the castle, but my bro got me married in that place and now i cant seem to find my wife anywhere, can someone plz help???
ID #66845
Jul 19th 2011 Guest
i use the master clockwork my opinion it is the bestrifle in the game
ID #59289
Jul 15th 2011 Guest
Where do you get your sister back?!?!?!
ID #58250
May 19th 2011 Guest
i tried auto aim and i still cant hit them but is there any other secrets in the castle
ID #43858
Mar 31st 2011 Stephen Gillen
i dont see why you would want to aim manualy anyway ever since the first time you had to shoot the orbs it was always auto aim you dont even have to be looking at it
ID #34990
Mar 31st 2011 Stephen Gillen
to buy castle fairfax there should be a quest for it if not the sign is right next to the door
ID #34988
Mar 22nd 2011 Guest
just auto aim its way easier
ID #33667
Feb 9th 2011 Guest
It's so simple all you need to do after the skill spell is just tap y and he will automatically aim and hit the orb.
ID #28532
Feb 5th 2011 Guest
I found the trick of standing in front of the coffins, and moving to the right as you shoot to be most helpful. After the orb moves to where you can't see it, just move to the right and shoot without aiming, and you will hit it.
ID #28121
Jan 29th 2011 Guest
best way to get thoses orbs down is with the blades, then just shoot them up with a six shooter.
ID #27173
Jan 19th 2011 Guest
Once you beat the game just goto the castle entrance in Fairfax Gardens.
ID #25998
Jan 10th 2011 one_eyedguy
I just want to know how to buy the place, well how to make it were I can buy it anyways.....
ID #24814
Jan 2nd 2011 Guest
hahahahah its easy just will the first target shoot the others without zooming in
ID #23766
Dec 15th 2010 Guest
its easy to get the master mace and blast your way though fairfax castle withlvl3 swords and lvl5 toughness
ID #21175
Dec 11th 2010 Guest
Hello just helping out. I followed these directions. Don't zoom, JUST shoot. Done it on 1st try. Good luck!
ID #20797
Dec 10th 2010 Guest
The first orb room's directions: shoot, shoot, will power

The second orb room's directions: will power, shoot, shoot, shoot

Don't use zoom when you shoot the orbs, it'll actually only be a bit more difficult, and it doesn't really matter which gun you use, either. Just try to keep your view point as open as possible. It'll take two or three tries, but once you figure out where you'll need to be you'll forget why you ever had a problem with it in the first place.

FYI: People say "use lvl2 swords", but you don't even need to. I used fire and it worked just fine for me. Good luck and have fun!!

- CatatonicGamer
ID #20679
Dec 1st 2010 Guest
how do you buy the castle??? cant find the sign to purchase it. Got plenty of my got about 5mil i own every dam house in buisness i could find
ID #19870
Nov 21st 2010 Guest
try to use a master clockwork pistol. Furthermore, one the first magic orb, the red one, use blades, it'll take a second for the clades to flick, then shoot the orb.
ID #18858
Nov 8th 2010 Guest
I found my sister Im not telling lolz
ID #17695
Oct 26th 2010 Guest
ha ha ha, i'm up to it but saving it for tonight i'll see how it goes and tell you sorry noobs how to do it
ID #16376
Oct 22nd 2010 Guest
Auto aim (one press) to shoot the orbs, not manual, (hold and aim) it takes too long....
ID #15899
Oct 10th 2010 Guest
your right ... im having trouble also ,the hero will not automaticly target the orb ..i assumed you had to stand in one spot to hit all targets there is no possible way to hit the fourth skill orb its bull malarkie!
ID #14884
Sep 29th 2010 Guest
I shot the butler after he quit, I thought he might have let the bandits in. It only got me 15 evil points, I was a saint and saw no damage to my morality.
ID #13886
Sep 27th 2010 Guest
so... I didn't know this, making me feel stupid. You don't have to target the orb yourself, you can simply tap Y and your hero will automatically shoot the orb. Using a swords spell will also buy you extra time upon casting it.
ID #13762
Aug 20th 2010 Guest
Someone should Take a Video of doing this, I'm sure I'll figure it out eventually but, I'm sure more people will come along with the same question, And a Video might be more helpful! (=
ID #9596
Aug 10th 2010 Mr Spanky 12
to get the 4 in a row (will, skill, skill, skill) right before the treasure, use a pistol or rifle and stand at the base of the coffin facing will to start. cast will, then quickly move straight right and you should auto-target the skill, and then continue moving down the row until you hit the last one... I really really hate those timed ones.

hope this helps!
ID #8337
Aug 6th 2010 Guest
use will power to hit the orb when it turns red.
ID #7734
Aug 4th 2010 Guest
I see that there is another door after the first where u hit the orb 3 times.

This time the orb is Red and too far away. how do I hit it? I have tried it with teh rifle but nothing happens and I cant climb to reach the orb to whack it. and is this the final door? thanks
ID #7504
Aug 3rd 2010 Guest
its way easy to shoot the orbs!
ID #7279
Jul 29th 2010 Guest
try using the roll ability to dodge to where you can see the orb better and use l target to shoot faster
ID #6519
Jul 27th 2010 skitzotheclown
i have the same problem.......on the the orbs to open the last door i cant move fast enough to get the last orb because its behind a pillar.... i have everything maxed out and i still can do it........ if there is some secret to it please let me know lol
ID #6279
Jul 25th 2010 Guest
Well I know if you play two player you can choose the Turret Rifle for his/her gun, but I think you can buy it about anywhere.
I think I once got a Turret Rifle in Bowerstone...But it might have been in Oakfield.
Hope I sorta helped...
ID #5944
Jul 9th 2010 Guest
where do you get the turret rifle
ID #3766
Jul 6th 2010 Guest
Its easiest if you get the turret rifle. just blast away in the last chamber after using lvl 2 swords.
ID #3336
Jul 5th 2010 Guest
this is terrible.. its impossible to hit the ords fast enough.. i spend 100000 on the damn house and than i have to doo more work!!!stuoid
ID #3135