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Fable 2 Guide - Bloodstone Assault

Fortunately he has a back-way out of the building, so follow him through the bookcase as the Bloodstone Assault quest begins. As you enter the first cavern use your Accuracy to take out as many Spire guards as possible before they get too close. Explosive barrels can assist you in taking them out. Use Time Control as the second wave rushes you to get plenty of ranged attacks in on them before they arrive.

Follow your dog to the treasure up the ramp you were firing upon a short while ago and another wave of guards will storm in opposite you. Continue the ranged attacks and head down across the centre of the room and move along the bridge just below where the guards were. Take out the guards in the next room and the accompanying Commandant and into the next large area. Use the explosive barrels to aid in your destruction of the guards on the main bridge across the top of the cave, using Time Control to buy yourself some respite from those beneath it who will inevitably rush you.

Carry on following Reaver and you will emerge up high in the cavern you were just in. Use the barrels on the ground to defeat and damage as many of the Spire guards as possible, also shooting the spikes on the ceiling to send them hurtling down onto the enemies below. Time Control gives you more of a chance of taking them all out, but it's likely they'll run underneath the bridge and up through the caves to come out behind you before you can despatch them all.

Escape with Reaver

Fight the few guards running towards you after you cross the bridge and drop down to the level below. Glancing at the ship Reaver has earmarked for escape, continue into the gloomy cavern and take out the last set of guards blocking your route out before exiting through the winding cave out onto Smuggler's Beach.

Being reunited with Hammer and Garth, all the heroes are now together in one place, and it's just as well because the Great Shard, a giant version of the miniature ones that are hard enough to defeat has come to rain on your parade. It will begin by unleashing an army of Spire Guards onto the ground. The same principle applies with this giant shard as with the smaller ones – the target is the glowing orb in the centre. This one however only exposes itself after taking enough damage, preferably with Shock attacks on its shell. The Spire Guards are a mere annoyance by contrast, and you should allow Garth and Hammer to deal with them while you and Reaver use the raised sections to hit the Great Shard until it opens. Use ranged weaponry and Shock to attack it once open. Repeat this, switching sides if the Spire Guards come up to you until the Great Shard, the most heavily armoured enemy in the game, is finally defeated.

Achievement: Hero of Skill – 100g

With the Hero of Skill quest now complete, you collect 10,000 renown and the amusingly-titled Shard Shard trophy as The Weapon quest begins.



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same as the 9th/3rdth of agust /april people is it casue we did not go whith garth

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I am doing the bloodstone assault quest and it wont let me use my weapons or will power. What do i do? -Haley

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i have had the same problem and dont know what to do, it also wont let me save where i am, any idea?

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Please help me. I just thought I had defeated the great shard, now the shard lays in the water and everyone is just standing there. I have ran all over and tried to talk to them. Nothing! What else is there for me to do? Tracy

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