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Pokemon League

Pokemon X Walkthrough and Guide by Paul (vhayste)
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Pokemon League

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Heal at the Pokemon Center and prepare your best party. You'll be conquering the League shortly. There's a Photo Shot location to the east as well. This is it, those challenges and times you've endured for this chance to conquer the Pokemon League and become the next champion.

Once ready inside the building. Take note that the specialties of the Elite Four are Fire, Water, Steel and Dragon. You can fight them in any order you choose. Head to the next room and one of the Elites, Malva will welcome you. There are four chambers here where you can find the specific Elite Four members. Save your game and head to the chamber of your choice.

After defeating the Elite Four, the main door to the north will be opened. You'll have to go inside to face the champion. Heal up your Pokemon and prepare for the battle.

Champion Diantha (Prize Money: p16,320)

LV64 Hawlucha (Fighting/Flying)
It will use Swords Dance to increase its attack before dishing damage with Flying Press, which incidentally counts as both Fighting and Flying move. Using Electric, Ice, Psychic or even Flying attacks to deal with it. Hawlucha lso has Poison Jab and X-Scissor.

LV65 Tyrantrum (Rock/Dragon)
If you raised one, you already know how dangerous Tyrantrum can be with the correct moves. Its Head Smash will surely deal high damage to any Pokemon it hits while sacrificing a half of its HP. A fair trade, especially if your Pokemon gets one-hit-KO'ed by it. That said, it is very weak against Ice moves. It doesn't have that high sp defense so you can push through with special attacks to knock it out.

LV65 Aurorus (Rock/Ice)
Fighting, Fire and Water moves deal extra damage to this Pokemon though it will be a good idea not to bring any Pokemon that may be weak against Ice.

LV65 Gourgeist (Ghost/Grass)
You have to watch out for Gourgeist's Trick-or-Treat move. This adds Ghost type to its target. If the target is dual-typed, it will become triple-typed. This additional type will make your Pokemon weak against Phantom Force, its powerful move similar to Fly or Bounce where it will disappear, rendering it unreachable, before landing the attack on the second turn. If you're hit by this, you can pull out the afflicted Pokemon and bring out another one to absorb the damage. Phantom Force alone shouldn't hurt that much but it won't hurt taking precautions. Use Fire, Psychic or Ghost moves to exploit its weaknesses.

LV66 Goodra (Dragon)
As a pure Dragon-type, you can take it out by using a powerful Ice attack. Goodra will use Dragon Pulse against its own kind so think twice before sending your own Dragon to deal with it. Surprisingly, it can use Fire Blast, which is bad news if the move connects and you're using an ice-type, hoping for an easy victory.

LV68 Gardevoir (Psychic/Fairy)
It will start the battle by evolving to a Mega Gardevoir. This transformation further increases its already impressive sp attack and sp defense ratings. Don't use dragon or dark-type Pokemon here, unless they're faster and more powerful (several levels higher) than Gardevoir. If you're fighting on close level range, you'll have to rely on powerful steel and poison-type moves.

After the battle, Diantha will take you to the Hall of Fame. The Pokemon that's part of your party will be immortalized in this hall. Watch the awarding ceremony where a trainer will challenge you into one last battle.

Pokemon Trainer AZ
  • LV60 Torkoal (Fire)
  • LV60 Sigilyph (Psychic/Flying)
  • LV60 Golurk (Ground/Ghost)

Honestly, this battle should be a piece of cake at this point. Defeat him and watch the following scenes and the credits with roll by.

Congratulations for finishing the game!

But hold on! Your adventure is far from over. Check out the post-game section for more details about the additional stuff you can only do after finishing the game. And you're itching to capture other legendaries too right?
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May 2nd 2015 Guest
THank you!
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Feb 14th 2014 Guest
Is AZ the ancient king all this time?
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