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Route 19 - Grand Vallée Way

Pokemon X Walkthrough and Guide by Paul (vhayste)
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Route 19 - Grand Vallée Way

Last Updated:
Level Range of wild Pokémon: 45-48
Pokémon Type
Haunter Ghost/Poison
Carnivine Grass
Sliggoo Dragon
Weepinbell Grass/Poison
Shelmet Bug
Karrablast Bug
Drapion Poison/Dark
Gligar (Horde)* Ground/Flying
Weepinbell (Horde)* Grass/Poison
Skorupi (Horde) * Poison/Bug
Arbok (Horde) * Poison

*You can encounter these Hordes deliberately and quickly by using Honey or the Sweet Scent move while standing in the grass. Take note that the scent will fade quickly if its raining.

Water Pokemon
You can use the rods to fish in this route's deep (dark-colored) waters.
Pokémon Type Method
Quagsire Water/Ground Surf
Sliggoo Dragon Surf
Stunfisk Electric/Ground Surf
Poliwag Water Old Rod
Barboach Water/Ground Good Rod
Whishcash Water / Ground Super Rod
Poliwhirl Water Good Rod / Super Rod

Head to the south and go downstairs to the left. This will bring you to this route's swamp area. You need a Pokemon that can use Surf and Strength in order to fully explore the area. Start by surfing to the south until you reach shallow waters. Use your Dowsing Machine to locate a hidden Damp Rock near the cliff wall. Head to the left to face a pair of trainers.

Rangers Ivy and Orrick (Prize Money: p8,480)
  • LV53 Tauros (Normal)
  • LV53 Miltank (Normal)

Head to the left and challenge another trainer. Head to the south of the swimmer and you'll find a Rare Bone.

Swimmer Coral (Prize Money: p832)
  • LV52 Stunfisk (Electric/Ground)

After getting the item, head north this time until you come across another trainer. There's also a hidden Escape Rope in the rock beside her.

Pokemon Ranger Clementine (Prize Money: p4,320)
  • LV54 Alomomola (Water)

After defeating her, surf to the north and challenge the roving ranger beside the stairs.

Pokemon Ranger Amber (Prize Money: p4,080)
  • LV51 Emolga (Electric/Flying)
  • LV51 Grumpig (Psychic)

Head to the north to find a square boulder. Use Strength then push the boulder down from the north, from the west, then push it twice to the north before finally settling it to the hole by pushing it towards the east. Pick up the Toxic Plate at the end. Go upstairs and grab the PP Up from the flower field to the left.

Cross the bridge and face another trainer there. You can also pick up a Yache Berry from the tree to the right.

Pokemon Ranger Shinobu (Prize Money: p4,080)
  • LV51 Zangoose (Normal)
  • LV51 Beartic (Ice)

Continue upstairs and you'll finally be able to reach TM36 Sludge Bomb. You can now jump over the ledge and continue exploring the highland path. You can also return to Couriway Town and heal up at the Pokemon Center.

Once done, head south and face the trainer beside the stairs. There's also a hidden Net Ball in the rock to her right.

Hex Maniac Josette (Prize Money: p1,600)
  • LV50 Pumpkaboo (Ghost/Grass)
  • LV50 Pumpkaboo (Ghost/Grass)

You can jump from the ledge to the south then hop on the rock pillars until you see a patch of land in the middle. Hop on it to get a Max Revive. Hop back north then use the pillars to get to the southern road. Go check out the eastern road first. There's a hidden Antidote in the open tile, southeast corner of the purple flower patch.

Head a bit north and get in front of the girl standing on the hill to start a Sky Battle. There's also another patrolling trainer in the road heading west.

Sky Trainer Sera (Prize Money: p5,200)
  • LV50 Noctowl (Normal/Flying)
  • LV52 Aerodactyl (Rock/Flying)

Fairy Tale Girl Lovelyn (Prize Money: p1,568)
  • LV49 Mr. Mime (Psychic/Fairy)
  • LV49 Azumarill (Water/Fairy)
  • LV49 Aromatisse (Fairy)

If you continue west to the bridge, you'll be eventually stopped by Shauna and she'll challenge you to a battle.

Pokemon Trainer Shauna (Prize Money: p5,100)
  • LV49 Delcatty
  • LV49 Goodra
  • LV51 Greninja / Delphox / Chesnaught

Shauna's Pokemon are much stronger since your last fight don't take her lightly. Delcatty and Goodra doesn't pose that much of a threat. Her third Pokemon will always be the weaker type against your chosen starter. However, if you're not carrying your own starter around and you're raising a different team, you'll have to be careful of her starter Pokemon since they have good tricks under their sleeves.

After defeating Shauna, Tierno and Trevor will arrive. They'll take turns in challenging you to a Pokemon Battle as well.

Pokemon Trainer Tierno (Prize Money: p5,200)
  • LV48 Talonflame (Fire/Flying)
  • LV52 Crawdaunt (Water/Dark)
  • LV49 Roserade (Grass/Poison)

No special tactics are needed to deal with Tierno's Pokemon. Of the three, Crawdaunt will be the hard hitter, especially after it uses Swords Dance and Night Slash. After defeating Tierno, Trevor will finally get his turn in challenging you.

Pokemon Trainer Trevor (Prize Money: p5,100)
  • LV49 Raichu (Electric)
  • LV51 Florges (Fairy)
  • LV49 Aerodactyl (Rock/Flying)

Raichu is fast and annoying, capable of delivering paralyzing electric shocks. Avoid pitting vulnerable Pokemon against it or they'll be in a world of hurt. Fortunately, Raichu doesn't have that much HP or defense. Florges will use Moonblast most of the time – bad news particularly for Dragons, Fighting and Dark types. Exploit its low defense by taking it out with one or two hits. Finally, you'll be facing Aerodactyl. It will start the round by using Supersonic to confuse your Pokemon then using Ancient Power frequently. It doesn't have that much defense either so you can expect to take it out quickly.

After defeating all of them, you'll receive HM05 Waterfall from Shauna. This HM will allow a Pokemon to go up and down the waterfalls to find more items. However, you can't use it outside the battle until you get the last gym badge.

Continue to the left and you'll find a hidden Timer Ball in the northeast corner of the flower patch to the west. Continue further to the west and you'll reach the transition gate leading to Snowbelle City.

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