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Pokemon X Walkthrough and Guide

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Pokemon X Strategy Guide and Walkthrough

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In pokemon x/Y, players will have to set on a quest to become the strongest trainer known as the Champion. This will take them to different locations, meet different people and catch different Pokemon. On this quest, they will also be able to encounter the titular legendary Pokemons: Xerneas for Pokemon X and Yveltal for pokemon y.

The game features some very interesting features and will increase the total number of Pokemon to over 700 species, with the Introduction of the new type, the Fairy-type pokemon. This sixth-generation Pokemon title also introduces Mega Evolutions. These are temporary but enhanced change certain Pokemon can achieve with different appearances, stats, abilities and even temporary change in type. Players will also get a Kanto-region starter Pokemon to get their Mega Evolution.

Table of Contents
  • Basics
  • Pokemon
  • PSS
  • Walkthrough (1)
  • Walkthrough (2)
  • Walkthrough (3)
  • Walkthrough (4)
  • Post Game
  • Extras
  • Competitive Battles

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37 comments, latest first.
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Nov 29th 2015 Guest
Shiny buldum for a Esperr.
ID #629579
Nov 20th 2015 Guest
very good game (ghost)[img][/img]
ID #626733
May 22nd 2015 Guest
My mom beat the game for me because she STOLE it from me thename I restarted it and an error occurred on my 3DSXL :'(
ID #559410
May 13th 2015 Guest
Hey guys, add my friend code please. I'll add you. If you add me you can get insanely cool pokemon at the Friend Safari in Kiloude City. You can obtain all 3 kalos and kanto starters this way also. My friend code is 4742-5687-4289. The name is Lance and I would like to have other friend codes soon too please.
ID #555803
Oct 18th 2015 Guest
My friend code is 4270 1062 0114
ID #617794
Jul 30th 2015 Guest
not true
ID #591213
Apr 27th 2015 Guest
the cheats for pokemon flora sky and xand y are same use and enjoy
ID #548552
Feb 5th 2015 Guest
How To Catch Mewtwo: Have a Dark or Ghost Type and use Night Slash It should go to Half Health It should use Refresh Try to hit a crit and Have a Ultra Ball and it should give 2 shakes Try again should give 3 or 4 shakes 4 means Crit Catch
ID #512172
Dec 30th 2014 Guest
All I wanted to know is how do I pass the guards the lead to the eight gym
ID #492796
Nov 23rd 2014 Guest
im looking for cheats as it is my 10th time playing it its a awesome game my best pokemon ive ever had are mewtwo charizard zygarde xereanes and the one and only evee (shiny) well thats pritty much me and my youtube account is shadowisawesome check it out ive go one ep lol
ID #475113
Nov 29th 2015 Guest
ID #629581
Nov 6th 2014 Guest
Does anyone know about pokemon x y version?
ID #468174
Sep 30th 2014 Guest
This game rocks love it almost beat the game i just beat the ice gym leader. Where do i go next
ID #453564
Nov 29th 2015 Guest
Pokemon league duh
ID #629576
Sep 13th 2014 Guest
ID #447458
Jul 21st 2014 Guest
Yep there is an action replay for x and y.
ID #422906
Jun 30th 2014 Guest
does anyone have suggestsions for a bulbasuars nickname?
ID #409331
Mar 23rd 2014 magmortar35
does any body know how to restart a new game
ID #367631
Feb 21st 2014 Guest
I am stuck at anistar city
ID #357375
Feb 6th 2014 Guest
How do you get passed geosenge town???????!!!!
ID #352428
Feb 4th 2014 Guest
I got lost and now im stuck at Geosenge town. SOS help... );
ID #351843
Feb 1st 2014 Guest
where can I find Dialga and palkia and girantina?
ID #350738
Jan 30th 2014 minestrip
choose feniken and then squirtle and your set. I beat 5/8 gyms with braixen lv. 32 ,wartortle lv.32 ,amoura lv. 27 ,and axew lv. 23 and flechender lv. 29
I beat the game 2 days after I bought it. caught almost every poke. so......ya
ID #350059
Jan 22nd 2014 Guest
i got x already so easy
ID #346939
Jan 22nd 2014 Guest
i finished the game in three days
ID #346874
Jan 20th 2014 Guest
can\ u buy new skates the old ones wont let me register them
ID #346218
Jan 20th 2014 Guest
I finished the game like a week after it came out. POKEMON MASTER!
ID #346177
Jan 17th 2014 Guest
After you get to Anister city there is no where to go. Help anyone? There's 2 paths that lead to a giant pink stone and what appears to be a fountain. The other path take you backwards and the other has 2 men not allowing to pass cause the road needs to be fixed. I went back fought some trainers and came back and pink stone was glowing and lights were coming from fountain but you can't click anywhere for info. I'm stuck. Someone help.
ID #344604
Jan 11th 2014 Guest
getting it in one week....I WANT MY BLUE CHARIZARD
ID #342680
Dec 31st 2013 Guest
Does this game have any cheats?
ID #337001
Dec 7th 2013 Guest
I am getting this game soon. just need to save up $10 more! oh well maybe in a week I will finally have Fenniken and a wonderful pokemon called: CHARIZARD!
ID #326481
Dec 7th 2013 Guest
you have to go to the kalos power plant directly north of lumiose city and beat team flare
ID #326249
Nov 19th 2013 Guest
I'm having great fun, I have an Aegislash, Poliwrath, Tyrantrum, Talonflame, Krookodile(my fave gen 5) And victreebel. Just got to Ice gym now!
ID #320425
Nov 17th 2013 Guest
how do you go thought the blackout
ID #320145
Table of ContentsClose
  • Basics
  • Pokemon
  • PSS
  • Walkthrough (1)
  • Walkthrough (2)
  • Walkthrough (3)
  • Walkthrough (4)
  • Post Game
  • Extras
  • Competitive Battles
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