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Route 7 - Reviere Walk (Part 2)

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Level Range of wild pokemon: 12-14

Pokemon Type
Smeargle Normal
Swirlix Fairy
Illumise Bug
Volbeat Bug
Flabebe Fairy
Roselia Grass/Poison
Ducklett Water/ Flying
Croagunk Poison / Fighting
Psyduck (horde) Water
Hoppip (horde)* Grass/Flying

*Hoppip seems to always appear as a horde which means this is the only way to catch it. Take out the other Hoppips and leave one alone so you can catch it.

Berry Tree Pokemon

These are the Pokemon you'll encounter when you interact with a shaking/rustling berry tree in your berry farm.

Pokemon Type
Illumise Bug
Volbeat Bug
Burmy Bug
Combee Bug/Flying
Spewpa Bug

Once you’re back in Route 7, you can go back and check your berry field to pull out some weeds and plant some new ones. Once ready, go to the bridge and hand over the flute. Be ready to fight Snorlax once it wakes up. This Snorlax is wild so be ready to weaken it and capture it. Take note that it will be a challenge capturing Snorlax so you have to weaken it and inflict a status condition and even use one of your special pokeballs (Timer Ball for example) to capture him successfully.

After getting Snorlax out of the way, follow the not-so-obvious path to the north of the bridge to find a Heal Ball.

Continue to the west and you’ll find Tierno and Trevor. They’ll invite you to the Pokemon Day Care Center. Here, you can leave up to two pokemon to grow or if the conditions are met, breed. To know more about Breeding, you can check out this page in our basics section of the guide. You can withdraw the pokemon you left later on and you have to pay the price of how much your pokemon has grown during their stay in the Day Care Center.

Once you’re done, continue heading west a painter pokemon trainer will challenge you into a battle.

Artist Georgia (Prize money: 896)

  • LV16 Smeargle (normal)

Head to the west a bit then obtain the X Sp. Def item to the south of the purple/yellow flower fields. If you return to the main road, there is a couple of trainers that you can engage in a double battle.

Artist Family Mona and Paolo (Prize money: 1,792)

  • LV16 Smeargle (normal)
  • LV16 Smeargle (normal)

Continuing south will eventually lead you to the Battle Chateau. Enter the building and you’ll find Viola inside. During this event, you’ll obtain the title of “Baron” (male) or “Baroness”. The butler can tell you more information about the chateau while the maid can provide more information about Writs.

Writs are invitations you send out to trainers. The Writ of Invitation will cause a greater frequency of trainers arriving at the chateau. The Writ of Challenge will cause more motivated players to arrive. Each Writ cause P50,000 each.

You can check the rooms and talk to the other nobility inside to challenge them into battle. As you keep defeating the barons and baronesses inside, new nobilities will arrive in the chateau and even your own rank will increase as well.

Baroness Renee (Prize money: 3,000)

  • LV15 Scatterbug (bug)

Baroness Francine (Prize money: 1,800)

  • LV15 Flabebe (fairy)

Baron Herisson (Prize money: 1,800)

  • LV15 Horsea (water)

Baron Evran (Prize money: 1,800)

  • LV15 Budew (grass/ poison)

Baron Denis (Prize money: 3000)

  • LV15 Riolu (Fighting)

Baron Marseille (Prize money: 1,800)

  • LV15 Clauncher (water)

Baroness Cadette (Prize money: 1,800)

  • LV15 Burmy (grass)

Baron Orvault (Prize money: 1,800)

  • LV15 Psyduck (water)

Baroness Camille (Prize money: 960)

  • LV15 Bidoof (normal)

After defeating all trainers inside, your rank will be upgraded to Viscount / Viscountess. The cash prize you earned from the last battles should provide a good boost to your funds, especially if you used a pokemon holding an Amulet Coin all throughout the battles. Head west and battle another artist along the way.

Artist Pierre (Prize money: 896)

  • LV16 Smeargle (normal)

After winning the battle, continue west to find your rival. He/She will invite your and the others for a double-battle. You can fight along with your rival against Tierno and Trevor.

Pokemon Trainer Tierno and Trevor (Prize money: 3,000)

  • LV14 Pikachu (electric)
  • LV14 Flabebe (fairy)
  • LV16 Corphish (water)

After the battle, go south a bit to find a PP Up. Next, head west to find a new phot shot location. Take a picture of yourself in this location if you want to. There's also the Connecting Cave – Zubat Roost entrance nearby. This is a shortcut that leads to Cyllage City.

You don't need to go there for now so head south then take the stairs to the left. Cut down the thorn blocking the narrow path on the ledge's edge then follow it to find a Silver Powder. This is an item to be held by a Pokemon that boosts the power of Bug-type moves.

Go to the grassland to the south then check the southwest corner to find a Tiny Mushroom and a Persim Berry. You can go back to your Berry Field to plant this if you want. When ready, enter the second entrance to the cave, this time leading to Ambrette Town.

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