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Lost Hotel

Pokemon X Walkthrough and Guide by Paul (vhayste)
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Lost Hotel

Last Updated:
Level Range of wild Pokémon: 35-38
Pokémon Type
Magneton Electric/ Steel
Electrode Electric
Pawniard Dark/Steel
Litwick Ghost / Fire
Klefki Steel/ Fairy

From shaking trash cans
Pokémon Type
Garbodor Poison
Trubbish Poison
Rotom Electric/Ghost

Continue along the main hall and you'll be in your first Pokemon battle in this area.

Punk Guy Sid (Prize Money: p1,872)
  • LV39 Scrafty (Dark/Fighting)
  • LV39 Sharpedo (Water/Dark)
  • LV39 Pawniard (Dark/Steel)

Take note of the green trash cans here. If you see one shaking, examine it immediately to get an item. Head straight to the south. You'll find another trainer along the way. After defeating her, get the Smoke Ball at the end of the path.

Punk Girl Jeanne (Prize Money: p1,920)
  • LV40 Seviper (Poison)
  • LV40 Arbok (Poison)

Backtrack and take the left hallway this time. You'll be challenged by the two trainers for a double-battle

Punk Couple Zoya and Asa (Prize Money: p4,032)
  • LV42 Garbodor (Poison)
  • LV42 Pangoro (Fighting/Dark)

Head to the left then north. You'll be stopped by a punk guy briefly and will ask you to meet with their boss. You'll learn the cosmic flip trick for skating.

Head to the right and you'll find a Twisted Spoon at the end of the corridor. Break down the wall to the left to get TM95 Snarl in the enclosed room. You can now leave the hotel ruins. This is just the first area of the hotel. Exit the hotel and head to Route 16 – Melancolie Path. You'll need to use Strength to push the boulder to the hole in the road. Make sure to bring a Pokemon that knows Rock Smash as well.

When in Route 16, head to the left a bit and you'll find another ruins to the north. Go upstairs and search the corner to find a Max Revive. At ground level, behind the tall grass, you'll find the stairs leading down to the second area of the Lost Hotel.

Once inside the other area in the Lost Hotel, head to the left and defeat the trainer that's walking around there. The first empty space with the broken wall doesn't contain anything while using Rock Smash on the second wall to the left will reveal a Dread Plate.

Punk Guy Slater (Prize Money: p2,016)
  • LV42 Dunsparce (Normal)

The third wall is empty as well so continue to the left and talk to the skater by the fallen bookshelves to receive TM56 Fling. Return to the middle path and head north. There's a patrolling trainer here as well.

Punk Guy Jacques (Prize Money: p1,920)
  • LV40 Skuntank (Poison/Dark)
  • LV40 Crawdaunt (Water/Dark)

To the northeast lies a trash can. Unless it is moving, there's no reason for you to check it out. Head to the northwest and you'll find yet another trainer waiting.

Punk Girl Cecile (Prize Money: p1,920)
  • LV40 Liepard (Dark)
  • LV40 Liepard (Dark)

Smash the rock wall on the lower right to get a Protector. Further to the south lies another trash can. Unless it is rustling or shaking, there's no reason to check it out either. You're done here in the hotel, you can leave the place and heal up in Dendemile Town's Pokemon Center before exploring Route 16.

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Feb 2nd 2014 JamesBrenn$$
How do I trigger shaking trash cans to get pokemon from them ?
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