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Pokeball Factory

Pokemon X Walkthrough and Guide by Paul (vhayste)
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Pokeball Factory

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Talk to Shauna and Trevor to the left side of the stairs. They'll go to the entrance just in time Tierno and your neighbor arrives. After the scene, enter the factory gates.

Don't enter the building itself yet. Head to the left first and follow the narrow path north of the maze-like hedges by the red part of the wall. Follow it all the way to the north and examine the deadend to get a hidden Dusk Ball. Return to the maze and use your Dowsing Machine to find a hidden Burn Heal in the middle of the maze.

In the same maze, fight your way to the south then east. You'll find a Max Ether at the end. Circle out of the maze then find it's other opening near the gate. This should lead you to a deadend that has a hidden Pokeball.

Head to the east this time, where you'll find another maze. Enter through the southern opening of the maze then find your way around it. You should find a hidden Hyper Potion in deadend to the northeaster corner. Follow the path around to find a Max Revive. That's all the items outside so head to the factory entrance in the middle.

As soon as you enter, a Team Flare member will confront you. Your neighbor will arrive and handle things on her end. If you go upstairs to the north, you'll have to fight a Team Flare member waiting there.

Team Flare Grunt (Prize Money: p1,480 )
  • LV37 Toxicroak (Poison/Fighting)

You have no choice but to ride the conveyor belt. This will bring you to the next Team Flare member to the left.

Team Flare Grunt (Prize Money: p1,440 )
  • LV36 Mightyena (Dark)
  • LV36 Golbat (Poison/ Flying)

Go past him and follow the conveyor belt to the west then north. This will lead you to a Quick Ball. Ride the conveyor belt again and make your way to the northern part of the factory. Walk a bit to the right. You can talk to the TF grunt guarding the path. (You'll fight her later anyway)

Team Flare Grunt (Prize Money: p1,440 )
  • LV36 Scraggy (Dark/Fighting)
  • LV36 Mightyena (Dark)

After defeating that grunt, head to the right, past the catwalk overhead then follow the narrow path south. This will lead you to a hiding Metal Coat. This is an item you need Scyther to hold so it evolves to a Scizor when traded. Backtrack to the next conveyor belt and ride it until you reach the eastern area of the factory.

Before taking the stairs, head north to find a Timer Ball. Backtrack then go upstairs. Follow the walkway to the north and engage the TF grunt to the right.

Team Flare Grunt (Prize Money: p1,480 )
  • LV38 Swalot (Poison)

After defeating the grunt, go to the left and enter the small room to the northwest corner of the factory. Talk to the man in the lower right corner to rest up your Pokemon. Aside from that, there's nothing much to do here.

Leave the room then go south to find a platform in the factory's southwest corner. Activate the terminal there to reverse conveyor's direction. Go downstairs to the right then ride the conveyor. This should take you to the middle part of the factory. Take the stairs to the right then save your game if you want.

Enter the office in the northeast and watch the scene. You'll have to fight the intruders shortly after.

Team Flare Admin (Prize Money: p3,040 )
  • LV37 Scraggy (Dark/Fighting)
  • LV38 Houndoom (Dark/Fire)

Scraggy and Houndoom can hit hard but fortunately, their defense and HP can't keep up to par. It will be easy to take them out, especially if you've been using a few core members of your team that's been trained and leveled-up already. As long as you avoid using Pokemon that are weak against their attacks, you should be able to overpower them immediately.

After defeating the TF Admin, the remaining enemies will try to gang up on you. Your neighbor will come to the rescue and offer to do a double-battle against them.

Team Flare Celosia and Bryony (Prize Money: p11,480 )
  • LV41 Manectric (Electric)
  • LV41 Liepard (Dark)

Your neighbor's Pokemon is almost at the same level as the opponents' so can't mostly rely on her/him. Like before, as long as you're not using any Pokemon that's weak against their attacks, you should be able to hold on. Concentrate your attacks on one target at a time to tip the battle to your favor as soon as possible.

After defeating them, the factory president will offer you either a Master Ball or Big Nugget. It doesn't matter what you choose since he'll give you both anyway. After the conversation, leave the room. All Team Flare members won't be here anymore so you just need to go south and along the walkway to reach the factory entrance.

As you leave, your friends will join up with you and have a brief conversation. Leave the factory and you'll receive a Holo Clip about the attack in the factory. Return to the city, heal up and prepare to leave east to route 15.

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Thank You It Worked So Well Please Do More (-: This Is Awesome I Use SuperCheats Whenever Im Stuck On Something Thanks For Help (-:
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