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Route 20 – Winding Woods

Pokemon X Walkthrough and Guide by Paul (vhayste)
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Route 20 – Winding Woods

Last Updated:
Level Range of wild Pokémon: 45-48
Pokémon Type
Jigglypuff Normal/Fairy
Noctowl Normal/Flying
Zoroark Dark
Gothorita Psychic
Amoonguss Grass/Poison
Trevenant** Ghost/Grass
Sudowoodo (Horde) * Rock
Fonguus (Horde) * Grass/Poison

*You can encounter these Hordes deliberately and quickly by using Honey or the Sweet Scent move while standing in the grass. Take note that the scent will fade quickly if its raining.
**Also appears in a Horde

The trainers in this forest have Fairy-type Pokemon so avoid using Pokemon that are weak against Fairies – unless that they're pretty high leveled. This forest is separated into individual screens or areas. Take note that some areas are connected even if they seem to be ways off from each other.

There will be also some areas that if you leave, you'll be warped to another location though the means in getting to your previous location remains the same. To fully explore the area, bring a Pokemon that knows Cut and later on, Surf. For easier navigation, refer to the map below:

After entering the woods, you'll notice the Moss Rock in the middle of the first area. You can bring your Eevee(s) here and level them up when near the rock. This will make them evolve to a Leafeon.

From there, exit to the northwest to reach an enclosed area where you can get a Kasib Berry and Paralyze Heal.

Return to the Moss Rock area, then go south twice. This will lead you to a dead end with a Meadow Plate. Return to the previous screen then head to the west to find the first set of trainers you'll need to fight.

Twins Nana and Nina (Prize Money: p1,696)
  • LV53 Slurpuff (Fairy)
  • LV53 Aromatisse (Fairy)

After defeating the twins, head south. You'll find yourself in a circular area with a tree in the middle. Defeat the trainer there then get the hidden Antidote in the tree itself.

Poke Fan Roisin (Prize Money: p4,240)
  • LV51 Snubbull (fairy)
  • LV53 Granbull (fairy)

Backtrack to the screen where the twins are located, then exit north. In this area, you'll see a patrolling kid. This is another trainer that you must defeat. After taking care of her, exit to the west first.

Fairy Tail Girl Wynne (Prize Money: p1,664)
  • LV52 Klefki (Steel/Fairy)
  • LV52 Azumarill (Water/Fairy)

In the next area, you have to cut down the thorny tree then defeat the trainer. Once done, get the Protein in the middle of the grass and find the hidden Repeat Ball in the southwest corner of the area.

Poke Fan Corey (Prize Money: p4,320)
  • LV54 Dedenne (Fairy/Electric)

Backtrack to Wynne's area then exit to the southwest. Get past the round area with a tree and continue south. In the next area, going to the left will just make you appear on the eastern exit of the same area so don't bother taking it. Instead, head to the right and get the hidden Mental Herb from the tree. Exit to the left then find a Tiny Mushroom on the ground beside the grass field.

Head to the south. You should see a winding path. Follow the path to the left and go upstairs. There you'll find an X-Accuracy and a hidden Balm Mushroom.

Go downstairs and follow the narrow path to the south. Use Cut to clear the way then exit to the left. This will take you a dead end in Wynne's area. Defeat the Hex Maniac and recover TM53 Charge Ball.

Hex Maniac Desdemona (Prize Money: p1,728)
LV54 Trevenant

Exit to the right then head south then west to find rays of light lighting up the exit. Head there to find a “secret village”.
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2 comments, latest first.
Apr 6th 2015 Guest
it sucks mossy rock has moss over it and theres a move to get it off how
ID #538764
Mar 25th 2014 Guest
This really helped me find the TM for Energy Ball. Thank you!
ID #368257
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